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How much it really costs to travel around the world

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Support us on Patreon?!: http://bit.ly/2lRyPtk Get a t-shirt(or 3!): http://etsy.me/2mlItDb We traveled all the way around the world to 22 countries for 8 months straight. Here we talk about how much various aspects of the trip cost us and some tips and tricks to save money along the way. Our free floorplan tool: http://bit.ly/2mbCALr
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Woozy Rocketman (7 months ago)
30577.00 GBP ? .. I went to Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Australia and spent 4000 GBP. And the other way, to Cancun, Belize and Guatemala, for I don't know how much.
Juan Ponce (1 year ago)
I will do. Thanks for your recommendations.
Jake Barnett (1 year ago)
There are several credit cards that include rental car insurance if you use that card to pay for the rental. That can save a ton. I've seen rental insurance be as much as the rental itself.
Chasa Fulkerson (1 year ago)
I wish we could do extended travel, but we have animals and I am not really sure what we would do for work. I am however, trying to get into sponsored travel. I think I want our first international trip next year to be Australia. So if you have any suggestions for that, that would be great! I want to visit Sydney and Canberra, and then my husband and I are more of outdoorsy people.So after he city we will mostly would like to stick outside of city life. We will only have a little over a week! Not nearly enough time, but we can always come back. Leaving from the U.S. to Australia what would be the best time to visit?
Woozy Rocketman (7 months ago)
I've been to Oz.. you need about 5 weeks..
Mana S (1 year ago)
i travel a lot , air bnb + cooking at home saves a lot of money
Mana S (1 year ago)
hey jess and ryan , did you pass through somalia , was it safe and what precautions you took in that area ?
Cleo Torris (1 year ago)
Did I detect some "Oceans Around" VLOG at the end there?
C R (1 year ago)
It looks like you forgot to video New Zealand 😔 NZ is way more beautiful than Australia and it's much safer in terms of dangerous animals. I've swam within about 10 metres of our local sharks (Bronze Whalers). I hope you got to visit Queenstown, and the Bay of Plenty, and Coromandel Peninsula.
Cutelittle Trips (1 year ago)
Which countries did you guys visit?
56cottontop (1 year ago)
Look up Cats to Mono's, it will make re-think all of it! Peace
build Motosykletist (2 years ago)
In the early eighties I came within a whisker of buying a Beneteau first 405(P), c'est la vie, so I'm very jealous of you guys although now I'm single, maybe? I would imagine you have looked at 'OutRemer' (spelling?). I'm sure you'll already know the cost of yacht maintenance can be estimated by asking around doing your extensive calculations and then adding a zero or so i'm told.
build Motosykletist (2 years ago)
Good on you, go for it. beers, build.
build Motosykletist (2 years ago)
Good on you, go for it. beers, build.
We've seen the Outremer cat's and they're really nice performant boats, but also really far outside our price range. And yeah we know yacht maintenance is crazy expensive, though we plan to mitigate as much of that as we can by doing the work ourselves.
build Motosykletist (2 years ago)
G'day Guys, I'm the opposite to you. I don't plan, I don't book. If I fly, when I get off the plane I walk up to an interesting person, smile and say "G'day Mate, how are you." So the unexpected happens and it's always great. A lot of the time I don't know what I'll do tomorrow and if I come to a crossroad, I literally have to choose which way I'll turn, there are no wrong turns. I reckon it always turns out so well because all people are so damned good. "Where you staying?", "don't know", "We've got room" and if not they usually make sure you have somewhere to stay. I never ask, I might say "I need to figure out where I can camp" or similar. Also I travel slowly. When I get somewhere I know that a time to move on will arrive when it should. Sometimes I might reckon that I'll move on in the morning, weeks later after all sorts of people, adventures and fun I will move on at the right time. That won't happen if I plan. To me traveling is not about places or sights, it's about people and conversations. And boy have I met a lot of interesting and even famous people ... I haven't met a real King yet, I have met a real Duke, a few Queens (smile), even an Archbishop but a farmhand from Buln Buln, a deer hunter from Tangarakow are just as interesting. Cost? Four months in Kiwiland totaled AU$20 (US$15) per day, incl fuel, food, booze (for 9 days I drank Dom Perignon with lunch), bed, everything except shipping for my bike (+ rego + insurance) and my airfare. I covered about half of the north island so I will go back. NZ and Kiwi's are . . . insert every superlative. Safe travels my friends and if you see an old bloke on an old bike wearing a tattered brown leather jacket that looks like it's traveled the world, say "G'day Mate" so I can hear your stories. beers, build
Nikita Kansal (2 years ago)
Subscribed so you can get there faster! Much love <3
Don'tBeEvil (2 years ago)
guys, you're talking about travel around the world without naming all those 22 countries :) You're killing me! lol :D I got... 1 Iceland 2 Norway 3 Sweden 4 Switcherland 5 Marocco 6 Italy 7 Turkey 8 Dubai (United Arab Emirates) 9 Australia 10 New Zealand ...
+Don'tBeEvil lol. True. We have a full list that we show on our channel trailer video.
Stephen Gunn (2 years ago)
Draft on cats are generally shallower than mono hulls.
Mick Turner (2 years ago)
you two seam to have your heads screwed on and know what you want from life, good luck to you both in your next adventures. I will be subscribing
Rebecca Gutierrez (6 months ago)
Thank you for the comment & encouragement! :)
Death By Ostrich (2 years ago)
Despite the fuzzy math I liked the video. With so many "couples travel" channels, they never break down their true costs of travel. You guys are inspiring because you're just starting out. I've watched channels with 10x the subscribers as yours, but were total bores. One thing I found that will definitely help with subscriber growth is your choice of thumbnails for your videos. Choose a thumbnail with Jessica in a bathing suit and watch your subs CLIMB! It's sexist, yes. But it works. And your videos are more informative than the others who just focus on scenery shots and music instead of real information.
Death By Ostrich (2 years ago)
I'm not trying to be sexist or perverted etc. I just see many couples travel channels that have 250k subscribers and every single thumbnail is a bikini in front of turquoise waters! Which obviously is click bait, but they now make a living off of traveling and posting on YouTube. So I'd just like to see you guys succeed. It's the world we live in!
Thanks. Yeah. We'll be buying a boat and sailing around the world soon (6-8 months). Boats tend to bring out the bikinis. So "better" thumbnails will be on the way before too too long. ;)
LIX 59 (2 years ago)
So, $5,000 per month for your adventure ?
Yup sounds about right. That'd be for the two of us per month. So half that per person.
Tod Loeffelholz (2 years ago)
Y'all are cool! Happy trail's : )
lol. Thanks!
Bruce Malo (2 years ago)
nice placement of the vase and flowers :)
Lol, thanks, we thought it was clever. :)
Isaac Schlittenhart (2 years ago)
Sounds like a great time! Ryan, did you work during the traveling? I am a software developer as well and fully remote so I can travel but still have the 40 hour/week ball and chain.
Hey Isaac. When we were in Europe & the Middle East I didn't work because we were moving around so much. In New Zealand & Australia we traveled much more slowly and I was able to work. I also did this when I traveled before meeting Jessica. I spent 2 months in Italy and 1 month in Spain. Spending more time in a places allows you to spend less money and have more time to work remotely. Moving forward we're going to structure most of our extended travel to accommodate working at least part time. But the goal is full time. This is also easier if you can get flexible hours. Then you can put 3-4 hours in in the morning. 2-3 hours at night maybe work on Saturday some. This yields roughly the same amount of working hours but gives you afternoons and early evenings to go explore.
ChaiR R (2 years ago)
I really didnt think traveling Europe would be that expensive, plus you did so many cost effective ways to.
It definitely can be. One thing we forgot to mention though, is that the longer you stay in one place, the better the deals you can find. I stayed in Rome once for a month for just $600 because people are willing to give a better rate for longer stays. The downside of that is you see less new cities/countries. But it is way much budget friendly and you get more immersion into the culture. -ryan
Wolf (2 years ago)
I liked the video, and the content. But, you knew that was coming. I think you should have re-shot the money section, 15000 to 25000 is quite a jump. I know the correct numbers were there. it was just a little confusing. but I like your format. one other item, she needs a mic. your voice levels are very different. just trying to be constructive. keep up the videos!
Thanks for the constructive feedback. Yeah, with regard to the numbers being wrong, we had the dilemma of reshooting at a different time of day with different lighting, which probably've felt abrupt but the information conveyed would've been clearer, vs correcting with text which was less abrupt but admittedly slightly confusing. I guess the best answer would've been to wait till the next day, dress the same and reshoot.. With regard to mics, I agree, we're waiting for some cyber monday specials to get some lavs and a shotgun mic. Thanks again!
Stuart (2 years ago)
Way cool video! Way cool!
Gulf Coast Network (2 years ago)
Ever think about getting into the travel agency business? At least it would be a write off. ; )
We're potentially considering setting up an "entertainment business" for the boat so we can write some of that off. We'd need to do some more research first though.
TheMonkeyrock77 (2 years ago)
There are a lot of fixer-upper Sail Boats in eBay. I watched one video on how to get a nice Sail boat for under $1000. You have to travel the coast though looking at different Boat Yards.
The Real Joey B (2 years ago)
What's the reason for the hat in warm Austin right now? Being a 19 minute bowline expert, did he knit it?
Rebecca Gutierrez (6 months ago)
Uh...its cool??
lol. fair enough. i really like beanies and there was a couple days there where it was kinda sorta cold which was enough of an excuse for me to wear it.
If only we'd figured our sailing sooner we could've put all this money towards a boat!

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