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Why Girls Give You a Hard Time When You Approach (Even When They Like You)

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Text Comments (38)
chris corr (1 month ago)
Resistance is emotional.
razorv32005 (1 month ago)
Sometimes I wonder why guys spend so much time, energy, and effort trying to figure these bitches out. For me personally, it's a waste of my fucking time and energy. Listening to these guys talk about women and how they run their mouth just like a woman. My brain can't take it. I guess guys want to brag to other guys, yeah man you see that dime piece right there, I hit that. What a fucking waste.
Kelvin Glad (2 months ago)
Jeremiah Robles (2 months ago)
I just saw a video today from the daily drop out channel of a girl approaching girls and she approached like 10 girls and all of them were interested and gave the number yes I was like gtfo of here, so is this legit or fake?
genius2005 (2 months ago)
I posted a link on www.pickupdaily.com
dsetgetatme (2 months ago)
Yep.... I approached a fine Hispanic girl a couple months ago..After giving her my number I said "let me get ur number" She said, I got a 725 area code(Las Vegas, NV) number but I don't know it... Sorry SMH Unfortunately you will come across wishy washy, flaky women... Don't waste ur time with them
Wil Bridges (2 months ago)
Mr. Locario, why do girls flake?
JDot TV (2 months ago)
Wil Bridges watch alpha male strategies.
Welp scratch her off 9_9
Riley Freeman (2 months ago)
so all these hoes are better much all attention hoes?
CYB ZER0 (2 months ago)
yes but only if you give them ...
Timothy (2 months ago)
Locario, I straight up went to this female and told her the deal. Take her out whatever and when it came to get her number to set something up at a later time. She was like, let me think about it. (I see her often in college library) while i was thinking about it to give her permission to think about it she said, come on be a gentleman. I was like no its okay and told her bye. Don't know if I made the right move but I knew the wrong move was to give her the time to "think" about it.
Nathan Wong (2 months ago)
Timothy yah let me think about it is attention whore shit. A girl will give you her number if she’s really feeling you. Like locario says, a chick will make it easy for you if she likes you. Next time you see her around make sure to keep it on some casual shit or let her see yourself with other women in that area. Also remember “gentlemen” is code word for “simp” is “nice guy” “beta” or what ever the fuck you wanna call it. so she was testing you. Try flirting with other girls in front of her next time see how she responds. I should also note - flirt with other chicks because you want too. Not to just get her jealous.
dsetgetatme (2 months ago)
Timothy that was the right move... She was being wishy-washy. Believe me, you will know the diff b/t women who cooperate and women who are wishy washy. If she was down, she wouldn't give you the run around
Dre (2 months ago)
Timothy you made the right move. Never allow a bitch to waste your time or use you for your non sexual attention. Women ain’t shit without attention. Don’t be surprised if she Approach you next time
reckless (2 months ago)
Woman are complicated and just a mess just stay single until you find the right person ! There’s no reason why females put men through all this unnecessary shit just so you can get next to them
Yao Don (2 months ago)
Instagram and all these socials fucked the game up for real players
samurai jack (2 months ago)
facts bro
NobleNate (2 months ago)
If more guys understood this they will fear rejection less. It’s not always you, in many ways it’s HER and her goofy ass ways of thinking
dsetgetatme (1 month ago)
NobleNate That's true... Her rejecting you could have nothin to do w/ you
Jay Buc (2 months ago)
So I can rule out this if she tells me to go away, right?
Jay Buc (2 months ago)
Riley Freeman Yeah when she tells you to go away
Riley Freeman (2 months ago)
bro. its pretty easy to tell when a girl wants you to go away.
Jay Buc (2 months ago)
Notorious BleezyB So if she tells me to go away with an annoyed look on her face I should not go away?
Notorious BleezyB (2 months ago)
Jay Buc no lol
Marty Mcfly (2 months ago)
I ran into this situation yesterday a girl at my job was giving me choosing signals but still playing hard to get saying take my snapchat instead when I approached her its like the universe connected with me when you made this video thanks Locario
Leroy Clark (2 months ago)
I appreciate that perspective. Great game.
Damien Forbey (2 months ago)
That's stupid and these females need to get off that dumb shit
Damien Forbey (2 months ago)
It's real men out here and that power struggle stuff is disrespectful and irrelevant it's needs to be cooperation and Harmony other than that stop entertaining her non sense
Nathan Wong (2 months ago)
This explains a lot of mixed signals too. When ever I see a chick giving mixed signals I always just assumed it’s because she’s juggling too many men in her dating life and friend zone area. Then I Move on to the next immediately. Or friend-zone them myself if it’s someone I have to consistently see. Never thought though it’s also a power struggle thing.
L McKinney (2 months ago)
Thanks Bro
Leroy Clark (2 months ago)
+Marty Mcfly i can relate to the words you are saying. I myself at a certain time in my life looked at tricking and escorts as a way to get it in. I did not know better. Im so happy that mr lacario, ARC and AMS and others are teaching me game. Its good to know how these players do it and that tricking is not my only option.
Marty Mcfly (2 months ago)
Sick of the games I see why men just buy an escort and keep it pushing the game is too stressful with these bitches
Leroy Clark (2 months ago)
Yeah, the power struggle perspective is Interesting.
Jonathan Woodruff (2 months ago)

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