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This presentation is an awesome look at the reptilian / demon influence on our world which James Bartley does an excellent job of describing. The whole thing about psycho murderers and every sort of sexual perversion is brilliantly traced to a non-human origin and explains much of the how the sickness of the American and thus world society of violence, oppression, profanity, and the love of everything that makes us sick and weak has developed. The content talking about astral body rape is rated mature and quite disturbing, but this is important information they definitely are not teaching in economy-sanctified sources.
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Carrie (17 days ago)
James Bartley's knowledge is extensive. I so enjoy listening to his presentations. We need to wake up to realize what's really going down on this planet.. and thus how to effectively deal with them, and rid our world of reptilians which requires UNITY. IT REQUIRES PUTTING OUR PETTY DIFFERENCES ASIDE FOR THIS ONE COMMON GOAL AND ASPIRATION. I agree with him. I've been suspecting a long time that all these serials were in fact reptilian human hybrids. (the psychopathic consciousness) . Human ownership and the need to possess is indeed a part of reptilian ideology
ex catholic (11 months ago)
Now I finally understand how the human genome has been infiltrated and contaminated with reptilian DNA, whereby as a result causes disease, malformations and disorders in humans. We are indeed in the days of Noah! This lecture gives a good insight how demons and reptilians operate.
James is amazing it was my honour to be interviewed by him - he taught me much during it.
ExposingMiLabs (2 years ago)
The sex ring is here and present. Even HRC is involved! Read Trance-Formation of America by Cathy O'Brien & Mark Philips John Pedosta and Hillary have been outed, as has both Bush's, Regan, Gerald Ford. They use children like throw away toys for their amusement. Human? I don't believe it is! Cathy has warned people for 26 years! Wikileaks Emails now give her story strong credence. Until THIS is addressed, F3ck politics and politicians. They're all mind controlled at the very minimum!
catnipkip (2 years ago)
so this is what happens during sleep paralysis? I never thought of that before . Scary
xxxxfile (3 years ago)
I'm familiar with everything your saying...physical and mental pain has been excruciating .immobilizing paralyzing...now my endurance is very hightthere are many entities    within me
xxxxfile (3 years ago)
I could take you to physical locations that you could see and experience for yourself.
xxxxfile (3 years ago)
I'm 55yrs old I could tell you stuff that's hard to believe.   iv been in it since birth  and before. I feel like an expert on it
xxxxfile (3 years ago)
i believe and agree with you totally james
gabi campbell (4 years ago)
Good comments from Richard Bruce.
Ngone Aw (4 years ago)
Thanks so much for posting, and thanks James Bartely for your awesome work
Nonlinear Viewz (5 years ago)
True & agreed! Icke was the person who I was drawn to first and his interviews with Credo Mutwa sealed the deal for me to look further. It was the overall feeling of sincerity that I picked up from them I think is the reason I didnt dismiss the notion all together in the beginning. Love your work sir and thanks for helping me stay awake!
Richard Bruce (5 years ago)
You might be right, I don't discount, but also I reserve like with David Icke, until I see the slit eyes (I saw) or some other proof before I let rumor change my mind. But also as with David, I happen to think either he was taken over, not the same reptoid soul he is now, but even if reptoid all along, and all about deceit, it is still useful information, even if some of it lies, because they mix in truth, and no one else talking about it. My sense is, this lecture has lots of valuable info.
Nonlinear Viewz (5 years ago)
Bartley is a Draconian full blood reptile being. He's ALL about deceit. This has already been exposed and proven by Frequency Fence's friend pnd51010's channel. Just sayin..
Richard Bruce (5 years ago)
Respectfully and truthfully, I knew when I answered you that you will turn to this lecture, and any source besides God's word to "know how to go to heaven", and if I said, Nay, but go to God's word to go to heaven, Then, you would not like me, or call me deceived. You can go to your writers of books, who each descend into hell the same as the thief and the murderer (I mean for sure, and each one). As for me, I will read the Authorized King James Bible, for the chance to enter heaven.
TheBloodcleaner (5 years ago)
Thanks for the info, being brought up in a Catholic home I searched out the mystery of God we believed in for over 20 years even changed religion, while you believe in an external God that does everything for you , you will never be free. Everyone has a higher self ..a GOD if you like that communicates to you only when you are are loving , Hate,fear cuts you off from it and makes you powerless. research: Bill Donahue HIdden meanings, then Abraham -Hicks and you will know how to get to heaven
Richard Bruce (5 years ago)
No sorry, but he is still talking. You can hear two lectures at the Ari Kopel channel. (I am not associated with James or Ari), and this guy gives a brilliant lecture and critical information,but is anti-God/Christian unfortunately, and those views he espouses more at those two lectures which I was sorry to hear. No person denying the Lord and his words shall have victory or help against these things at all, but I will not disclude information for any source I see as educational.
TheBloodcleaner (5 years ago)
Brilliant lecture very informative thanks , do you know if he has a web page
Iris Enamorado (5 years ago)
Thank you Richard for posting this video in your channel. James Bartley is amazing explaning everything about reptilians.

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