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TODAY WE'RE UNBOXING EVERYTHING FROM TRYING TO FIND OUT WHAT THE BEST KNOCK OFF SITE ON THE INTERNET IS!! IS IT WISH.COM, JOOM, ALIEXPRESS OR SOMETHING ELSE?! Previous Video: Are These Sites Better Than Wish?! **WISH VS. JOOM, ALIEXPRESS AND OTHER KNOCK OFF SITES** https://youtu.be/gNF-weYCRuk MERCH AVAILABLE NOW: https://itsyeboishop.com/ Subscribe to my gaming channel: https://www.youtube.com/itsyegames Follow me to save a kitten: http://twitter.com/ItsYeBoi http://instagram.com/ItsYeBoi ItsYeBoi Songs Used: Intro Music: Lately - City Fidelia https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=49qKNNJ... Kevin Macleod - incompetech.com
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Text Comments (1883)
ItsYeBoi (3 months ago)
Narai D'Halleweyn (3 days ago)
the watch is for women
David Rock (3 days ago)
ItsYeBoi stfu
Case Starkey (10 days ago)
Buy a pxp off of Wish its $18 lowkey wanna see what its like!!!
That random Boi (21 days ago)
But I’m adopted
pgjcjv pro (1 month ago)
Ixzavior Hodges (13 hours ago)
U forgot the ring
Corbin Rockahara (1 day ago)
You can git the raspberry pie I have one and it has 15000 games on it and it has a lot of old games
Mo Fengze (1 day ago)
use honey to get discont codes
It’sEthan 586 (1 day ago)
Love nobody
EDZ Mobile (2 days ago)
Get two of the bots and have a battle!
EDZ Mobile (2 days ago)
David Rock (3 days ago)
You need to be put on a cross, you’re hideously annoying.
David Rock (3 days ago)
You gay?
lilgucci rolex (3 days ago)
All from china😂
Framr (4 days ago)
The way this dude says Balenciagas pisses me off. It's a motherfuckin G not a fucking C
Kenya Estrada (4 days ago)
What about the ring and the punching bag
Paula Deboo (5 days ago)
Did you get the punching bag
Juan Herrera (6 days ago)
Bro new time viewer from Cali love the vids been binging them. If u have them can I have Balenciaga s just asking thank love ur vids
WipeDs (6 days ago)
The funny part is that you can emulate almost every single one of those games for free
Darion Black (3 days ago)
WipeDs on your phone or pc maybe, but it’s definitely not as easy access as this is
Mikey Moyce (6 days ago)
The ring?!?
JINX mattihey2013 (6 days ago)
the yeezys say spiv 350 not sply 250
Joe Evans (8 days ago)
Buy the cheapest soundbar from Aliexpress :)
nanniejo96 (8 days ago)
That watch is pretty! Send it to me! Please
mo patel (9 days ago)
Have you tried this site? https://www.lightinthebox.com/
Jon Clancy (10 days ago)
Don't know about smashing the like button someone needs to smash his (dookie) face button. He's about 30 but talking like a 13 year old
Dev 5301 (10 days ago)
I feel bad this guy.
Ryan Rosemeyer (10 days ago)
Eli Dick (10 days ago)
A sega genesis
Eli Dick (10 days ago)
A swag genesis is good for old games
Captain Crazy pants (10 days ago)
Emotional blackmailing for likes
Google User (11 days ago)
Official Xbox gaming headphones £15
Crimson Karma (12 days ago)
I dislike my parents
Saskia de Wit (12 days ago)
You should try the nintendo classic mini (nes)
Amanda Carmen (13 days ago)
If you liked gs4 check out raspberry pi it’ll blow your mind
Zigzag (13 days ago)
Why is he so excited about a famiclone
Stacie Jensen (13 days ago)
I don’t know if you noticed that the size difference between US & China. They always say to get a size or two bigger. I hope this was helpful or if you already knew it oops.
Bruce Clen (13 days ago)
your posts are way too splattered with adds!
The Skull (13 days ago)
Those shoes are ugly as fuck
Joshua Fulton (13 days ago)
15:15 when your shoes are brighter than your future
Level com (14 days ago)
He gonna come up with new app twish
Rafaela Xafa (14 days ago)
The ring never came
luize reyes (15 days ago)
why he always say vibes and vabs you no what why i care
The gøłdëñ Wøłf (15 days ago)
Wait your forgot the wedding ring u bought
Leiden VaN aBsHoVeN (16 days ago)
mickavellian (16 days ago)
HOLLY FUCK .. I never heard ANYONE scream in a falsetto register
Jack S (16 days ago)
Check out @oldskoolarcades on Instagram...
MarkyMarkk17 (17 days ago)
Stupid ass earring
MarkyMarkk17 (17 days ago)
You look and sounds gay as fuck
Michael Davidson (17 days ago)
Nearly 2 mill boys subscribe and turn on notifications for the boi
Kelsie Sherman (17 days ago)
I dont love my parents they dont deserve my love. But i still liked and subscribed anyway. 😊
Vadim Novikov (18 days ago)
Gay station 4
Neel Patel (18 days ago)
John Vodrazka (18 days ago)
Looks like you got that bowl cut with someone’s teeth and that earring wtf
TheFruitsClan (19 days ago)
lol.... top quality ...beats.... boy you dont know anything about quality headset
Jay 1 (19 days ago)
Why sooooo many ads? And dude easy on the caffeine,
Joshua Paten (20 days ago)
I sub to ur channel but bruh balenciaga not balenciaKa...stop the okka..like socca....its the letter G my g, pronounce the G...sorry it was just bugging me otherwise luv the shiz u do
Miso Mama (20 days ago)
honestly the sites are pretty much the same in product quality. note wish owns ASOS and a few other of the bulk buying sites. hence the sameness. to the issue of yahoo's ads creating annoyance go get an ad block plugin for your browser. not having ad block is like unprotected sex..you get things you arent ready for!! too bad vloggers are actively participating in the yahoo video ad content for money gain.
Richie Tozier (20 days ago)
That earring is not a vibe
Sebastian Gronholz (21 days ago)
can you unbox the private label sling/fanny pack please there isnt like any good unboxing of it
chiram02 (21 days ago)
Where the ring
gabriel nino (21 days ago)
What do u do if u only like 1 parent? lol😂😂😂
I Do Foot Stuff (22 days ago)
"Epitemy of doooookie"
White Lil Pump (22 days ago)
Lol wheres the ring
IT'Z Mo (23 days ago)
Who else hear his laugh lmfaooo
ILoveLambos (23 days ago)
7 fucking ads on a video that got split in half...
captain janko3 (23 days ago)
More than 400k people dont love their parents i know its for liking the video
Ace Skateboarding (23 days ago)
Gay station 4
Joe Trott (23 days ago)
fuck no it is not a vibe
Gamma (24 days ago)
eww that fucking laugh when he was shooting bongo XDDD
Number 17 17617 (24 days ago)
The robot is r2d2 s cousin
Attaullah Zahidi (25 days ago)
You broke mu heart with your unboxing items 😢😭😭😭😭💔 because I'm Ordered one shoes like your shoes and one ps4 😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Steven Nolen (25 days ago)
Vid starts at 4:30
wikus_vt 1234 (25 days ago)
900 people don't like their parents
bish who (25 days ago)
No more "vibes" please 😬😬😬😬😬👎👎👎👎
Eleni Milanovska (26 days ago)
U forgot the ring
KuuzGame10 (26 days ago)
When he doesn't know one od the original Mario game was.... thinking its a "knock off game" -_- fuck sake ive lost faith in humanity now.
Chris Mason (26 days ago)
There's a Nintendo console like this that has a bunch of old school games. Lol I see it all over Alberta and BC gas stations for like 50 bucks. Or shoppers. Seen it on the video where you bought this "GS4" lmao not sure what site it was on. And there's probably tons of knock offs of the one I'm talking about alone.
Da'Wayne Valerio (26 days ago)
Can you get me some yeezy size 6
King Nelson (27 days ago)
What about the ring
Nate Dzien (27 days ago)
One of the stupidest names
Luke Braden (27 days ago)
Unboxing.....I am so excited Picks up controller..........breakers in half 😂😂😂
IsaacChenkual iAmPaSuK (28 days ago)
All your videos were so cool bruh. I love you but your voice make me wanna punch ya face tbh. No offence 😁😁😁
Bart Klijn (28 days ago)
come to Holland "the Netherlands" on koningsdag "kingsday" in your orange gear, you would fit right in
tom joe (28 days ago)
how much is the hat
David Lakatos (1 month ago)
When I think of an amazon shipping center I think of like an entire room of amazon boxes not like 4 boxes In the corner
David Lakatos (1 month ago)
At 42 seconds in he only says ladies😔😔 what's wrong with gentlemen?
Kylee MacDonald (1 month ago)
He forgot the punching bag
$ecurity Fa$hurity (1 month ago)
What’s good with your language? Vibe or vab a million times... wavy a million times... and that earring is the worst beloved. is that a Canada thing?
Fort4times TikiTok (1 month ago)
Courtney Rigby (1 month ago)
Geek is a good app Similar to wish
Dustin6980 (1 month ago)
lol am i the only one that thinks all those shoes are ugly as sin
Kay (1 month ago)
You know what else is annoying that happens every 5 seconds? You saying "viiiiiiibes".
Reece Holland (1 month ago)
I’m addicted to watching 😂👌
Eawn Armstrong (1 month ago)
they are so bad Sean
TokZZO (1 month ago)
It's a PS1 style controller
RustyTuber (1 month ago)
This Guy Is So Paranoid Hes Fucking Ungrateful
Crystal Loves You (1 month ago)
Poshmark is the Best please do a haul from there
Tage Wallinder (1 month ago)
Your Wering hat headthones wrong turn them 90
Joey IIV Vlogs (1 month ago)
garbage station 4
keaonkiller (1 month ago)
I hate my family so dislike for u
Jenn G (1 month ago)
What do you do with all the junk, you must be swimming in crappy “stuff”?
Mayzeerobinson (1 month ago)
The only reason I watched this video was to see where he got the thrasher hoodie and he didnt freaking say it and now I'm mad
Fabiola Matas (1 month ago)
I also have a problem and a addiction to anime 😂😂😂
Harribo7 (1 month ago)
I have the gaming headphones in blue and they are super good quality good sound and good mic so don't lie.

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