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Slavic Russian Girls

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Slavic Russian beautiful girls, women https://www.facebook.com/russgirls13
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Text Comments (72)
f1expert (3 years ago)
Privet amigos. Good Spanish song. My krasivay is from Russia ;-)
Olga Russian (3 years ago)
we are Slavyanka )
sv4toss v (4 years ago)
Slavic girls are the beautifulest in the world! Proud to be a slav!
CrLnd (4 years ago)
Nice, but you should put the russian misic to this video.
VAMPIR498 (4 years ago)
Классная выборка).. Главное - добросовестная,...без всяких  там моделек  .. Я таких и вижу любой денек ...
maria utkina (4 years ago)
KASSYE KEyS (4 years ago)
Русский более прекрасные дамы общества
azxswedg8 (5 years ago)
Russian girls are THE BEST.
Wally Smith (5 years ago)
Natural beauty sure beats the plastic whores from the US.
Warren Caves (3 years ago)
+Warren Caves We now have a LOT of Slavic Girls here too. Yeah!
Warren Caves (3 years ago)
I am from the US and I agree. DO you Hear That USA girls. There are a lot of nice girls in the US but they are not celebrities for you to judge here.
Tatyana Hoke (5 years ago)
Anna Annen (5 years ago)
Не бывает нехороших наций,бывают нехорошие люд.
Quinn P (5 years ago)
What exactly is SLAVIC!???
selkyklesful (5 years ago)
What's name of song pls :-)
Chri5kng (5 years ago)
I didn't know Russian were pretty?
Falin Gonzalez (5 years ago)
majoto (5 years ago)
Buck Lylz (5 years ago)
name of song??????.?.
Trinder3467 (5 years ago)
К огорчению в этом видео большая часть - чернильницы. Чистокровных Славянских Красавиц тут не увидел.
Alexandra Lisovska (5 years ago)
I am also Slavic
I think slavic girls are beautiful:)
Некоторые и взаправду все же не словянки и не российские))
ArinaLB (5 years ago)
а желудь? :с
inna172134 (5 years ago)
video o russkix devushkax a muzeka ispanskaya ne k stati
Pavel Minchenko (5 years ago)
в России все самое наилучшие , истинные мужчины , непобедимой армия и самые красившие девицы . мы гордо наживаем свою страну Россия а эностранцы зови слева молвят Russia однако все таки она наша наша раша
DarthVader1147 (5 years ago)
Эх... Если бы все девчата тебя услышали... А главное сообразили! И ещё важнее последовали совету!
RowlandSwartsenburg (6 years ago)
whats the music from? please name of singer and song
rm (6 years ago)
Bebé - Siempre me quedara
gürcan Bayrak (6 years ago)
who is singing ?
victor3422 (6 years ago)
beautiful girls, horrible song!!
hakan yıldız (6 years ago)
Русские дамы Мир Самые прекрасные люд
Nerijus Jonušas (6 years ago)
2:30 you ar beatiful !
Ichigo12367 (6 years ago)
Tells u the name of the song right hand bottom side of the video why do people always ask this question when they can look below the video
jimibeckert (6 years ago)
I will take one
el maury fl (6 years ago)
no words to descrive them...but they are just too gorgeous...mamasitas! this is latinosweet and yall are just to cute. I would like to meet some nice russian females.
Alex Bishop (6 years ago)
where my russian love is, i cant wait to have you
centurion180ad (6 years ago)
At 01:09, hello sexy eyes that I am falling into! Followed by 01:15 sexy mouth with gravitic hair. At 1:35 is this video's Cultural Award for wearing one of our Arctic Uralian TRIBAL SKIRTS.
SlavicWorld (6 years ago)
a gde vy ee uvideli?ee net v video
Vkuzz (6 years ago)
Russians all Slavanian bets!!!!!!!! Мы самая мощная и прекрасная высоко нравственная цивилизация в мире!!!
vovinga (6 years ago)
name of the song?
TheClassicRockxxx (6 years ago)
2:59 ohhh i love her!!
SlavicWorld (6 years ago)
@loh198 eto yulia snigir
Hugo Lipa (6 years ago)
muy muy lindas,,,,,,
Neolvan (6 years ago)
Нет краше Русских Красавиц!!!
heber avellaneda (6 years ago)
that the Russians are pretty, impressed, greetings from Peru
SlavicWorld (7 years ago)
@Lapinbestcool Bebe - Siempre Me Quedara
MegaKienzle (7 years ago)
pa to je slovenacka lepota,jedinstvena na svetu.stvarno smo najlepsi narod na planeti.mislim hocu reci ja sam iz srbije,ali to mu dodje isto.
LinkinStone4 (7 years ago)
17 people are gays
blazenthesouthernsky (7 years ago)
105 how perky?
mreisma (7 years ago)
what is this song
Gegengrupenfuhrur (7 years ago)
if hitler saw this video he would never have betrayed russia
ichirojm (7 years ago)
brenda pardee (7 years ago)
whats this song
jwadiak (7 years ago)
@JavierVMaldonado WOW! That was so fucking beautiful!!! Brilliant! Thank you soo much for posting! I wanna tattoo that on my chest over my heart!!! :)
DAVE (7 years ago)
wow, sexy!
karinka0708 (7 years ago)
Женщины-главное достояние России! Весь этот нафикстуреный шоу-бизнес из клипа этак на 4 . На улицах российских городов и деревень какждая 2-ая в тысячу один краше этих. Причем без грима.
boyou2 (7 years ago)
Latino music on Russian girl? BTW, Beautiful girls, as all Slavic girls ;)
ganimedeste (7 years ago)
I am Polish and I have a Russian girlfriend...and I have to say that she is gorgeous ;) sexy, beautyfull and smart ;) Russian woman the best!
Ricardo Ordonez (7 years ago)
The rusian are the most beautiful, the latins the most sensual.
ColKorn1965 (7 years ago)
Thank you. I saw so many beautiful women when I was in Moscow I wanted to take pictures of all of them...
nobordercool (7 years ago)
What kind of language is this? Arab? Spanish? Italian?
arphysis (7 years ago)
music for this video should be kalinka-malinka...
Bradley Gregory (7 years ago)
1:10 - perfect
miguel mouta (7 years ago)
Beautyful girls, but poor music.
Vened Warlock (7 years ago)
@DEADLYtoxicSANTA whom to kill? Beest thou insane?
@ImperiumGermanics +1
Louis Dega (7 years ago)
@TheLovelyCarol No, why would i? But when you have a Slavic girl (a beautiful one of course) stare at you, your heart stops...you can really feel the chills. They have those prominent, sharp facial features, the most gorgeous lips and eyes of all other girls....it's unbelievable. The best example for Slavic beauty are Maria Sharapova. Mila Jovovich etc, etc...aaah!!
TheLovelyCarol (7 years ago)
@Kurac80 but what of unattractive russian girls? Do you look down upon them?
Louis Dega (7 years ago)
I think Slavic girls are the most beautiful girls of all. American girls don't even come close.
Lena Pavlović (7 years ago)
Amazing video! :)
Vened Warlock (7 years ago)
Русские девицы привлекательнее всех драгоценных камешков!

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