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Queen of the Night Aria II - Magic Flute W.A.Mozart

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Erinda Agolli - Soprano Lea Kilica - Piano
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Edward Schulz (1 month ago)
AMAZING,, loved it.. she needs some polishing but great potential,, well done!
Oscar Jimenez (1 year ago)
Excelentes tetas
Alban Dhamo (1 year ago)
Amyzing, one of the best interpretation that I have heard!!! Brilliant coloratura, very good technique and strong emotions! 😄
Sheila Marine (1 year ago)
Lindo, perfeito que Deus abençoe!
Bedri Lolja (11 months ago)
super vois, bravo erinda..
32ndSystem (1 year ago)
1:04 Ouch.
Dragan Milunovic (1 year ago)
Non enough legato, mostly portato, at times almost "pizzicato" singing. Uneven timbre in low and high register. Swallows consonants, opaque pronunciation. Clinches throat at the end of tones. Enormous strain of voice cords. Just plain singing for the sake of singing, with no time for artistic expression. Lots of semi-missed notes poorly covered with "vibrato". Piano played like a glockenspiel. This is just NOT an aria for beginners.
Edward Schulz (1 month ago)
you're right but for those of us who aren't as cultured as you (you pompous ass) she sounds amazing,, you've nothing good to say at all? Give her your opinion but also how about some constructive criticism?
Octobre Mikee (1 year ago)
Dragan Milunovic The placement...
Octobre Mikee (1 year ago)
Dragan Milunovic Thank you.
Rafael R. S. Robles (2 years ago)
The singing is great but to be good she'll need to learn German which can be much better.
David Blackburn (2 years ago)
Fantastic !
Andrew Wen (2 years ago)
wow dat note at 2 46
Andrew Wen (2 years ago)
she does have a very strong voice
SisterUnity (2 years ago)
1) WOW! She's a natural! much more relaxed on the Fs than women twice her age and experience (and fame). 2) get your hair out of your eyes before you hit the stage, Diva.
Chelsea Hanke (2 years ago)
+SisterUnity My exact thoughts! Someone get that talent some more stage time and bobby pins!
Kera Robinson (2 years ago)
this girl looks like gabriella montez
moni qui (2 years ago)
Only 35 likes??? Come on!! She's amazing!
NaruchihaPain (2 years ago)
+moni qui well the video isnt in the first page but you're right she's amazing
moni qui (2 years ago)
Only 35 likes??? Come on!! She's amazing!
J. Rafa Lopz B. (3 years ago)
good performance I love it, greetings from mx
Victoria McGuinness (4 years ago)
Anita Mbrakulli (4 years ago)
Bravooo Erindaaa!!!!

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