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Embarrassing Phone Calls in Public (Part 2) PRANK

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You guys asked for it so here is Part 2! 25,000 Likes and I'll do Part 3 :) SUBSCRIBE..►: https://tinyurl.com/jdenmo Instagram.....►: https://www.instagram.com/jdenmo Facebook.....►: https://www.facebook.com/jdenmo Twitter...........►: https://twitter.com/jdenmo D-Tube...........►: https://d.tube/#!/c/jdenmo CONTACT......►: [email protected] SONGS USED: Kevin Macleod Thanks for watching. Subscribe for more and comment what videos you want to see next! #Funny #Prank #Trolling
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Text Comments (875)
Jack Denmo (26 days ago)
I know y'all been waiting for this one... let me know what you think below! 👇
Johnny Boyle (18 hours ago)
+Brett Lawrie how
Brett Lawrie (19 days ago)
+Johnny Boyle What it means, is that, whoever, filmed this, should work, for NASA. That's what it meant.
Johnny Boyle (19 days ago)
+Brett Lawrie u said whoever filmed this vid should work 4 nasa
Brett Lawrie (19 days ago)
+Johnny Boyle tf does what mean
Johnny Boyle (21 days ago)
+Brett Lawrie tf that mean
Mary Santiago (2 hours ago)
If anyone needs a good laugh they should definitely subscribe to jack❤❤❤
Andrew P (5 hours ago)
This is some good content
Ri Ho (6 hours ago)
Next time say, no mom, dont eat that, i got my dick stuck in that nutella last night
OHM-968692 (10 hours ago)
This is what a good prank looks like. No one gets hurt, everyone has a laugh and none of that staged bs
Austin Powers (20 hours ago)
Awkward phone call line: babe I miss you Wow you miss me too Wanna know what else your gonna miss your dog I ran it over this morning
Austin Powers (20 hours ago)
+Jack Denmo thanks keep up the great work in going to watch a lot of your videos today
Austin Powers (20 hours ago)
+Jack Denmo wow that was quick
Jack Denmo (20 hours ago)
LOL thats so funny! Wrote it down
Austin Powers (20 hours ago)
Commented a line before you told me to
Raquel Wright (21 hours ago)
Lmao this dude is funny.
D1wav (1 day ago)
Is this Cody Strongs 🌚🌚🌚🌚
Unruly Gaza (1 day ago)
We want more
lick bodys (2 days ago)
Brock university? Niagara region eh
ShallowGuardians (2 days ago)
Shitty country mother fucker what do you mean
Imma Guy (2 days ago)
An actual genuine harmless prank video that doesn't involve people getting harmed and telling people you're filming a video and not fake actors?! *_IN 20 FUCKING 18?!?!_*
Bent 6.3 OLC (3 days ago)
Copy of loveliveserve
Bobby Pourassad (3 days ago)
Hey, good job man. Your videos are very funny & non-disrespectful. Thanks.
Trance Enigma (3 days ago)
I swear this guy does it the best
SSmircat (3 days ago)
Say “it’s not racist he was being annoying”
Apurv Chaturvedi (4 days ago)
"I was breastfeeding my Dog last night" Dude this is GOLD . You should get 10 million subs for this line alone xD
ShayaanK_29 (4 days ago)
5:24 I thought she was staring right at the cameraman, and was bout to tell her friend☠️
Jack Denmo (3 days ago)
me too bro! lmao
OMGITz lee (5 days ago)
Your fucking legend fam Much Love from uk 😉
Josh (5 days ago)
"...Thanks Dad" LMAO
Suraj Chauhan (5 days ago)
Are uh a college student or just hanging around there
Wopper (6 days ago)
Ya yeet
Aswin Kailas (6 days ago)
Your voice is very awesome
Jack Denmo (6 days ago)
thanks bro!
Matthew Smith (7 days ago)
Very funny
Alyssa Kuhn (7 days ago)
Do a twist on the one where you talk about ur gf’s sister but instead of sister it’s her dad
Alyssa Kuhn (7 days ago)
Do one where u talk about having a colonoscopy but the doctor found you were full of shit so they give u like an enema and then when u wake up from the anesthesia n u shit urself
Jack Denmo (7 days ago)
pretty extreme LMAO
Rasean Jones (8 days ago)
This Video was great jack
Jordan Gabriel (8 days ago)
Say my girl told me I have a small dick
DarkRose (8 days ago)
You can say ' "I got my sister pregnant and I enjoyed it it was so good oh yeah"
Kevin Francetti (8 days ago)
Say at the phone that Hitler was right
Bunny _lover (8 days ago)
“You make me have to poo”😂😂 I died P.S I love you vids❤️
Jack Denmo (8 days ago)
haha cheers!
Timmy Turner (9 days ago)
Say "I don’t know why i said your dad's name while we were having sex, I already told you it was just a coincidence"
Jack Denmo (8 days ago)
Israel N (9 days ago)
These are the best
Andrea Li (9 days ago)
LMAOOOO the red hoodie one was jokes
Thomas Noodle (9 days ago)
Dude you should’ve been there. We re-enacted Auschwitz in the bed.
TheCardsfan24 (9 days ago)
this shit is so funny. the way he says things is so casual its so good
Jack Denmo (9 days ago)
cheers man
Emmett L. Brown (10 days ago)
"I'm going to the bathroom, you make me have to poop." 😂
Jack Denmo (10 days ago)
Billy Mays (11 days ago)
Ha I can’t make calls to my mom cause I don’t have one get rekt
TikO LoRd (12 days ago)
8:00 Some people say this man still waiting for the kiss till this day.
Jack Denmo (12 days ago)
Danker Camper (12 days ago)
you should say i dont care that your family, if u talk to me like that again imma slap you with my d***.
Grimmjow Jaggerjack (12 days ago)
😂😂😂😂😂 great video
Amplify (13 days ago)
Say dude I’m not coming around no more last time I walked in on your dad masterbaiting over your sisters instagram pictures
Its_Official Kyle_wood (13 days ago)
I dident have a place to poo so I did it in my shoe but I just left it there you think my girl will notice it smells like burnt sausage but it should be good. Use this as a phone call
Sseroj Mirzachanyan (13 days ago)
You're a legend dude!! xD
Jack Denmo (13 days ago)
Sseroj Mirzachanyan (13 days ago)
Man you are crazy, totally above all other pranksters!!
lt tyyy (13 days ago)
Tell your dad you've been jacking off for a month straight without showering and then try shaking someone's hand
Jack Denmo (13 days ago)
w3llplayed (14 days ago)
"I hope that cancer eats your ass" had me fucking rolliiiinnngg
Jack Denmo (13 days ago)
Arif Leeroy (14 days ago)
Ouh... Try "Mom got cancer? How much did she left me? "
Arif Leeroy (14 days ago)
Try "Hello daddy, 'moan' can i get my allowance early?"
Jack Denmo (13 days ago)
Alec Bell (14 days ago)
"By the way I slept with your sister."
fOR THE next one say "bro I wanted to feel what it was to be with a woman so I drilled a hole in a watermelon and used it a few times, but now it smells like shit. I think there were some maggots inside the watermelon too! Do you think I got my watermelon pregnant? Cause you know if I did, I''m glad I can throw her in the trash. Even if it was a real girl I'd do that."
Sweet Marsh (14 days ago)
7:23 so funny
Holly Pill (14 days ago)
"it's not my fault I can't tell them apart! They're twins! I didn't know she wasn't my girlfriend!"
Elliot Payne (14 days ago)
Please make a thirddd
Shreyas Kashikar (15 days ago)
2:15 girl is hot 😍
TopeA8 (15 days ago)
And they say pranks are dead with "new" channels like Jack Denmo, Steve Schapiro and Cassady Campbell.
little cat (15 days ago)
do another video like this please, was so cool
little cat (8 days ago)
+Jack Denmo hell yeah daddy!!
Jack Denmo (15 days ago)
Part 3 is coming
D.J. H. (15 days ago)
I dropped my girlfriends toothbrush into the toilet bowl😂😂
Javad ccc (15 days ago)
Love u from iran
Jack Denmo (15 days ago)
Love you Javad
SpaceLord21 (16 days ago)
Been waiting for a part 2😍😍😍
SpaceLord21 (15 days ago)
+Jack Denmo And that's why I subscribe to your channel😍😍
Jack Denmo (16 days ago)
you ask, I deliver
Subham kumar (17 days ago)
Best prank channel on YouTube Love Your videos BTW you look super cool with the bag
Jack Denmo (17 days ago)
thanks bro
LMAO when you pretended and described to be someone else I DIEED
You re REALLY going EXTREME 😂😂😂😂😂😂
OMistG (17 days ago)
Brian Kunkel (17 days ago)
Say “wait mom I’m adopted well then that means sis is not a virgin when I get home”
Mr. Wig. (17 days ago)
Awesome you all just have a look at my videos they are really good Lol..
Xgr Xnh (18 days ago)
Try this my dog loves anal..
Jack Denmo (18 days ago)
LMAO so simple but hilarious
Gavin Luedtke (19 days ago)
tbh, you rock a beard
too funny
Cdog223 (19 days ago)
The best legitimate prank content I’ve seen in a long time
Ahmed Magdy (20 days ago)
Jake Sperow (20 days ago)
“Plant a nice big SMOOCH” had me rollin
Chaad really? (20 days ago)
1:41 I felt that ahhhhh😨
Queenstar Abekah (20 days ago)
More of this plsss.... 😂😂😂😂😂 Funny af
bob brady (21 days ago)
thank you i needed a good laugh
Amal Thomas (21 days ago)
That one testicle story almost sounded like it happened 😂😂😂
Tristaxx - (21 days ago)
"She can drink my poo poo"
Grantastic (21 days ago)
Hahaha “ I lost my left testicle in a karate accident” that one had me rolling
Victoria Lomba (21 days ago)
Mai Big Butt (21 days ago)
Your channel is lit.
Jack Denmo (21 days ago)
DJ // SQ (21 days ago)
Just say “what time you wanna clap cheeks?” And when you hang up say goodbye mum I love you or some shit like that 😂😂
You should have got a girl to come when you were doing the grinder call lmao
Sebastian Nielsen (22 days ago)
Dude! You deserve more subs. You seriously do! Btw i subbed and clicked the bell ;)
gamers never die !!! (22 days ago)
I just discovered your channel bro i don't have any idea why you don't have more subscribers , just subbed btw , keep up the fantastic work m8
Kale Bmx (22 days ago)
Great vid man👍
Md Abdul Muhin (22 days ago)
🇧🇩. Brother keep it up 🤘🤘🤘🤘
Blah Blah (22 days ago)
You should say "If I were to put my own dick in my asshole....can I get pregnant?"
GilstrapTV (22 days ago)
That karate instructor line was amazing!!!!
Jack Denmo (22 days ago)
Lmao cheers bro! Keep up the good work
get ur ketchup (22 days ago)
I subbed
I can understand him as he is doing prank, but why these white girls are whispering and laughing🤔🤔🤔
amresh yadav (22 days ago)
Do anybody knows abt the girl at 2: 40. She is damn hot.
richard domino (22 days ago)
Wtf isnt this life of jack?? You had like 5k like a month ago lol. Im glad you're growing man hahah!
richard domino (22 days ago)
Jack Denmo you should make more drunk interviews lmao those were funny aff.
Jack Denmo (22 days ago)
yeah bro! Cheers
SnowyUmby (22 days ago)
hey can you record the reactions to you telling them its fake
Jack Denmo (22 days ago)
I included reveals at end of video!
XXX Tentacion (23 days ago)
You deserve all the people to be subscribed to you
Diploid (23 days ago)
You brave soul
Sean Borda (23 days ago)
These vids are too long. i think 5-6 minutes is ideal
Jack Denmo (23 days ago)
Agreed but in Part 1 people kept asking for Reveals!
Paavo Koivistoinen (23 days ago)
5:00 I JUST CAN'T😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 "i hope that cancer eats your ass"😂😂😂
Mega zooboy (23 days ago)
Cheers from Norway!!
Jack Denmo (23 days ago)
Love Norway! Cheers

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