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Hey Guys, in this video I wanted to review three UK fashion power sites! BooHoo.come, River island and Represent Clothing. Let me know down below what are three top men's fashion stores or sites in your country! Say name of country and then list the stores :) Social Media Links Instagram @neemzzzy Twitter @neemzzzy Snapchat @neemzzz
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nickyboyfloyd1 (1 year ago)
CHECK THIS SITE OUT!!!! www.plentyofdeals4u.com
Connor Bayha (1 year ago)
Seriously if your a dude and want to online shop easily, just shop on amazon, I buy all my clothes off here, super cheap and plenty of reviews to help with quality purchases. Check it out! http://amzn.to/2wN4Rgj
William Steven (2 years ago)
My go-to for denim is Primark in the UK - only £7 for the cheapest pair and they fit incredibly, but they are pick up in-store only...you should still check it out and definitely go there if you ever go to the UK
James Wilson (2 years ago)
As a brit I know we are very lucky to have the shops we do over here ;-) Here are more suggestions for you: Otheruk is another great brand that you would like! Very edgy and fog inspired like represent. Asos does loads of great clothes and has good sales. allsaints is another great uk brand. can be pricey tho.... https://www.ejderforlife.com/ is a kind of boutique stocking lots of great brands.... Hope that helps friend.
thaonlybrandon (2 years ago)
thank you for this honestly 🔥
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
your welcome!
Devon Lorfils (2 years ago)
ASOS is a really good one as well!
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
yes I like them!
Tom Perks (2 years ago)
Asos topman pull and bear
Andy Amo (2 years ago)
Not necessarily affordable but very trendy and always have the best brands: Matchesfashion.com, thecorner.com . This one from my city Munich, Germany. They have a mix of affordable and expensive clothes. Soem of those very trendy brands: https://www.stierblut.de/ The last one is also from Germany. They are a brand which always incorporates the newsest trends in their collection. They also have Suits but also streetwear: https://www.drykorn.com/
Andy Amo (2 years ago)
https://www.drykorn.com/de-de/faras-japan-506142-1000.html This is a cool cut!
Fear Girl (2 years ago)
Good video! Come check out my Channel for an interesting sales experience! Thanks!
Adem Kuzgun (2 years ago)
This video was like an ASMR if you close your eyes
Spencer Read (2 years ago)
boohoo is shit people. I'm from England I know
CozyCulture (2 years ago)
Hey Neemz next time can you leave the links in the description!!! Great video tho!
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
sure thats a good idea
Luis Valenzuela (2 years ago)
You should check out Asos
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
yea i love them, i did a review like 2 months ago on it.
lifewarrior123344 (2 years ago)
so is boohoo reliable I live in the u.s I want to bug clothing but they are from the uk can I trust them ?
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
I have heard a lot of people in the states buy from them
Theguitarwhiz (2 years ago)
From Ireland, my 3 are; River Island (Denim, T's) ASOS (Random Pieces) Brown Thomas, not typically affordable but I've found great pieces in sales there!
kose (2 years ago)
What do you think of the Represent Denim? Some said that Represent have a really really bad costumer Support.
Matthew Lapping (2 years ago)
Yes they do I keep ordering from them and they kept getting my order wrong on like two three occasions
Jack Matthews (2 years ago)
Dude I live in London and it's so good for fashion and shops !! You should defo come to the uk and do a meet up as well !!!!!
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
That would be amazing man!
Felix M. (2 years ago)
More of these videos!!! Here are some nice pages you could visit: OTHER.uk Urkoolwear Favela clothing
Jorge Sendino (2 years ago)
Do you know the brand www.urkoolwear.com? Has very affordable fog style clothing. Could you do a review or a haul about them?
James Wilson (2 years ago)
Urkoolwear just seems to repackage aliexpress chinese clothes. Super cheap stuff sold at a profit...
Michael (2 years ago)
Hi you should have a look at "OtherUK" and "Adyn". Both very dope ( in my opinion ) British brands.
WeiChang (2 years ago)
you should have checked represent's denim. its what they're known for
WeiChang (2 years ago)
as well
Chai (2 years ago)
I just subscribed to your channel, its amazing. Im glad I found a good fashion channel...FINALLY lol
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
Wow thanks man!
Trae Warren (2 years ago)
This should be a series??
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
Great idea!
scottyarh (2 years ago)
boohoo is bomb! one of my favorite websites! Asos is another favorite of mine
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
Me too!
Jonas Brand (2 years ago)
i love represent, i bought the denim acid jacket and the ivory hoodie + i already have like 7 pieces from them already, there denim jeans are really sick
Theguitarwhiz (2 years ago)
Similar style to Represent and FoG definitely have to pick up something from there.
Jonas Brand (2 years ago)
also check out favela clothing from germany
gary wan (2 years ago)
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
Love it
Syed Ahmad Mustafa (2 years ago)
Myntra, Jabongg, Abof...... M from India
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
Wow cool!! Thanks
green john (2 years ago)
The way you made this video for this topic is so much better than just talking about the clothes. so sick thanks.
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
Thanks man
Presley Luis (2 years ago)
you should check out new look
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
Thanks ill check it out
Lucas™ (2 years ago)
I ordered the Denim Bomber jacket with 50% off, great steal! Thank you for showing us new sites!
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
Nice we are twins!! Haha
Liam Michael (2 years ago)
Boohoo is really good. All The stuff on there is always 30% off at least, year-round and the clothing is extremely trendy. I also really rate Elwoodclothing.com.
Ryan M (2 years ago)
They have you fooled on handmade...all clothes are hand made do the research what matters is quality control
John Joshua (2 years ago)
200$ for a canvas bag isn't much of a steal neemz. Considering the average Herschel goes for like 40/60
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
Haha my bad then
John Joshua (2 years ago)
+Neemzzz oh lol well ya did say canvas sooo my bad 🙃
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
Its handmade Italian calf suede
Tyler Simon (2 years ago)
great video, got alot of good tips !!
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
Thanks man
Doug Varela (2 years ago)
Bro wax or thread you eyebrows there nice and dark just need a shape ! You will look good i promise
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
I looked like a chola when i did it one time. Not good
praecoquum (2 years ago)
Where's the green/white bomber in the thumbnail from?
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
Dexter Morgan (2 years ago)
Omg River Island is really like overpriced in the US. These suede Boots cost in my country 80 euro, and that would be 89 dollars !
AlTorres94 (2 years ago)
how could you review Represent and not show the denim??!!! thats pretty much what they are known for !!
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
A lot of it was sold out unfortunately
Yonathan Tadesse (2 years ago)
Asos, top man and pacsun
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
Great pics!
Anymalus (2 years ago)
never heard about boohoo🤔 gonna give it a chance!
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
Definitely man i like it
frank caicedo (2 years ago)
Dope realistic video 👌
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
Thanks man
Edgar Avilez (2 years ago)
Dude! Boohoo is my go to cuz u can literally buy anything for 30 bucks or lower. Check out Endclothing.com if u haven't already!
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
Thanks ill check it out man!
Cousin Cletus (2 years ago)
Very nice
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
Olivier Ducharme-F (2 years ago)
Wow i love boohoo, but i hate that the canadian dollar is so low so i always shop in sale.
Shao. cb (2 years ago)
Germany: Weekday, Favela Clothing, Thomas i Punkt
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
Wow i need to go there!
Tampon Face (2 years ago)
Try urkoolwear.com, they look like they have some nice pieces at a somewhat good price
James Wilson (2 years ago)
Urkoolwear just seems to repackage aliexpress chinese clothes. Super cheap stuff sold at a profit...
Dat Sweeden (2 years ago)
Notification squad!!
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
Daniel Hsu 丹尼爾 (2 years ago)
NET and Hangten. I'm in Taiwan. Haha
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
Cool i went to hangten in Iran it was cool!
Daniel Hsu 丹尼爾 (2 years ago)
+Philip Wu I know. But see his description box of this video saying "comment down below" what your country's top three brand. Obviously, he's not gonna buy this brand here in Taiwan. He just wanna know what's special here in other countries. Thank you.
Philip Wu (2 years ago)
Aco Kirkic (2 years ago)
Awesome video man!
Tobi Adey (2 years ago)
Dope video bro, I do YouTube reviews and on feet videos and it'd great if you guys check it out :)
nathan force (2 years ago)
notification squad....!!
nathan force (2 years ago)
+Neemzzz hope you can do reaction videos...lol
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
Quad (2 years ago)
thanks for giving us more online store options
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
Your welcome!

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