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English lesson: how to speak about fashion. Wie spricht man über Fashion.

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Hey, everyone. It’s Berlin fashion week! We are so excited. Except we shouldn’t show it, because it’s not cool to show that you are super excited in Berlin. ☺ Seriously though, do you know how to talk about fashion in English? Do you know how to compliment a person on what she or he is wearing? Or how to compare that person to someone or something else? In this English lesson, I will show you how you can do that. It’s simple. You can do it by using the word “look”. Hope you enjoy the video! Sound effects and music from: http://www.orangefreesounds.com https://creativecommons.org/licenses/ If you'd like more information about business English courses, feel free to write me an email at: [email protected] For general information, feel free to visit the website: www.neilcollins.de If you would like more information about Neil Collins or Neil Collins, Business English Training, feel free to click on these links: https://de.linkedin.com/in/neilcollinsberlin https://www.xing.com/profile/Neil_Collins4?view_mode=preview https://www.facebook.com/BusinessEnglishBerlin/ https://twitter.com/irishinberlin Former address: Neil Collins Business English Training & Coaching Senefelderstraße 15 Prenzlauer Berg 10437 Berlin Current business address: Neil Collins Business English Training & Coaching c/o Akazien Campus GmbH Akazienstr. 3 a 10823 Berlin Transcript: Introduction: Hey, everyone. This is Neil. As you know, I live and work in Berlin. And, oh my God! This week, it’s Berlin Fashion week. Sorry about that. It’s Berlin, so you don’t want to get too excited. So, do you know how to talk about fashion in English? Watch this video and find out. Main part: So, how do you talk about fashion in English? Wie spricht man über Fashion auf Englisch? The key word that you can use here is “look”. So “look” you can use it as a verb with an adjective. So for example you can say: “You look amazing.” Or: “You look hot in that dress.” Or: “You look sexy in that suit.” Or: “You look so cool.” Or if you are freaking out about your own clothes. And you think: “I’m not gonna get into this event. I’m not gonna get into this club.” You can say: “Oh my God. I look awful.” Or, make yourself feel better by looking at bad photos of celebrities: “Oh my God. What has he done to his face? He looks hideous.” “She looks unhealthy.” “He looks miserable.” Or you can say look like someone or look like something. So, auf Deutsch: “Du siehst aus wie jemand.” So for example. “You look like Kim Kardashian. Be careful with your jewellery.” “You look like a tourist. You’re not going to get into Berghain dressed like that.” “I look like a smurf.” “Oh my god! I look like shit. I’m so hungover. I think I’m gonna get sick.” And finally, you can also use look as a noun to describe the appearance or the overall impression that the clothes communicate. So, for example, you can say. “Oh, that look is so now.” “That look is a little bit last year.” Or you could ask the question. “So, what look is that?” And the answer could be: “Oh, it’s the classy look.” Or: “This is the sporty look.” Or “This is the Berlin look.” So, hope you enjoyed the video. If you did, please hit the like button. If you haven’t subscribed already to the channel, make sure to subscribe. And turn on the notifications button, so you’ll never miss any of the videos. See you next Wednesday. Hey guys. Thanks a lot for watching the videos. If you're wondering what you can watch next, well, you can watch more vocabulary, you could watch more grammar videos or you could watch more videos explaining typical German phrases. Simple...enjoy.
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Dorothea Holzapfel (1 year ago)
Wow, that intro looked creepy. Also, why would I want to talk about fashion?
Neil Collins (1 year ago)
Hi, it wasn't meant to be creepy, it was meant to be humorous. People are interested in all sorts of things. And actually one of my subscribers asked me to make the video. I can understand if it's not everybody's cup of tea though. :-)
korona aurora (2 years ago)
cool clip...because of you 😊
Neil Collins (2 years ago)
You're welcome. :-)
korona aurora (2 years ago)
your version sounds much better than mine...(kind of german speech... 😆) and really great work done by both of you 👏 ok thank you
Neil Collins (2 years ago)
Well, it's almost correct. It would be better to say: "I can imagine it was fun playing a model and editing this part." or "I can imagine the fun you had when pretending to be a model and editing this part/ clip." This was also the idea of the cameraman and editor, Andrea Bonetti. He has some really nice ideas for editing.
korona aurora (2 years ago)
I can imagine the fun during the parts of playing a model and cutting this clip 😆 have I spelt this sentence right ? if not please correct thanks ☺
Neil Collins (2 years ago)
Very kind of you to say that. Thanks again. We had a lot of fun making the video. I hope it comes across and people have fun watching it. :-)

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