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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Magic Flute ~ Papageno's Aria

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Die Zauberflöte, K. 620 - Act 2, Aria: "Ein Mädchen Oder Weibchen" ~ "A Maiden Or A Little Wife" Aria. Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen A girl or a little wife Wünscht Papageno sich Wishes Papageno O so ein sanftes Täubchen O, such a soft little dove Wär Seligkeit für mich. Would be bliss for me. Dann schmeckte mir Trinken und Essen; Then drink and food would taste good to me; Dann könnte' ich Then I could mit Fuersten mich messen, Measure myself with princes, Des Lebens als Weiser mich freun, Enjoy life as a wiseman, und wie im Elysium sein. And feel like I'm in Elysium. Ach, kann ich denn keiner von allen Ah, can I not please any of all den reizenden Mädchen gefallen? Those charming girls? Helf' eine mir nur aus der Not, If only someone would help me out in this need, Sonst gräm¹ ich mich wahrlich zu Tod. Otherwise I will worry myself to death. Wird keiner mir Liebe gewähren, If no one will grant me love, So muss mich die Flamme verzehren; Then the flame must consume me; Doch küsst mich ein weiblicher Mund, Still, if a feminine mouth kisses me, so bin ich schon wieder gesund. Then I will be immediately well again! Performed by Michael Kraus, Georg Solti; Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Vienna State Opera Chorus.
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Text Comments (17)
This song gave me the creeps...
miles bloomfield (3 months ago)
wolfgang G. D.-D. (10 months ago)
Kyle Choy (1 year ago)
The Composer was: Mozart The Koala Ft. Beethoven The Giraffe and Bach The Rabbit
Bored Creations (1 year ago)
wo dat papageno homie got a deep voice
Dragan Milunovic (1 year ago)
This aria needs a faster and more flexible voice. Insisting on emphasised rhythm does not suit his voice. With such heavy voice not joyful and ludicrous enough.
Fatpanda (8 hours ago)
Dragan Milunovic shut up
Jiří Třesohlavý (1 year ago)
What a nice opera!
Alfonso Garcia Ramirez (3 years ago)
😇😈😈😄 se disfruta mucho 🎻🎵🎵
Dawn9011 (3 years ago)
The first instrument is a glockenspiel
Angelique Mclaughlin (3 years ago)
John Kiunke (3 years ago)
What instrument is used in the beginning? It sounds like a celesta, but that wasn't invented until 1886.
Bored Creations (1 year ago)
Tim James (1 year ago)
Khalel botini mariano In fact it's a keyed glockenspiel. That would be very difficult on a regular glockenspiel.
Khalel botini mariano (2 years ago)
+John Kiunke That is a Glockenspiel.
Laila Metwaly (4 years ago)
Sviolinist (6 years ago)
This is an excellent performance. Bravo!

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