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Conan & Andy Play Whitney Cummings’ Dating Game - CONAN on TBS

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Whitney can tell a lot about someone by their favorite animal. For example, Conan’s is a grizzly bear, and Andy’s is an octopus. More CONAN @ http://teamcoco.com/video Team Coco is the official YouTube channel of late night host Conan O'Brien, CONAN on TBS & TeamCoco.com. Subscribe now to be updated on the latest videos: http://bit.ly/W5wt5D For Full Episodes of CONAN on TBS, visit http://teamcoco.com/video Get Social With Team Coco: On Facebook: ‪https://www.facebook.com/TeamCoco‬ On Google+: https://plus.google.com/+TeamCoco/ On Twitter: http://twitter.com/TeamCoco On Tumblr: http://teamcoco.tumblr.com On YouTube: http://youtube.com/teamcoco Follow Conan O'Brien on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ConanOBrien
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Text Comments (234)
Arthur Beast (1 month ago)
Wtf is he talking about he has had grizzly bears multiple times on the show
I don't think that I have a favorite in any of those things.
MrStensnask (1 month ago)
Andy with the (self) zinger again
Ben Moreno (1 month ago)
Octopus...instantly thought he was gunna say cuz hentai....
Benji Price (2 months ago)
I find her so attractive lol
haute03 (2 months ago)
So I guess we're not going to discuss Conan having suicidal tendencies with that offhand comment about grizzly bears...
I'm still here. (2 months ago)
Andy is seriously the best
Ian Washburn (2 months ago)
God. She's not funny.
Christian Wall (2 months ago)
Wait, its supposed to be the animal is what you look for in a mate, fav clothing is how you see yourself, and fav body of water is how you see God lol.
姜涵之 (2 months ago)
that's actually a good one, I'll do the test for my girlfriend
imrickjamesbeeoch (2 months ago)
dem titties
Mikolaj Popik (3 months ago)
He said he wanted to kill himself and everyone laughed
AA T (3 months ago)
We used to play this game in school. Are Americans peddling this as therapy?! Andy's so hilarious! 😂😂
Daniel Clark (3 months ago)
Whitney and Conan would make a good pair because neither of them can stop yelling.
roald dahl (3 months ago)
she touches people too much lol. shes patting and rubbing and falling really near someone every 10 seconds.
Morgan Flan (3 months ago)
Dear ndy octopuses dont have vertebraes. They have no backbone. They are cephalopods. No BACKBONE.
Morgan Flan (3 months ago)
Me Time (3 months ago)
Whoa. My second answer was SOCKS and the three reasons why were the exact same as andys and in the EXACT same order! Soft, comfy and warm!!!
Jim beam Knowles (4 months ago)
Whitney is stupid..
SnackPatrol (4 months ago)
Haha, I did this as it was going on: 1) Giraffe (how i view myself) - tall, goofy-looking, gentle (sounds about right) 2) This family reunion t-shirt I've had forever (how others view me)- fits me well, has a good story to tell, looks good on me (lolllll) 3) bay near the ocean in NJ (how i perceive sex) - big, reminds me im going to have fun, fresh (hahaha)
Kohlenstoffisotop12 (4 months ago)
lol thank god for Andy ^^
hemmojito (4 months ago)
Yes, Andy, celebrate yourself! They're not getting it anyway. :D
Felipe Signé (4 months ago)
btw Andy really is a sociable, smart, crazy monster (in the nicest way)
Felipe Signé (4 months ago)
what did she said at 3:33 ???
Uasma (4 months ago)
Let's discuss her name for a while.
Kaitlyn Terrell (4 months ago)
Duzzy Clayton (4 months ago)
Andy is such a legend, such a cool side kick
My Lovely Dead Friends (5 months ago)
conan is so happy when she tells him that all her friends think he's hot but he's trying to act like he isn't fazed, haha. adorable.
Ryan David (5 months ago)
I love Whitney!
Bazic0797 (5 months ago)
She’s like the female version joker with that laugh
Abhisek Banerjee (5 months ago)
Charles Kuckel (5 months ago)
This test sounds interesting. I DON'T KNOW IF it's relevant to dating.
Iron Spider (6 months ago)
Andy deserves his own show
BXberto (6 months ago)
3:58 His body language added an "Instead of you," to that sentence.
Cut Anims. (6 months ago)
i actually tried that test.. and it was pretty acurate :D
Joshua Ezekiel Belandres (7 months ago)
give Andy his own show!
cola00000 (7 months ago)
I don't know if Carson or any of the old legends had epic sidekicks? did they have any sidekicks at all? but goddamn Andy is easily the best I've ever seen. And it's not even close.
Time4aKiss (8 months ago)
Why is she yelling?
adafridi (3 months ago)
Time4aKiss she's crazy and alone.
shyguy778 (8 months ago)
She got this COMPLETELY wrong! Favorite animal is ideal soulmate/companion, favorite COLOUR is how you see yourself ... What an amateur ...!
Tori H (9 months ago)
People in the comments aren't a fan of her but I like her here!
shayeb21 (9 months ago)
kinda funny bought me here
alexandra Iltanen (9 months ago)
BusyBasaz (10 months ago)
Lol Andy.
madarab37 (10 months ago)
Good ole Andy..sticking up for the invertebrates....cuz they have no spine.
Alex B (11 months ago)
first time i laughed at Conans jokes. he was on fire on that day
Júlíus Ólason (11 months ago)
Amanda CUMming
Estefanía Fariñas (11 months ago)
Treyfecta6 (1 year ago)
I love how the whole comment section is about Andy. What a fantastic comedian for the show. Can almost outshine Conan with his humor. Not to say Conan is unlikable but Andy is just that good
Tori H (9 months ago)
Treyfecta6 they're a perfect duo!!
RaminMF (1 year ago)
1) Orca, Smart, Social and apex predator . 2) Nike Cortez, Reminds me of childhood, comfortable and still look good. 3) Tigris River, close to my ancestral home land, Life in an area that is otherwise a desert and very Clean...
Govardhan Mane (1 year ago)
The Internet ruined her good family name
ElliottNo27 (1 year ago)
They should have done Andy (especially after he stole the segment) - warm, soft and comfortable.
FenechGeish fox (1 year ago)
Conan knew
G.I. Geno (1 year ago)
When did Conan show turn into a Cosmo article?
What (1 year ago)
very good
Aniruddha Sharma (1 year ago)
Oh she most definitely asked Brendan Schaub this. Gadoosh!
Toro Loco (1 year ago)
"That's called talk showing baby!!"
Blak (1 year ago)
LMAO, ANDY - the motherfuckin LEGEND!
Hooman Dario (1 year ago)
Conan was describing his famous jacket.
Oberyn Martell (1 year ago)
she has nudes
DrZaious (1 year ago)
This reminds of middle school.
SCharlesDennicon (1 year ago)
You say you love octopuses, but don't mention the damn tentacles ? Seriously ? So disappointing. :D
Anthony Chavez (1 year ago)
Octopus also start from scratch every time, never learning skills from a parent.
Daniel Trankina (1 year ago)
they have so much intelligence its crazy
Menace Man (1 year ago)
Conan and that god damn leather jacket
Ryan Vincenec (3 months ago)
And the jeans so tight, the pockets touch.
qer qrqd (1 year ago)
this woman looses some attraction everytime she speaks.
CIPAofficial (1 year ago)
This segment was brought to you by, Adderall.
CazMatazz (1 year ago)
10 seconds in and I already had to stop. How annoying can one person be?!
Themistocles (11 months ago)
Pretty crazy. She was actually the same year as me at Penn. Also in our class? Ivanka.
JG (1 year ago)
No wonder Coco's fav clothing item is his leather jacket.
Kim Nguyen (1 year ago)
Andy is the best.
DrNickRiveria (1 year ago)
this is best kind of woman to punch in the face.
Bob Mat (1 year ago)
conan was so bored by this XD
GoldenYuri (1 year ago)
Any time these people do bullshit "subconscious psychology" bullshit, a psychiatrist turns in his grave
GoldenYuri (1 year ago)
Andy was so adorable when he was talking about an octopus 😂
ankush (1 year ago)
All my friends think your hot. Well lets talk to them!
Gracieli Ambrósio (1 year ago)
She kept touching Conan
PeRuN the Riffmeister (1 year ago)
I'm sure that her plastic surgeon loves the fact that she's rich and almost famous now... But I think that's OK for people like Mrs. Cummings. She wants to be a comedian, but she has no sense of humor (that happens more often than you'd think), so what does she do? She buys herself a new herself. And it worked!
MovingForward (1 year ago)
Andy should be a doctor because his one liners makes me feel better.
Jemiah DaPap (1 year ago)
Take those questions and L A Times, “26 questions to fall in love” on a date.
pos ford (1 year ago)
karl jonson (1 year ago)
Aaaaaaaaand Andy takes a win home! 4:30 👏
Hosh Y (1 year ago)
Once Andy finished controlling the universe he decided to control the Conan show, and he does so amazingly. #TeamAndy
CSSA DSCV (1 year ago)
Stupid woman
Kyle Lucien (1 year ago)
So her family name is cumming?
Supreet Sahu (1 year ago)
Love Andy. Hands down the best sidekick.
Gregory Michaels (4 months ago)
He's really good but Ed McMahon was the best. That was probably before you were born though. Have to be an old dude like me to remember.
Jeff Royer (11 months ago)
Id say Robin with Batman
Alex B (11 months ago)
Geoff was best sidekick ever
moin khan (1 year ago)
Baaam Andy what a man!!! 😂😂
C Joe (1 year ago)
Just sit on my face Cummings!
Mastouril (1 year ago)
damn, she's trying too hard
MindETMuch (1 year ago)
Andy is a RIOT !
7down bo (1 year ago)
guys is fish an animal ?
Alexander Supertramp (1 year ago)
octopus is also delicious.
lots ofthings (1 year ago)
she’s annoying 😒
ilker sönmez (1 year ago)
God, she is annoying.
Petrika Miçinoti (1 year ago)
She did this with Jimmy Kimmel tho :/
My Stuff Wont Work (1 year ago)
Who even is she?
Paul Allen (1 year ago)
That's called Talk Showing, Baby!
michael benjamin (1 year ago)
"Conan & Andy Play Whitney is Cumming" can be a porn title
HUSTLER1346 (1 year ago)
I love Cummings
HUSTLER1346 (1 year ago)
It's the best
adrianhe (1 year ago)
I thought the main reason he said he would like Octopuses would be that they camouflage according to their surrounding environment...
teppolundgren (1 year ago)
Horrible woman.
silverbracelet6 (1 year ago)
Ew who wants to date her horse face...
Raymond Chen (1 year ago)
Seriously, andy is the best late night sidekick ever
Luke W (1 year ago)
If I went on a date with a woman and she tried to give me a quiz, I would order hot soup and throw it on her.
Justin H (3 months ago)
You have to tell "JR Smith!!!" when you throw the soup😂🤣
Sayam Qazi (4 months ago)
What a savage reply.
Thomas Mathisen (7 months ago)
no you wouldnt

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