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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood How to get Married Tutorial NO CHEATS NO STARS NO JAILBREAK #KlulessKlan

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Hey Guys!!! OK this is a HUGE tutorial on DATING...I have had so many requests for this I decided to do some really unthinkable stuff in order to make these next couple dating videos really helpful and detailed for my #klulessklan. In the first part of this video I restart in a brand new KKH game at Level 5 to show you a first time ever date arranged by Kim K herself! Then in my normal Level 31 account that I use here for KKH Gameplay, I BREAK UP WITH MY HUSBAND! I start a new relationship, take it to the next level, get engaged AND GET MARRIED! ALLLL of that is in this super informative dating tutorial for you. PLUS!!! A super crazy top secret bonus!...Actual GLU sketches of new outfits that are not yet released in KKH! Including Kim's Met Gala Gown! PLUS!!! A sneak peek at the upcoming CONTEST on Kluless Kardashian where I will be GIVING AWAY A PLANE!!! What?! Yes Girlfriend a PLANE!!! xx, Kluless K
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Text Comments (638)
Lauren Hill (21 days ago)
I need help with this game
Rachel Mcshane (16 days ago)
Lauren Hill sammmmeeeeeeeeee
Sparkling Blossom (1 month ago)
I actually got married in the Kim Kardashian game yesterday I was shook when my date proposed to me
Nejla Tandir (5 days ago)
Omg same
Cloudy Night (16 days ago)
Rachel Mcshane he asked me when i was on level 9....2 years ago i used to play it then deleted it i was at level 30 and he didn’t propose....maybe because this time i went on a lot of dates with him?
Rachel Mcshane (19 days ago)
Fatimah’s World your so lucky what level did he ask
Takiyah Jarvis (1 month ago)
I hacked Kim Kardashian By downloading the app Panda Helper and then saving it with my Facebook and game Center and then delete it and download the real Kim Kardashian and then there you go and press I have played this before and then I found it
David Camelle (15 hours ago)
I have done the same but I can’t long into facebook
TayCrebs (1 month ago)
Takiyah Jarvis are you on Android or iPhone? I’m on iPhone and it won’t let me download it without having to use a computer
Yaya Slays (1 month ago)
That’s my man is the game
I am on max level
Same I can't get married tho😔😔
sister sparkle :D (29 days ago)
FireWolf Gamer what's the max level?
Sherlyl Allen (2 months ago)
Can someone friend me so I can gift u guys
Ari Fuller (1 month ago)
Sherlyl Allen friend me Ari Fuller
Sherlyl Allen (2 months ago)
Madison Fuller do u have a facebook account
Madison Fuller (2 months ago)
Sherlyl Allen yes but how do u do that
Jalen Myers (2 months ago)
I am on level 23
Jalen Myers (2 months ago)
+Sherlyl Allen i am not on facebook
Sherlyl Allen (2 months ago)
Jalen Myers can u friend me
Oh wow (3 months ago)
I can’t to the photo shoot because it’s not yet unlocked!!! Save me I’m desperate to get married
Frazer Odonnell (3 months ago)
Don’t you have to pay 💰 7000 🤑 to get married
Madison Martin (1 month ago)
No 7,500 which is easy money
Sherlyl Allen (2 months ago)
Frazer Odonnell can u friend me so I can gift yuh plz am desperate for friend on that game😭😭🙏🤦🏻‍♀️
Olivia Drake (3 months ago)
I’m engaged on KKH, i have the venue set up, the dress, but we aren’t married yet??
Izabella Hinefelt (3 months ago)
I just got proposed today on kkh but I got a question dose your boyfriend move in with you
Cup of Bleach (3 months ago)
of course he does after marriage
Stephy Irwin (3 months ago)
Bella life yes and it gets really annoying lol
Brandi daisy & Wongele (3 months ago)
Bella life basically yes
Brandi daisy & Wongele (3 months ago)
I need help. I’m on the A list level 19. And I had +30 things to do. How do I get them all done without Simon and Maria keep calling me for gigs 🙄
Hannah Lamsin (1 day ago)
Brandi daisy & Wongele Just say no thanks
Shay Smith (3 months ago)
Bad quality
Jess McCalgan (4 months ago)
I can't get a wedding dress, I don't know how to get stars
sister sparkle :D (29 days ago)
Brandi Burton hey hey hey I want it too😂
Brandi daisy & Wongele (3 months ago)
Nassera ok I followed you
Nassera (3 months ago)
+Brandi daisy & Wongele yes its @n.serraaa
Brandi daisy & Wongele (3 months ago)
Nassera do you have Instagram or social media ? I can show you on there
Nassera (3 months ago)
+Brandi daisy & Wongele rlly???? What is it?
Iyana KKH ღ (4 months ago)
Gifting anything you want just add me on facebook Iyana Kkh And please message me what you want.
Riley Bartels (3 months ago)
I messaged you!
Nassera (4 months ago)
+PatoTheSaiyanYT pfft omg 😂😂😂😂
PatoTheSaiyanYT (4 months ago)
Wow she thirsty for friends
Nassera (4 months ago)
+PatoTheSaiyanYT nah, shes fake, tried that
PatoTheSaiyanYT (4 months ago)
For real?
Yasmine Scott (5 months ago)
Max Love
Arshi Booneady (5 months ago)
I am at 2000 points and im don't know when im gonna get married and i already bought my wedding dress
Arshi Booneady make sure to do the photo shoot
Marguerite Siahaan (5 months ago)
HELP!!! im on level 28, im the #1 star and the #1 couple in the game, my love perimeter with my partner is already MAX, he asked to start a family and i said yes, thinkin it would lead him to propose to me, but instead he asked to have another child!!! HOW DO I GET HIM TO PROPOSE TO ME IVE BEEN DATING MY ASS OF WITH HIM 2 DAYS STRAIGHT AND I BROKE UP WITH EVERYONE OTHER THAN HIM PLS HELP??!?!?!?!
Esmeralda Palos (3 months ago)
Alyssa Darby np!
Alyssa Darby (5 months ago)
+Bee and Puppycat Subliminals thx 😊
Alyssa Darby go on as many dates as u can
Alyssa Darby (5 months ago)
I'm married to a man but I want a childddd
Anna Laub (6 months ago)
If i'm broke and don't have enough K stars to buy a wedding dress can i keep saving up or do i have a time limit or could steven possibly leave me?
Bangtan 4lifeu (4 months ago)
+Iyana KKH ღ stfu,fake ass
Iyana KKH ღ (4 months ago)
I can gift you.
Anna Laub (5 months ago)
bee and puppycat subliminals - i could but that would take awhile to do and i was on a limited time range. also the dresses that cost $9000 were really ugly and i didn’t want an ugly dress
Anna Laub dollars
Anna Laub you can just save up 9000
MSP Gacha (6 months ago)
I'm dating dirk and he engaged to me tdy but never gettin married coz I HAVE NOT ENOIGH STARS FOR THE WEDDING DRESS AND STUFF
MSP Gacha (5 months ago)
+Anna Laub Now I'm with Magnus cuz Dirk left me just bcuz we never went on a date for so long; -;
Anna Laub (6 months ago)
I dated Dirk and then something happened and we stopped seeing each other but it's all good now because i'm engaged to Steven and i'm having the same problem! All the dresses cost so much money and i just don't have enough. I'm on level 10 so that could be a factor but still. I'm thinking about purchasing the 100 K stars for $4.99 since there's a sale until christmas i believe if you wanna do that like me but still!
// Leti // (6 months ago)
Mhm so how exactly do you get married?
Tea Sis (3 months ago)
+Bee and Puppycat Subliminals ok thanks 😌
sHarKDoODoO BAbY Simon will tell you how and where
Tea Sis (3 months ago)
+Bee and Puppycat Subliminals how to do a photoshoot?
// Leti // get proposed to. Do a photo shoot. Go on three dates. Meet some dude to decorate your wedding. Go on a photo shoot. Go to Italy and do a wedding. Honeymoon! Then a show. When you’re doing the show, kiss your husband or else he’s gonna break up with you
Anna Laub (6 months ago)
I'm pretty sure you just follow along the story line and let your partner propose and it should pretty much fall in line after that
April S (6 months ago)
How did you get so much money and k stars?!? TIPS!
molly hannah (5 months ago)
April S you can win them in competitions and play in game things that pop up on the side by using kim k stars to get a chance at winning energy, money, stars or outfits from designer collections. i won over 150k, loads of energy and 90+ stars, just keep trying at those and hopefully you’ll win some :)
Anna Laub (6 months ago)
yes please!
A Lice Johnson (6 months ago)
i got married to dirk and we're still happily married, we're planning our first child which i cant wait
Anna Laub (6 months ago)
+Nadiyah Vaughn Once you max out on your love meter thing ( --/1500 ) your partner will ask if your interesting in having a child
Anna Laub (6 months ago)
+MSP Gacha but only if you wanna adopt which not everyone wants to
MSP Gacha (6 months ago)
+Nadiyah Vaughn go to LAX and go to the nursery
Nadiyah Vaughn (6 months ago)
I’m trying to figure out how to make them
Maya Martinez (6 months ago)
I'm engaged to Steven and he basically wasn't feeling me anymore and said he wanted to divorce me and I'm so angry🤣 IM MORE POPULAR THAN HIS UNKNOWN ASS I JUST WANT TO HAVE A BABY AND THEN DITCH HIM COZ I CANT AFFORD K STARSSS OMGGG
Hannah Lamsin (1 day ago)
prod. christi Please tell me the hack pls!!!!!
Jana G (3 months ago)
prod. christi I need K stars for my wedding dress:( how do I get unlimited stars? HEEELLLLPPPPP PLZ
Anna Laub (5 months ago)
you have to go to a bunch of dates and then buy your wedding dress and then you’ll have to do a wedding dress photo shoot and then you can get married. i just got married so.
prod. christi (6 months ago)
LMAOO YALL how do I get married im stuck on engaged 🤮🤮🤮. I got my Kardashian hacked so I got unlimited k stars and like 10 billion dollars ugh!
Anna Laub (6 months ago)
Wait what!! I'm currently engaged to steven and i don't have enough K stars for a wedding dress so does that mean that he's gonna dump me???
LilyPlayzRoblox 21 (6 months ago)
I’m dating max Davis
Anna Laub (6 months ago)
when do you meet him? i'm not sure that i've meet him yet
Alaia Marie (6 months ago)
I'm dating Dirk and were getting engaged today
Itz Cyxmoonligtz here (2 months ago)
Dude he's cheating lol JK same I'm with drik
Anna Laub (6 months ago)
i guess congrats! haha lol
Jaline YEEET (6 months ago)
Oh wow u stole my mans💍😂
Ashley’s Life (6 months ago)
I wish I had your account
Anna Laub (6 months ago)
omg same
Crystal Fox (6 months ago)
I'm dating Steven
sunshine flower (5 months ago)
Anna Laub (6 months ago)
same girl
Ayee TheBeast (6 months ago)
Thank you for helping 🙏🏾🙏🏾
Frace Salvo (6 months ago)
Um 50 minutes!!
Yaskara Oliveira (7 months ago)
Musa Mkhathini (7 months ago)
How to get married if you are a male
Musa Mkhathini (7 months ago)
I have 16.70m
Liyah's Life (7 months ago)
Musa Mkhathini how
Banana .03 (9 months ago)
Aaliylah Isaac (9 months ago)
2 minute intro..? Vid starts at 3:29
Anna Laub (6 months ago)
Frace Salvo (6 months ago)
Nova Simmer (9 months ago)
Aaliylah Isaac thanks
ItzJasmine (9 months ago)
Aaliylah Isaac lol thanks😂 it's a good thing I checked the comments first
Happy Lisa (9 months ago)
Im maxed level
shazwana shazwana (5 months ago)
Liyah's Life (7 months ago)
Celine Tech (7 months ago)
+Baldi She is High Level Than Level 90
Baldi (9 months ago)
Happy Lisa what level is that?
YNya Haruno (9 months ago)
Girls Google (6 months ago)
I know right
Headphone Heartz (10 months ago)
So much money...
Dead Inside (8 months ago)
Headphone Heartz I have maxed money and stars
Baldi (9 months ago)
Headphone Heartz lol
Headphone Heartz (9 months ago)
I'm Different Girl Uhm.....excuse me?
Qնeeղ ԾԲ ჩearե'ֆ (9 months ago)
Headphone Heartz انا عندي النجوم كتار كمان
Qնeeղ ԾԲ ჩearե'ֆ (10 months ago)
مافي عرب هون🤔
raquel placido (10 months ago)
Help. I got engaged I bought my dress and I have 3,000 dollars left but I have to give the wedding planner guy 7,000 I don't have enough and I have less than a day to give it to him
Anna Laub (6 months ago)
kluges klan said you don't have to pay the fee and you'll no matter what get married
Stormy (7 months ago)
raquel placido sounds like you need to deal drugs
RumbleParis (8 months ago)
+Sarah i got a mod from there too lol
Rosies games (8 months ago)
Gabby Florence
Sarah (9 months ago)
Go to rhe site android 1 and search Kim kardashian
в σ D к α Hя (10 months ago)
14 lvl :3
Star Rose (10 months ago)
go on as many dates as possible and on level nine then they will ask you to marry them
Ali Alshemary (10 months ago)
Hi, guys plz help me l need to you. I have a question # i can't taking photos,why? And they write (Plz ensure you have enough space in the device and check your privacy setting). I don't understanding. Heeeeeeeeeelp me plz ♥️
Agent Gambut (10 months ago)
Can you marry Kim? Edit: I'm gonna play as a man, who's the best wamen?
Baldi (9 months ago)
Agent Gambut hm idk there’s so many wamen
Baldi (9 months ago)
Agent Gambut no
YNya Haruno (9 months ago)
Agent Gambut WTF Kim? Haha XD Its Problem
هند علي (11 months ago)
I'm level 12 but I have alot of money and k stars 😜😜*winks* so I can level up alot faster than the normal game
Jasmine Yasser (10 months ago)
هند علي كيف
Sibuli (11 months ago)
What happens if I don't buy a wedding dress???
urmom (10 months ago)
Sibuli then u can’t get married
Laila Reed (11 months ago)
This video is all over the place
Happy Lisa (9 months ago)
Laila Reed right
Iris Taylor (11 months ago)
You literally took all day to just start the wedding
Da Mf Kiddd (11 months ago)
If Ur A Male Player Can You Propose .?
Ella W (8 months ago)
I’m playing as a male dating a male and I proposed
If you want see my in the game:Xxdj_wikixX:,sure i like swag style ƪ(‾.‾“)┐
Analeece Nanasy (11 months ago)
jasmine (11 months ago)
Im lvl 24 and #1 in A list :D
Yae The skull (11 months ago)
Dead Inside (8 months ago)
Skull Xxtentacion me too...
KarinaAndTheKrew (11 months ago)
i have a question If i am a higher celeb lvl then my bf should I dum him? im on the silver d list btw
Happy Lisa (9 months ago)
I was level E and got a artist he is A list now ik a list
KarinaAndTheKrew (11 months ago)
Jasmine I know now but thanks I guess?
jasmine (11 months ago)
Were on #1 in couple too :D
jasmine (11 months ago)
I'm no.1 in A list, believe it or not, but my partner who is #102 in A List, im so pissed off his not yet asking me to get married, thats why i came to this vid
jasmine (11 months ago)
no, it's not about the list -_-
Melinda Harvey (11 months ago)
i will try that and see
Melinda Harvey (11 months ago)
Nabrendyn Harper (1 year ago)
Paul Ryan (1 year ago)
level 11
Alejandro Bravo (1 year ago)
Am level 6
Nyla Nicolee (1 year ago)
The into 2 minutes dang intro ends at 2:18
B T (21 days ago)
Okay...people are weird
Paul Ryan (1 year ago)
me either so get out my face i have better things to do sad u don’t have anything to do but get a life bye
Nyla Nicolee (1 year ago)
Paul Ryan I’m not going to waste my day fighting with you good day
Paul Ryan (1 year ago)
Paul Ryan (1 year ago)
make me shut up and idk
mochi (1 year ago)
Longest intro ever created
Star Rose (1 year ago)
I'm on level 9 and just got engaged
raquel placido (10 months ago)
Nève M it's easy just keep going on dates then they'll finally ask to marry them
Nève M (10 months ago)
Star Rose how
Boruto uzumaki (10 months ago)
Star Rose how?
Diamond Snow (1 year ago)
I’m getting married in my game and the only dresses I could afford were rlly ugly ones😞👰🏻👰🏻👰🏻
Nyla Nicolee (1 year ago)
Diamond Snow ikr
India Cole (1 year ago)
Im on level 12 and engaged to Dj jackson
Barbiej Wynn (11 months ago)
Howww? What level on you on?
A Gamer (1 year ago)
India Cole and Dirk is so so so mean he is like willow pape
A Gamer (1 year ago)
India Cole NICE!!
TOM (1 year ago)
Thank you https://tinyurl.com/ydg4q5q9
Oceania Salmie (1 year ago)
I am going to get married in the game but I have no money I have no Idea what I should do to get money so i can buy a dress!!!!
Happy Lisa (9 months ago)
Shouldve got the modded one
Oreo c: (1 year ago)
Virqui forever Same
PrizmaZero (1 year ago)
Gurl we have the same rank 151
Alyssa Ayer (1 year ago)
PrizmaZero im 621 😂😂
Oceania Salmie (1 year ago)
My level is 10 i am starting the game
Lilly's lifestyle (1 year ago)
Seven I’m on level seven I started yesterday
Ceaira’s Thoughts (1 year ago)
I got married at level 8
Buzz Champ (1 year ago)
I'm level 12
Satan III (1 year ago)
Buzz Champ um...wanna join me? I can give you gifts I you want.....
Nyla Nicolee (1 year ago)
I’m on level 10 and I’m getting married!!
Nyla Nicolee (1 year ago)
Ronaldo Fans and your point is?
A Gamer (1 year ago)
Nyla Nicolee (1 year ago)
kathryn robb I don’t know I just went on A LOT of dates and he just asked to marrie me
A Gamer (1 year ago)
kathryn robb Dirk is so mean
kathryn robb (1 year ago)
Nyla Nicole how do you get married I'm level 12 My name on there is Aria I'm dating Dirk
Your daddy Hoe (1 year ago)
I think you met to say. Your at oak in soho
courtney Creech (1 year ago)
Your last upload was last year why I need more videos 😀plz post
Jig._.saw._.brother (1 year ago)
How Many stars do I have to spend to get a suit. Im a guy in the game, im going to proposed to my boyfriend later on.
Aesthetic Ash (1 year ago)
Thanks so much Hedy!! I really appreciate it. Also guys, if u want more k stars n stuff just to the tutuapp cheat its basically going online (Google) and typing download tutuapp online " then if it says VIP turn it to regular then if ur on iOS pick iOS if ur on android pick android! And also, one more tip. The Florence restaurant is also a good place! Bye guys hoped I helped. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Oh and by the way, I'm lvl 19! (Got there in two days using the hack).
Grizzlee Plays (9 months ago)
Does it really work? Can I really trust this app because I don’t want to get in trouble with anything.
Ali Alshemary (10 months ago)
Ashley gamer girl heeeelp me plz
Ali Alshemary (10 months ago)
Ashley gamer girl (Hi, guys plz help me l need to you. I have a question # i can't taking photos,why? And they write (Plz ensure you have enough space in the device and check your privacy setting). I don't understanding. Heeeeeeeeeelp me plz ♥️
Grace (1 year ago)
Gonna go try it out :)
Kawaii_potato 13 (1 year ago)
I’m level 42 it took me 2 years
Emily Christian (1 year ago)
I'm level 20. 12,000 dating points. And #1 dating rank. He hasn't proposed please help
A Gamer (1 year ago)
Michael Allen its impossible
Alyssa Ayer (1 year ago)
I got engaged at level 8
Michael Allen (1 year ago)
Emily Christian go on like 20 dates in one day
sAd caT hOuRs (1 year ago)
Emily Christian weird well I got purposed at on lvl 10
Emily Christian (1 year ago)
I hit the relationship point limit.
사라 비Sarabi (1 year ago)
I'm level 13
Sophie t (1 year ago)
I’m level 19 half way through
Aesthetic Ash (1 year ago)
Sophie Thomas Omg same! And I want to get married already lol
Dylah Samuels (1 year ago)
I'm on levelm19 but almost on 20
J Money2lit (1 year ago)
I'm on level 29
Sara M (1 year ago)
i got the dress
Sara M (1 year ago)
can u help
Sara M (1 year ago)
theres new dresses but im broke i need 10000
Aesthetic Ash (1 year ago)
Girl,!! Use a hack. The hack I use is tutuapp so u basically go online then type in the words" tutuapp download online. " then download it. Then go on the search bar and type in the game u wanna hack then after u put the name type in MOD
just a sad army (1 year ago)
Lilyfire 001 me too
Sara M (1 year ago)
btw im engaged to steven
Marleyyy & Emzzz (11 months ago)
Lilyfire 001 That’s my man 😂 he be cheatin
Sara M (1 year ago)
so im working at so chic to get my wedding dress
Sara M (1 year ago)
level 10
DESSY WESSY (1 year ago)
Lilyfire 001 I'm.on level 11
Nata-Gameer (1 year ago)
Go as many dates
Nata-Gameer (1 year ago)
And I am engaged to John young
My level is 12
Taelyn Williams (1 year ago)
I’m almost at max and still haven’t got married
Samyah Evans (1 year ago)
Taelyn Williams me toooooooooooo
Lps vids star (1 year ago)
T h is is after my b day by 1 day
ally j (1 year ago)
Jada Green (1 year ago)
Drop names to be added on game center!!! I need help
Barbiej Wynn (11 months ago)
Barbiej wynn
lou lou (1 year ago)
it has underscores at both sides but i can’t put them on here
lou lou (1 year ago)
Jada Green _Katrina133_
J.G.R (1 year ago)
So i should break up with my current (kim k) boyfriend and date a new one and then when it reaches 250 hearts i get married?
A Gamer (1 year ago)
J.G.R I will lose fan and I dont want that
J.G.R (1 year ago)
...dude...i did it and it worked....
ally j (1 year ago)
Jada Green (1 year ago)
Joelle Mourad (1 year ago)
guys um i put the wedding decortions thwn i left for a bit to do some actieves then i went back and it didnt show anyone except the decorations and then i broke up with a guy and got engaged with othee guy but no one called me like before and i saw the decorations were still there anyone help? (sorry for spelling mistakes)
Jennifer Almanord (1 year ago)
I did not know that yo can download it on Mac like THANK YOU in class I can freaking play this
PuppiesAreBae21 (1 year ago)
My (Kim k) boyfriend asked me to get married but I don’t have enough K stars to buy a wedding dress :( PLEASE HELP ME!!!
Boom (1 year ago)
Chelsea (1 year ago)
Hanna Banana and it’s the kollection ones the black and gold boxes where the trophy is in the video at he right bottom that’s where it is
Chelsea (1 year ago)
Hanna Banana it was the street style since it was one of the cheapest 20 stars but there’s others for the same at first I got 40k but I spent it and then I did it again for 25 I think and got 15k
Hanna 1GOD (1 year ago)
Chelsea in which box did u get 15k

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