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Hey guys, I cant belive Willow showed up like this... Find out what happens next OMG! Have a great weekend dolls xx
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Gacha Freak (3 months ago)
Nooooooo williows an A lister
wowzer (3 months ago)
Your avatar looks like a man in drag - ironically
Gta. Diamond (5 months ago)
He def a fagg
Mona beauty (7 months ago)
idk why ilove ur videos ..and i love supporting u...Keep going Darling ur awesome
Macoyia Lowe (7 months ago)
Your Avatar Makeup Is So Cute
Rakhi Singh (8 months ago)
Kkh Miranda why I can't cheat if i cheat I cannot get anything no cash no stars and no free clothes or energy.................... Why...... Can you help me with this .............I will be thankful....
Taiwo Fambegbe (9 months ago)
How did you get all your K stars and money?
Shook shishtar (24 days ago)
+Mariah Carey Omg i use panda helper, I literally wen't from $360 dollars to 16.7m dollars, it's crazy
Mariah Carey (6 months ago)
Taiwo Fambegbe pandahelper vip can get u unlimited stars and money, you get 16.7M stars and money but the amount never goes down so it’s unlimited
Raeshawn Mccall (9 months ago)
I can't even open my black box please help
Brooke _HH (9 months ago)
Lili S Saz Rolling (9 months ago)
9733181 K?? How?
strawberry lemonade (10 months ago)
OMG how do you have 2 quests every time I do one Simon gives me more and more and more
XxÄngelxx 2/47 (1 month ago)
What I do is I used to have 30 but I kept doing the quest now I have about 5 or 8
Liva xox (1 month ago)
Same i have 25+
Kenjie Jamon (4 months ago)
This was funny but so freaking true.
bryanna (6 months ago)
strawberry lemonade lol I have about 1 quest every time now all you have to do is avoid the newer quest and focus on one quest if it has a storyline and if not just move on from it
Macoyia Lowe (7 months ago)
Aurora Saba ikr
sofia (10 months ago)
I remember once before I was playing KKH, Willow was a D star then suddenly the next task I had that evolved around her she was top 100 and I was like wtf bitch how did you get up here
Kenneth Tjhin (10 months ago)
I don't know why when i use a cheat my money and k cash is unlimited... And i play a lot of kollection maybe like 5 kollection... After that i complete a mission. But when i want to buy kollection again it's dissapeared. And I can't connect to my facebook or Google Play 😭😭😭 so i just buy all the things that sold in the store.
Kenneth Tjhin (10 months ago)
strawberry lemonade mine is android
strawberry lemonade (10 months ago)
sadly you are gonna have to either buy an ios account if you are on ios or if your on android just download this: https://boards.libre.io/threads/kim-kardashian-hollywood-ver-8-6-0-added-vip.302147/
Kenneth Tjhin (10 months ago)
strawberry lemonade okhay so the kollection just pop up and when i click play for blablabla it can't... i click a lot and nothing happened
strawberry lemonade (10 months ago)
You have cheat filter
Kenneth Tjhin (10 months ago)
Alistair Ng what is the name of the account?
Caroline Nicole Vlogs (10 months ago)
What, what house is that puppy from the video located in? The one by Miranda’s side?
Lovekiki143 D (10 months ago)
Amber Long of course no problem 😊
Amber Long (10 months ago)
Lovekiki143 D Miranda Thanks For tell me
Lovekiki143 D (10 months ago)
Caroline Nicole Vlogs the cockerspaniel is located in the San Diego home
emma (10 months ago)
you're so fast! and i love that confetti
Alistair Ng (10 months ago)
Love your videos! I recently bought my account and just finished this quest! I saw your banner that you made for sellingkkhios__!! I also made one for her! You are very talented and I will support you so much!!
Alistair Ng (10 months ago)
KKH MIRANDA Much pleasure! And yes, that’s mine! I really loved yours dude! Keep on doing videos! You were the person that made me want to buy a KKH Game! Thank you for helping us verify people who don’t scam and sell legit. Btw sometimes I find Simon annoying cause he keeps making me do quests and quests and it’s just annoying sometimes xD like I got 10 quests in a row ;(
joshua (10 months ago)
Hey Alistair! Thank you so much that means everything to me! I actually saw your banner too, was that the one on her story? So cool! Thank you for your support! xx
Youtubeeeeeeeeeeeeee (10 months ago)
I love ur videos !! Xxx

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