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Free Psychic Readings Online | By Chat and No Credit Card

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http://psychics.co.uk/events/school.html - Follow the link to get free psychic readings in our chat room at the Delphi psychic School and Community. When you visit you will need to join the chat rooms and from there you may be invited to join our classes and online circles. Free Psychic Readings take place in the circles where novice readers under the supervision of our teachers vive psychic readings for free. This is a service that does not require a credit card or any payment but is completely free and given in a spirit of service by our volunteers and helpers. Please follow the simple protocol when asking for a free psychic reading. Don’t just barge in making demands or you will be disappointed. You will need to be invited into the classes where you can learn about psychic and paranormal topics such as tarot readings, mediumship, clairvoyance and giving readings. There is ample opportunity to lean in our psychic school and to enjoy working with others I the freedom of our classes. The free psychic readings do not happen every day and are not the main thrust of our remit. They are an inspiring and enjoyable part of the learning process. We spend a lot of time teaching and helping people to understand the reality of the psychic gift and how to use it. ORIGIN OF OUR FREE PSYCHIC READING SITE The psychic chat rooms were set up in 1995 and are the oldest site of its kind on the internet. It is not as busy as it was with the rise of Facebook and Google Plus that have brought with it a general demise of chat rooms and forums. However the well managed and safe community we have is ideal now for teaching and giving and sharing free psychic readings and mediumship. We are sure you will enjoy the happy community where psychic readings are given freely in a spirit of service and love. Would you like to know more? SUBSCRIBE FOR LATEST PARANORMAL VIDEOS! http://www.youtube.com/user/psychicmovies/ GET A PSYCHIC MEDIUM READING WITH US http://psychics.co.uk/psychicreadings TO SUPPORT CRAIG & JANE'S CHARITABLE FOUNDATION http://psychics.co.uk/foundation LET'S CONNECT! Google+ ► https://plus.google.com/+CraigHamiltonParker/posts Facebook ► http://facebook.com/hamiltonparker Twitter ► http://twitter.com/chamiltonparker Psychics & Mediums Network UK ► http://psychics.co.uk
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Text Comments (53)
Craig Hamilton-Parker (1 year ago)
*WATCH OUR INSPIRED SPIRITUAL MOVIE HERE* http://psychics.co.uk/blog/mystic-journey-to-india/ *GET CRAIG'S BOOKS HERE* http://psychics.co.uk/shop/ *READINGS BY PHONE HERE* http://psychics.co.uk/psychicreadings/ *FACEBOOK LIVE AND OTHER EVENTS HERE:* http://psychics.co.uk/events/ *CRAIG & JANE'S CHARITY HERE* http://psychics.co.uk/foundation/
Christie Smith (1 month ago)
Will Mark Feehily from Westlife pay attention to the messages I've tagged him on Instagram and Twitter?
adrian kwiatkowski (4 months ago)
I would love to have a reading
Patricia Wasiukow (10 days ago)
Can you tell me David or Michael are legitimate honest men..
Nicola Griffiths (26 days ago)
Why dosnt my son want to come back home
April Berter (1 month ago)
I would love a reading
Jennifer B #HTD4LIFE (1 month ago)
I would love a free reading I have many unanswered questions I suffer from severe depression severe anxiety and PTSD and maybe this will help me Thank You
Mina Hamasaki (4 months ago)
Please read mine
Baby Masochist (6 months ago)
Echo Voice (6 months ago)
This is no longer free I see
Sohi Sohi (4 months ago)
+Craig Hamilton-Parker May be the world doesn't need us any more.
Craig Hamilton-Parker (6 months ago)
I eventually closed the service down. It was running since 1998 and at one time had many thousands of visitors and was a genuine free service. Google messed things up by hitting us with their Panda Algorithm (long story)
Montana Fiddler (7 months ago)
Hello I have a question, why was I adopted I feel so alone in the world
acerozaki (8 months ago)
I,m sad the free reading is no longer available, maby its good to update the video. I have no interest of sharing any credit card or whatever. I,m trying to find someone who can help me contact my diseased mom. I have many doubts regarding her passing, also in my dreams she is there sometimes but she doesn't talk to me. I keep reliving the moment me and my dad found her. I just want to get peace or at least try.
Craig Hamilton-Parker (8 months ago)
Look into spiritualism. At local centres they give demonstrations of mediumship for free.
Jeecat Daymon (9 months ago)
I'm researching numerology info and discovered a great resource at Stefs Magic Numbers (google it if you're interested)
Lord Kibbles (1 year ago)
hey guys i used your service and i must say it worked like a charm, i was able to speak to an old relative from World War 2, he sadly took his own life in fear of being captured and thus ended family long traditions :(
Craig Hamilton-Parker (1 year ago)
Interesting spirit link. It would be a nice one to do on camera.
Lord Kibbles (1 year ago)
He sadly took his life by swallowing a cyanide tablet in his bunker fearing capture from the Communist Russians :(
Craig Hamilton-Parker (1 year ago)
Please you got the evidence and proof you needed.
ThePUMPKIN2113 (1 year ago)
I had a palm reading done a few years ago.....the lady said I would have two husbands in this lifetime. I just want to know the first name of my second husband and if he's cute??? Please and thank you. :)
Dr Deborah B (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for your videos. You have helped me reconnect with my spiritual self. Due to sever illness I have been disconnected. I am looking to have a phchic reading and your advice has helped greatly. Thank you again x
J Th (1 year ago)
What about if one's using Chrome? as opposed to Windows, etc.. Is it still compatible?
J Th (1 year ago)
Looks like I can get on with Flash.
J Th (1 year ago)
OK. Thanks. I'll try that.
Craig Hamilton-Parker (1 year ago)
It uses either java or flash. Nowadays you have to install these.
Valerie Womack (1 year ago)
What time is that in the State of Georgia in USA
Craig Hamilton-Parker (1 year ago)
I think it's about 16:00
Charlie Muggins (1 year ago)
Tried it!...Tell your mate Zep he needs to go back to charm school and ask for his money back!. dear oh dear! no thanks!
Charlie Muggins (1 year ago)
+Craig Hamilton-Parker thats your wife isn't it...lol!
Craig Hamilton-Parker (1 year ago)
Oh dear. I don't know him very well. Try a class with Emerald if you didn't get along.
LuckyDevilGrace (1 year ago)
Also I am very artistic. ... and I love to do art... it's my passion
LuckyDevilGrace (1 year ago)
I took one of your quizs from 3 years ago and watched your video ... I have been having these dreams sense I was 8 and I realized. ...I can see the future. And sense I turned 9 I can have visions awake....I am like "holy crap" ...when I took your quiz I got a 31... it said I was physic... and I told the truth. ..I am so excited for my new "power" and I won't take advantage of it... I subscribed I will watch wayyyy more videos... see u later byeo
Craig Hamilton-Parker (1 year ago)
Adults disagree about if it's real or not but don't take online tests too seriously. There are some good starter books out there about things like mindfulness that can get you started.
Jimmy Meeks (1 year ago)
LuckyDevilGrace Honey, you're like 12. It's just a fantasy in your head. You're just a kid. Have fun but don't take this stuff too far. It's grown ups pretending they see the future. It's really sad because they're wasting their lives. None of this stuff is real.
Craig Hamilton-Parker (1 year ago)
Glad you're benefiting from it all
James Lynch (1 year ago)
Thank you Craig.
auntbutch (1 year ago)
I just wish I could afford to expatriate
Tina Ross (1 year ago)
I don't know,what I am. I can see spirits,talk to them,not sure if they can talk to me? I know when things happen,I can make things happen,not sure what else I can do.
Simiso Ntshalintshali (1 month ago)
Tina Ross
coins (4 months ago)
I think I can see them sometimes. I know I can sense them, but I freak out as soon as I feel them and run. There is one in my bedroom now that "chased" me out of my room twice last night. Something also gets up on the bed, like a little dog. I am not sure who/what these things are, and I don't know how to make them go away. I told it last night to back off and go away, but I sensed it again, so it didn't leave. Ahhh
Chelsea Monroe (4 months ago)
Can someone read me I need to know if in waisting my time trying to get back my oldest daughters father. We have reunited after 7yrs and I still love him and I feel he does to just don't know what to do
TinaMay TheFam Well I have abilities and I can deffinatively inform you that your abilities are hereby as follows - you are a Psychic /Psychic Medium, you are a Psychic Empath /Empath. Very intuitive! You are completely sensitive which is not a bad trait or ability to have. Although what I will say is whereby us Empaths are usually almost always sensitive(sensitive toward Individual's /and or their feelings) as you see we actually sense their feelings/pain/struggles etc etc. We on times can fall victim to neglecting ourselves. Especially if you do not learn to ground yourself properly and learn how to close down. I am more than happy to give yourself such further advice on grounding and closing down /off. I feel strongly regarding your Empath abilities. Now with regard to your Psychic Mediumship abilities you need to be mindful that whilst it is a great ability /gift - it is essential to do as much research on this as is possible for you. Personally I find YouTube a great place to source quality information on your abilities. I would suggest highly not just sold or merely looking at the first spiritual video you come across bit to look into as many as you can. 1-Look up what does Psychic Mediumship mean? And how do I know if I have these abilities? 2-Look up the same for Psychic Empath traits. Such as typing in - top 10 traits of a Psychic Empath! And how do I know if i am one!? 3-Type in also - How does spiritually grounding work? And what can it do for me exactly!? (And also look up the same for opening up.) 4-Look up and research into how many Chakras your body has and how to get into tune with your natural bodies Chakras and how to turn them on when actively choosing to use your abilities/gifts. 5-INTENT is ABSOLUTELY key to ALL of this and your own spiritual life's Journey. Only practice your abilities /gifts when you have fully researched and feel fully ready to do so. As if you do not ground yourself then you can become ill(sadly this happened to myself when I first started using my abilities because I simply did not practice any of the above i have mentioned to you.) On a bright note I've been practicing and using my abilities in the correct/safe way. ☺ 🙏 I would like to end this message of response in stating meditation is also key to furthering and heightening your abilities /gifts. Meditation will raise your vibrations if done on a more regular basis. (A simple technique to raise your vibration is putting your front teeth on the tip of your tongue and humming (the) FEEL THE VIBRATION!) Do this task until you feel a tad more elevated in vibrations. It does wonders for me personally. (Ps) Please do not hesitate to contact myself should you wish for sny such further /more detailed advice. Many Kindest of regards to you and sending you much love and light. 🙏 👍 ✨ 💕 😇 🌍 ☽ ☀ 🌟 🙏
Guyy (1 year ago)
Thanks so much, Craig.
desert fox (1 year ago)
Hi Craig, I tried to go into the chatroom, to get eventually a free psychic reading, but it showed "your browser is not Java Available" in spite of I have downloaded just now Java. What can I do?
Craig Hamilton-Parker (1 year ago)
+desert fox it varies between browsers. Firefox and chrome are best. You can go to the java website to download though you will also need to reboot. Some help here: https://java.com/en/download/help/enable_browser.xml
Craig Hamilton-Parker (1 year ago)
*GET CRAIG'S BOOKS HERE* http://psychics.co.uk/shop/ *READINGS BY PHONE HERE* http://psychics.co.uk/psychicreadings/ *FACEBOOK LIVE AND OTHER EVENTS HERE:* http://psychics.co.uk/events/ *CRAIG & JANE'S CHARITY HERE* http://psychics.co.uk/foundation/
desert fox (1 year ago)
Thank you for the offer!
Sue Wilkinson (1 year ago)
Thank you for this video--I didn't know about this and am looking forward so much to the chat rooms and lessons. If the time works out--I go to bed very early (funny American saying, I "go to bed with the chickens," meaning early and NOT kinky).
Craig Hamilton-Parker I remember the Delphi Psychic chat rooms very very well. Used to love them to be quite honest with you here. The only downpoint was that of you had an option whereby you could join up to be taught to further your/abilities /gifts. I was more than happy to pay the fee, however I contacted yourself regarding how i could become a full member and also further my abilities and you stated to myself (no) I could not become a full member even though i was willing to pay full fee at that particular time. YOU asked me to prove my gifts (to which I had no problem doing) I was just really miffed as you had the option as I stated above and to be honest it mentioned 0 regarding proving abilities, just that of you could become full member by paying fee and enjoy furthering abilities etc. This in time did put myself off as you did come off rather abrupt I have to add. I was much younger then approx in 2002/2003. Perhaps there was a misunderstanding I really do not know. Anyhow do you have live free chats any longer with readers online!? (eg) Is similar still free and running? Clearly it's changed due to Social Media platforms these days and how the times have changed. I would be very greatful for any answers to my questions put to yourself /and or if anyone else can answer my questions put here. 🙏 Kindest of regards to yourself (and ALL here. 🙏 👍 ✨ 💕 😇 🌍 ☽ ☀ 🌟 🙏
Craig Hamilton-Parker (1 year ago)
You may need to install java. https://java.com/en/download/
Sue Wilkinson (1 year ago)
I couldn't get into the chat room, not a surprise as computers tend not to work well around me, but I'll try again on the desktop computer. Not giving up!
Craig Hamilton-Parker (1 year ago)
At its peak we used to have classes running 24/7 so that the Americans and Australians would enjoy them too. It's much smaller now but still very good.

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