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Starship Goldfish Cartoon Pilot

19317 ratings | 337736 views
Starship Goldfish's pilot, a prequel to our previous episodes. It's finally done. We hope you like it. The next episode, chronologically is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8FU011cjKs Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/starshipgoldfish T-shirt by Anna Lee: https://www.moteefe.com/store/starshipgoldfish?user_currency=USD TW: https://www.twitter.com/StarshipGoldfis/ IG: https://www.instagram.com/starshipgoldfish/ FB: https://www.facebook.com/StarshipGoldfish/
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Text Comments (1322)
Lukalock (1 day ago)
This was fantastic. What can I do to get more of this.
NicoNoFace (7 days ago)
This felt like a better version of final space, i love it!
Awsm75 (9 days ago)
I love this so, so much. Nothing better than an original, fantastically made, sci fi landscape
Noah Lenhart (15 days ago)
so great you should realy do more epesodes
bob bob the bob (15 days ago)
I enjoy the steps to diverge from the normal, this is an awesome pilot and hope to see this turn into something great
alan hoyle (15 days ago)
Need a full season of this such a great show
Trevor Brown (16 days ago)
TheDeadSource (16 days ago)
The disclaimer at the beginning makes me a little apprehensive, though I understand why you put it there. I look forward to viewing the rest of your product.
silverio salazar (19 days ago)
this was honestly incredibly funny and i wish there was more already :( cant wait to see what comes next tho!
silverio salazar (19 days ago)
YO WTF im 4 minutes in, this is amazing!
Casper Wouters (19 days ago)
"Sam, don't touch the warcrime" is just brilliant.
Mr.Anyone (19 days ago)
I really like this
Harry Moore (19 days ago)
Vela main character is the obvious choice. Please get this made its amazing
shy bound (20 days ago)
oh greetings from reddit
Liu Yunan (21 days ago)
16:28 damn.. you can see that the admiral frowns when he mentions the avianaut That attention to details is amazing
Bogwedgle (21 days ago)
This really needs to be a thing.
Dylansgames (21 days ago)
How are you only getting 100$ a month on patreon for this masterpiece?
eerereps (23 days ago)
Any more of these coming up?
Starship Goldfish (23 days ago)
I wish! We're pitching now. 7 episodes written, though. It's all waiting to go.
mavbric (23 days ago)
Will new episodes be released weekly?
Nathan Gregg (23 days ago)
Can we please have more of this?!
Aurastag (23 days ago)
AaronMcGruder (23 days ago)
This is pretty good.
Obnor (23 days ago)
Loved it man
James Knarr (23 days ago)
This is so good
Grunkly Devito (23 days ago)
Well they did look evil.
Jacob Field (23 days ago)
This is so good! Please let me know how I can help support it!
chaoschimp1965 (23 days ago)
Someone. Someones? Actually downvoted this?
ohyea (23 days ago)
Ollie (23 days ago)
You should put the trailer as an ad on youtube. A lot of people would love it.
Jon Irenicus (23 days ago)
This is the best thing I’ve watched in a long ass time.
Ricardo Compere (23 days ago)
i think i only like the robot
EscapeYourFate7 (23 days ago)
Literally my favorite show of all time and it isn't even fully created yet.
Niklas Söderberg (23 days ago)
I like it! Hope for some cheesy love like futurama.
Cloud (23 days ago)
I enjoyed every minute of this, is there more coming?
Screaming Person (24 days ago)
I don't like the main character, I get that you wanted to make a zany protagonist but make the reason clear as to why he's like that or dumb the whole cast down so that it's normal behavior. But hey, it's your show, maybe someone big will like it and pick it up, I'm just an internet commenter
Jordan Thompson (23 days ago)
Ull get to see him progress into his old pre memory wipe self and then see him trying to resolve his issues. Insane potential for character growth
ImAnderZEL (24 days ago)
Okay im hocked!
In Vino Veritas (24 days ago)
BamBino The Great (24 days ago)
looks very familiar to final space still good one!
Francisco J. Brenes (24 days ago)
I like it a lot, thanks for posting it!!!
DeSinc (24 days ago)
every time I see these cartoon pilots I end up hating them and thinking they just aren't anything special but I really laughed hard at this one. the voice actor is really good
SirBanana (23 days ago)
Woah, wasn't expecting you here.
Starship Goldfish (24 days ago)
Cheers lad!
youtubasoarus (24 days ago)
Very good. May we have another? O_o
Carnwenhau (24 days ago)
great stuff
PapaPheonix (24 days ago)
Final space?
SunbroSolaireTV (24 days ago)
This is super fucking good! Funny as shit, great animation and the voice acting is top notch!
[StaticRose] (24 days ago)
This has a lot of potential, hooked me instantly.
Depresso Espresso (24 days ago)
Holy shit. This is golden OMG. This is great
Dean Woods (24 days ago)
Please take my subscription and I look forward to more of these
Remi Moerkerke (24 days ago)
Malachy Shoults (24 days ago)
This needs to be a show😂😃
Alex Quiniou (24 days ago)
Deep space Remind me to watch it again
Alfred Christanto (24 days ago)
Great writing. Love it.
RT Inspire (24 days ago)
Robot: Chance of collision 34% Captain: I like those odds Robot: Chance of collision 70% Captain: *Stares like a pshyco* I like those odds Robot: Chance of collision 99% Captain: *Screams* I LIKE THOSE ODDD~ *SMASHES THROUGH THE GATE* lmao dude this show is gold!
Arlo Pullman (24 days ago)
This is SO damn good. Ya’ll better get on TV.
Ace McGuinness (24 days ago)
this is wonderful!!!
thesav 23 (24 days ago)
Good stuff hard to get me to laugh
LFP Gaming (24 days ago)
Subscribed. This is awesome
thedeadlypacifist (24 days ago)
I honestly wanna see this in full. It’s awesome!
One Crazy Carrot (24 days ago)
I enjoyed watching this so much! Keep it up! :D
Frank Hobbs (24 days ago)
Ep.1 came out in 2013, it was good. Ep.2 came out in 2015, it was good. Ep.3(prequel) came out now, it was good. So im assuming the next episode will come out in 1-2 years following that logic! Awesome! Srsly this show needs to get picked up for a season, we have the proof it's good cmon.
Kyler Yake (24 days ago)
9:16 what the hell is that.. crab?.. in the background 😂😂
Caleb Coleman (24 days ago)
Quality. Keep it up!
scatamalaka (24 days ago)
This was great! I heard something about the premise of the show shifting a bit and I'm certain 'Starship Goldfish' will be able to pull it off, after watching this pilot. I've never seen anything from this project before so this is a wonderful surprise! I doubt the makers will see this but wonderful work regardless! I hope to see more soon!
Daniel King (24 days ago)
Regardless of whether this gets picked up or not you should set up a patreon and release a full series. 1st donor right here!
necrohero0 (24 days ago)
This shits awesome
Matt Stahler (24 days ago)
This is incredible, looking forward to more
Johnny Scythe (24 days ago)
The main character sounds like Wheatley from Portal 2.
Andy Chamberlain Music (24 days ago)
I don't know why but that tall robot is so funny to me. He's giant and deep voiced but somehow still dorky idk that's not exactly it... he's great anyway
Eric Hartz (24 days ago)
This is fantastic
Oscar Moreno (24 days ago)
Love it!
Ismael Sotolongo (24 days ago)
Just found this on Reddit. Amazing!
sophie • (24 days ago)
Found you off reddit, this is funny as fuck
The Timelords (24 days ago)
Vela is my favorite so far.
Dylan Wing (24 days ago)
Holy shit this is good.
Andrew Loughran (24 days ago)
More plz
Sebastian LeMay (24 days ago)
Holy shit that was hilarious. Give me more
Mr Chubs (24 days ago)
Just found ya on Reddit, off to episode two! Goddamn what an awesome show!!
ryguy 186 (24 days ago)
Reminds me of final space
Liam Dilley (24 days ago)
The reason for the note about changing it - While not copying anything the reason they are changing things - Final Space. Check it out on Netflix.
LAURA GONZALEZ (24 days ago)
Came here for your reddit post. Looks cool.
AltSk0P (24 days ago)
Holy shit this is absolutely amazing
CFHoneyBadger (24 days ago)
Oh man this was amazing! Absolutely loved it!
aaron hernandez (24 days ago)
Wow That was awesome man i wish you guys the best of luck. Just don't pull a rick and morty season 3 and go sjw and start placing the show into a tail spin. I'm looking forward to this being on the air on or on netflix or vrv
Licensed Plumber (24 days ago)
This is really good.
Andy Chamberlain Music (24 days ago)
This is amazing!
Yzk (24 days ago)
Actually genius ! I neeeed more. Reminds me of archer a lot :)
C S (24 days ago)
The line of vomit at the beginning was the tits.
Wyatt Arent (24 days ago)
Found this today thanks to the Reddit post. I actually enjoy this even more than Disenchantment (which is also a great show in its own right). You should be on Netflix, this is amazing!
SM96 (24 days ago)
So, he attacked a ship that was minding its own business just cause it looked scary? Hmm.
Dennis Romanenko (24 days ago)
I love this!! One of the best show introductions I've seen in a long time
Malcolm Stephens (24 days ago)
Found this off your Reddit post today, already in love based off just this alone. The underratedness of this is an absolute crime. My body is ready to binge
Shane Wilson (24 days ago)
Sweet baby Jesus, why are we now seeing this?! [Adult Swim] please pick this up. EDIT: or NetFlix, or Hulu, somebody; need more of this in my life.
Daniel Warner (24 days ago)
m m (24 days ago)
OK but seriously, this guy is fucking funny, whoevers mind this is, you are a fucked up funny person to be around and must be very loved
What are you changing? Captain is now a black lesbian midget?
Robin Blom (24 days ago)
came here from reddit, was like "i'll watch a minute" saw the whole thing and now I want more :(
Aristocrafied (24 days ago)
You have hooked me!
Tony Hinderman (24 days ago)
This is absolutely hilarious, please go into further debt to make more
Mizu (24 days ago)
Holy shit this is probably the most I've laughed at an animated comedy in a while.
Emperor Nimbala (24 days ago)
This is amazing
the real sim shady (24 days ago)
Couldn't get past 2 minutes. Meh

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