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Rosanna Pansino Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions

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Today I answered the most Googled question about myself! SUBSCRIBE ► https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=rosannapansino WATCH MY LAST VIDEO ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIyPbIC826U Dessert Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZp_axebSfQ -------------------------------------------------------------------------- BUY: **NEW Cookbook**: http://www.BakingAllYearRound.com BAKING LINE: https://www.wilton.com/Ro NERDY NUMMIES COOKBOOK: http://www.NerdyNummiesCookbook.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ADD ME ON: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rosannapansino Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/RosannaPansino Instagram: http://instagram.com/rosannapansino Snapchat: rosannapansino Website: http://www.RosannaPansino.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope you enjoy today's #vlog! I had so much fun answering the most asked questions about myself. It almost felt like I was doing an #interview with #Google! Subscribe for more videos! xoxo Ro
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Rosanna Pansino (5 months ago)
I hope you enjoy today's video! Was there a question that didn't get asked? Let me know! 😊💕
Leslie Cisneros (15 hours ago)
Ketino Kadagidze (16 days ago)
can you speak german 🇩🇪
Gopa Kundu (1 month ago)
Rosanna can I call you ro and I'm watching your videos from 6 years you were so cute but now you makeover so much 😒😒
Gopal Bhagat (3 months ago)
Hi ro I love you I just cant live without you You inspired me I have been watching your vids and they r amazing I have ordered your two cookbooks and the baking stuff And its awesone Btw you r so funny And i am an indian Anyone seeing in 2018
Sweet keisha Billedo (4 months ago)
Rosanna Pansino I love you soooooooooooooooo much
Susan Derr (9 hours ago)
hey ro can you do google fued
Mia Princess Life (17 hours ago)
You are so amazing ☺
AlphaWolf (1 day ago)
I did tell joey that.
Molly G (1 day ago)
I'm a Gemini too I'm the only June baby in my class it's sad
Suja Baiju (1 day ago)
My sister birthday is also on June 8
Prasidhi Vardhan (1 day ago)
Ohh Myy Godd... Even I was born on June 8 12:00am, exactly midnight, just the years are different(1999), and so obviously a Gemini... such an exciting thing to know.. and guess what even I am short(height).. and soon to start a YouTube channel too (on Cooking, YEYY..., because ofcourse, I love Cooking and experimenting ), I don't have a tattoo, I have a younger sister and have a sweet tooth... Soo much similarities.. and I really like u Rosanna.... You have soo much of energy.. and positivity..
Lashon Shannon (2 days ago)
You got to star on disney channel Bizzarvark
Rie Jacobi (2 days ago)
What are where you wrote that do you know what you’re born right at midnight do you know what it is really lucky you get birthday on two days one on the eighth month if that meant for which ever day three for me I was born March 7 6 o’clock in the morning so yeah I’m like I love your video and wait for me I can have my birthday on the seventh and then I’m really lucky that that is so so you’re luckyOr you can separate your birthdate on today do you get extra birthday present you can get a new dog of them but I am also I love your videos and it’s a sky and I cooked her know that patient click the bell plug everything why couldn’t you too good I love you really I don’t my favorite YouTube or and yeah am I are you in the mail run for a seven and beans and I don’t know I’m not like that so yeah I don’t know how I’m feeling once for seven number again Billund I was born in Japan basically so by
Alexandra Podolnikova (2 days ago)
I was born on June 4. Our birthdays are so close.
Ruby Pettaras (2 days ago)
I love you Rosanna Pansino i have looked up to for so long and i got your baking all year round book and i love it
Ivy Roberts (3 days ago)
Your hair curled always looks so pretty can you do a hair tutorial?
Sari Celis (3 days ago)
Why is this woman so cute!!!
Ana Marlais (3 days ago)
Lilah McAleer (4 days ago)
U was born at 12:01 on November first I was almost born on holween
Ingrid Calderon (4 days ago)
When is your brthday
Emily's Funland (5 days ago)
my b-day is June 11
rhea guttikar (5 days ago)
even my birthday is in June but on 14th
rhea guttikar (5 days ago)
can you make video with your dog please & just saying I'm a big fan of yours
rhea guttikar (5 days ago)
YES ! can you please make your health training video
Blue Galaxy Films (6 days ago)
Omg that is my old dogs birthday lol
Cashlyn Robertson (7 days ago)
Jennyjoycelin Laura (8 days ago)
Rosanna passino your hair is look like belle from beauty and the beast
Unicorn Bird (9 days ago)
My b day is june 12
Mirjeta Beskovic (10 days ago)
K trohear (10 days ago)
On my Mums side I'm singaporean, New Zealand and On my Dads side I'm IRISH I'm Australian from both sides
Nick Rakos (10 days ago)
Technically, you have 2 birthdays! LUCKY!
Mon (10 days ago)
9:40 start watching
Mon (10 days ago)
Bts song
Mon (10 days ago)
She said blood sweat and tears it’s
Nikki Mole (11 days ago)
OMG!!!!!!!!!!her acsent is adorable 😄😄😄😄😄
Kaith Magampon (11 days ago)
June 8 I was born in June 4
martine twito (12 days ago)
TaeMinKook NamYoonSeok (12 days ago)
When she said Blood Sweat and Tears I just said "Nae Pittam nunmul ne majimak chumul da gajyeoka ka"
Dubu Dahyunie (12 days ago)
Me: should i read the comments? Ro: ...blood sweat and tears... Me: meh.. i already know what the comments are gonna be about..
Maninder Sokhi (13 days ago)
Hey Ro I am also a Gemini
Sabee De Guzman (13 days ago)
Who here is Filipino and Army or just an Army??
Juliana Pavão Simões (13 days ago)
“ w
KayeBearVlogs Kaye (13 days ago)
I live in the Philippines !!!
Velakshani Gopinatan (13 days ago)
Yes please do video on your health journey.. since i inspire you alot .. this will help me and more people out there .. lots of love from Malaysia
Charron Donnelly (14 days ago)
Your birthday 3 days away from mine and my dogs my dog's birthday is June 9th and mine is June 11th
Frunk The II (14 days ago)
Yes! Washington State represent
Brigham Holm (15 days ago)
You should make a video on how you lost weight
Emma Guerci (15 days ago)
Yes make a video
Bangtan TV (15 days ago)
Well he should put a ring on it
robin bradford (16 days ago)
make a video with marshmallo!
mina abirinejad (16 days ago)
I would love you to make a video about your health journey
Jazz & Lily (17 days ago)
Hey Ro! Just wanted to ask, my mum works with kids with dyslexia and I saw a photo of you at her work along with a lot of photos of other celebrities that have dyslexia, and I was like Oh my gosh that’s Ro and she’s was like who’s that and I was like “Oh only the best YouTube chef in the world!!!” So my question is do you have dyslexia? Because I know lots of people who do! PS: You should definitely get matching tattoos with Mo!
Peyton G (17 days ago)
Will you PLEASE do a skincare routine type video because your skin looks flawless and glowing all the time.
pengiun gang (17 days ago)
Ur death in escape the night was so sad😭😭😭😭😭😭
Aasiyah alli (17 days ago)
Please do the health journey
It's Ash (17 days ago)
I live in Seattle,
your DNA (17 days ago)
I might be the only pilipino/filipino subbed to your yt channel>_<
iamPaul 08 (7 days ago)
your DNA ako rin
Araceli Hernandez (18 days ago)
I don’t want this to sound rude but how old are you because you’re really pretty
Grace Jones (18 days ago)
My birthday is on June 14!!!
Justine Henry (18 days ago)
my birthday is june 6th
Dss Dduuu (18 days ago)
I love you ro♥️
Emi Gacha (19 days ago)
Hi ro!I know this is a late video but I love your channel and creativity and personality that makes you,well YOU!please keep up these videos and I was wondering if you could make more challenges with mo!love you both🌟❤️💖!
Bailey McCarthy (19 days ago)
Vale Ortiz (19 days ago)
She’s an Italian Croatian German Irish woman Lives in California People think she’s Mexican 😐
Michael McAnoy (19 days ago)
Rosanna does your sister have a YouTube channel also I love your dog cookie
ZEN TEO (19 days ago)
I hope your kids loves your cooking! 😊😊😊
Maddison Huard (19 days ago)
Ro are you friends with the guys who sung Dessert
Sophie (20 days ago)
i hate candy i know im the worst person on earth,
Claire Pierce (20 days ago)
My Birthday is June 10
Yessy Nataren (21 days ago)
My birthday is in June 13
Derocake Yum (21 days ago)
Omg Rosanna is Irish
Ayala Avroya (22 days ago)
I would love to hear about your health journey!
Jasmine Patterson (22 days ago)
My birthday is June 15th
AG Love (22 days ago)
make a video of how ur not a chubby bum bum
Talia Grego (22 days ago)
hey im croation too
Jainam Prajapati (23 days ago)
You should do a draw my life video
2028 Autumn Kuznar (23 days ago)
2028 Autumn Kuznar (23 days ago)
YAS LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Megan Mayer (23 days ago)
A gemini is 2 twins and one naughty and one is nice so u have 2 personalities so u act like one in a place and the other one in another place
Brittany Kievit (24 days ago)
I'm Irish, columbian, and Croatian :T
Sue Yapa (24 days ago)
I'M DOG RICH !!!!!!!!!!
Marko Smulja (24 days ago)
How old is she
Marko Smulja (24 days ago)
How old is her
strawberry shake (24 days ago)
omg my birthday is also june 8th but in the morning
Sama Sager (24 days ago)
My sister’s birthday is on June 8th 😱😱😱
Emanuel Rodas (25 days ago)
Te amo Rosanne pansino💕💕
Senpai Yuki (25 days ago)
U should be vegan it’s super easy :]
Senpai Yuki (25 days ago)
Are you friends with Emma Watson!?
AM S (25 days ago)
Is Rosanna Pansino in Dessert? Me(at first): ???
Oh my gosh ro that is so funny
LightingtheDraghog (26 days ago)
3:33-is a mood as a older sibling
Leslie Compagnoni (27 days ago)
Brittany Santiagos (27 days ago)
I was born in june and im a taurus
Abdullah Rana (27 days ago)
2:20 what was that laugh
Zoe Toner (27 days ago)
I would like you to make a health video
Ella Murphy (27 days ago)
I’ve watched this video so many times and I just watched it again I just realized that we r birthday buddies
Ashley Niemla (28 days ago)
YESS do a health food and workout routine
M. McQuillen (30 days ago)
thatprettygirl_207 (30 days ago)
Please make a video about your health and fitness! Pleaaaaase!
Only Sweets (30 days ago)
Omg!!! You are Croatian so am i
Yoakleoakle (1 month ago)
You're just like kitty from that 70's show
Niharika Agarwal (1 month ago)
My mom was born on June 8th!!
Vita Coh (1 month ago)
Im a croatian

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