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Bojvlogski S01E17 — London Mag Map with Gym Class

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Gymvlogski! I'm joined by Steven Gregor (Gym Class Magazine) to make a map linking magazine designers with their magazines. Download an editable version of our 'mag map' by visiting — http://www.scribd.com/doc/240546127/Bojvlogski-Gym-Class-editable-London-Mag-Map or — http://bojvlogski.tumblr.com/ We'd love you to help build on it (there's so many magazines and designers we had to leave out!) so feel free to edit this PDF and re-upload it (with the tag #magmap so we can find it) or leave a comment below tell us what we've missed. You can tweet me about this here #magmap too via — http://twitter.com/linefeed/ Linkage for this issue Gym Class Magazine! Issue 11 have only just got back from the printers. Order your copy here... — http://gymclassmag.bigcartel.com/ Magazines mentioned in this episode — http://www.monocle.com/ — http://wallpaper.com/ — http://www.port-magazine.com/ — http://www.esquire.co.uk/ — http://www.architectsjournal.co.uk/ — http://www.architectural-review.com/ — http://www.eyemagazine.com/ — http://wired.co.uk/ — http://www.iconeye.com/ Incidental music for this episode 'Take my Time' by Junior Senior 'German Bold Italic' by Towa Tei featuring Kylie Minogue
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Stephen Coles (3 years ago)
Oh, this is so silly but I love it.
Bojvlogski (3 years ago)
Such a shame about my crappy Australian broadband tho. :(

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