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The Domino Effect In the Game

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Text Comments (39)
Dgizzile Smith (25 days ago)
Gotta change that negative mind set.
D.W.L.F GAME (1 month ago)
It's all about what one reinforces on a subconsvious level. If you're not getting results, get coaching
wbbm1231 (1 month ago)
I love your introduction man. Bad boy if the dating game, WHATS GOOD!!
himode (1 month ago)
So in order to get girls you have to have girls. If you dont have girls, you cant get girls...do you see the issue here lol
Glock Chef (1 month ago)
Mr Locario you speak facts but I wanna ask you this, what about social skills in general? I figured that I am calm when I am authentic and want to make something happen rather than forcing my way to something that my mind or soul isn’t there. What do you think about that?
kzaggin20 (1 month ago)
“The pussy momentum”...some dudes do not know how to capitalize when they hit a stride of success when it comes to dealing with women, I remember having sex for the first time back in high school, up until that point I was somewhat shy and when I was dealing with a chick I was dealing only with that one chick. The chick I first had sex with had a child so of course she was well versed in fucking, but I never told her that I’d never had sex, to brag a little bit I fucked the shit outta her. I finally told her after fucking her a few times that she was my first, but she didn’t believe me…real talk though, I knew she wouldn’t cuz I beat it up too good. I said that to say this, that situation with that chick led to a domino effect of me 1) wanting more girls and 2) me talking to more than 1 girl at a time. When I first had sex I was about 17, by the time I graduated high school I had a double digit body count, I went from a shy dude to a dude with 2-3 girls in rotation who attended different schools. Having sex for the first time with a girl who was not a virgin and having her dickmitized created a shift in how I dealt with chicks and I rode that wave aka “The pussy momentum”
The Blck Ntrovert (1 month ago)
upward mobility!
Spartan Butler (1 month ago)
I'd like to share something i read from the book, Think and grow rich by Napolen Hill... "Fortunes gravitate to men whose minds have been prepared to attract them, just as surely as water gravitates to the ocean." - When it comes to game, the reason why mgtows and most men have trouble with women is because their minds have not been prepared to attract the things that they are claiming to desire. The real issue is that their desires are weak. Another quote from the book, "Weak desires bring weak results, just as a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat."
Birjo (1 month ago)
its karmic circle or as its called law of attraction
Kregg Honest (1 month ago)
Law of Attraction at its best
Kregg Honest (1 month ago)
This was deep Locario
Fire life game 🔥real talk🏆
tay fresh (1 month ago)
Yeah I need some game I think I just want to fuck I don't want nothing serious
For The Win (1 month ago)
How do you get that first girl when you've had none for a while?
TheGoodStyle (1 month ago)
Play the numbers game. Cold approach girls you find attractive
Fred Perryman (1 month ago)
It's better to have 2 or more women on your team bcuz 1 is to close to none ... A real playa in the game knows it's not "You catch more bees with honey" .. Even though always having attractive women around a man makes more attractive women wonder what's so special about a guy that keeps women around him but that says more about the man & not the women bcuz it's something special about him that's making all these women gravitate towards him ...
The Blck Ntrovert (1 month ago)
Fred Perryman you know it💯🏆👑that live was lit earlier 🔥
Fred Perryman (1 month ago)
DOMINANCE MINDSET AND RAW GAME AFI KINGDOM once you co-sign something I say I know it's official ... Game always recognize good game ✊💯💯👑
Fred Perryman (1 month ago)
Fred Perryman 🏆👑👑💯
XGEN shocks (1 month ago)
Locario can you give me a little motivation cause It’s kinda frustrating right now. I know it will work out but I’d appreciate some right now
Jay Buc (1 month ago)
XGEN shocks My record of rejection is 50 that’s right I got rejected 50 times in one day believe it or not 😁
Jay Buc (1 month ago)
beast of east I took anger management speech classes and physical therapy to be where I’m at today. Flirting with women I don’t know causes me to have anxiety attacks.
Jay Buc (1 month ago)
beast of east Well just recapping my experiences I don’t think about girls who reject me I can vaguely even remember what they look like. And of course you are not going to complain about autism you are not autistic. I’ve accomplished a lot for someone in my situation. I played High school football starting QB. I went to college graduated from the university of California Berkeley joined the military went to war and now I’m a police officer. You think I accomplished all this from having a negative mindset I could’ve gave up and said I’m not normal I’ll just collect a check. I’m also very picky about who I talk too so I have a higher failure rate I just can’t be with a woman who doesn’t knock my socks off hot.
beast of east (1 month ago)
+Jay Buc or because of your negative mindset because I don't even think about girls who don't want me nor would I complain about autism
Jay Buc (1 month ago)
beast of east There are a lot factors that play a key role in the dating process most of which are completely out of our hands. Example I’m trying to flirt with a white chick who will not be with a black man whether it’s from family pressure her preference or whatever she will reject me and no game can fix this. Same with some black women. Religious beliefs also social class political backgrounds or even career choice are much bigger factors in the dating game than learning what cool shit to say to the ladies. I’ve been rejected for being an atheist I’ve rejected because I’m light skinned and she likes dark skin I’ve been rejected because I voted for trump I’ve been rejected because I’m a police officer. I’ve been rejected by a black girl because I dress like a “white guy” game wouldn’t help me with none of these issues

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