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Michael Jackson - Hollywood Tonight (Throwback Mix)

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From The Single "Hollywood Tonight", the Epic release "Michael". All Rights Reserved. No Copyrights Infringement. 2011 Epic Records
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Text Comments (31)
20ThCenturyBlox (11 months ago)
I remember wacthing a vid of Janet or MJs daughter saying that the voice of MJs last album was fake and he’s sounds a little fake to me
Brittney Maree (11 months ago)
this should be the mp3 download
invincible jean lol
christinker (1 year ago)
The same song used in the music video.
Dinn Elvis (1 year ago)
"Throwback Mix" perfect name for it.
Unboxing Luigi (1 year ago)
Essa música é muito legal, e essa versão ta melhor do que a do CD, kkkkkk.
Francisco Portela (1 year ago)
adoro essa musica!!
Francisco Portela (1 year ago)
amo o michael jackson
Tunisha Brown (2 years ago)
love it
PhoenixFelix (4 years ago)
Crashad Covington The beat is sampled from Billie Jean.
miguel calderon (5 years ago)
good track.
Abdoodle's Videos (5 years ago)
The beat style is similar to the demo version, though it's not supposed to be the billie jean drums, it has a more military-ish beat. The piano interlude from the demo can be heard very faintly in this version's beatbox bridge. The vocals are more close to the demo in this version and this version even uses the exact same bass that the demo version has.
TheMichaelhino (5 years ago)
The Greatest of All Time!
Cecilia Perez (5 years ago)
Cecilia Perez (5 years ago)
it is true!!!
John Startop (6 years ago)
Gotta love those sideways tears! :'(
supermodeldiva (6 years ago)
One of the best remixes I've heard in a long time!! R.I.P. The King Of Pop!! forever in our hearts!
SevenOneFive (6 years ago)
Michael Jackson was the greatest singer of all time. R.I.P :(
Peťo D (6 years ago)
fool, it is not! it definately sounds alike but its not, percussions are different and the kick is different too.
metalshadowmario4 (7 years ago)
The best version.
LordChimera0103 (7 years ago)
@ThePrezCrashCov But is the beat of Billie Jean^^
Crashad Covington (7 years ago)
The beat reminds me of Billie Jean
JennifersBodyH2 (7 years ago)
ever since this version was released I can't stop listening to this song :)
John Williams (10 months ago)
JennifersBodyH2 it does wonders to enhance the song
TheImmortalMJDancer (7 years ago)
I have the single record with Behind The Mask
BadSmoothCriminal50 (7 years ago)
@alexbism vocal wise it is but idk about the beats
Toothpaste (7 years ago)
@BadSmoothCriminal50 not exactly
BadSmoothCriminal50 (7 years ago)
this is actually how he left the song
paradais2 (7 years ago)
I prefer the version as released on Michael, but this is an awesome song.
jaxx500 (7 years ago)
brilliant!!!! great music like this will always keep michael's legacy alive.
Quel La'Croix (7 years ago)
This my song. I love michael. He will always be alive

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