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My FAVORITE VIRTUAL REALITY Zombie Apocalypse Game (Arizona Sunshine Funny Moments)

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Arizona Sunshine is a coop virtual reality zombie apocalypse game for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PSVR. In this funny moments video, Josiah and I work together to survive the apocalypse and find a safe place to call home. ★ 500k HTC VIVE GIVEAWAY: https://playr.gg/contest/g02DAV8 ➜ Arizona Sunshine on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/342180/Arizona_Sunshine/ ➜ Josiah's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM8YyEbSR55FVDYObJe-vEQ ➜ All music provided by Epidemic Sound. • Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com/ • Epidemic Sound on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/WeAreEpidemicSound ====GENERAL INFO==== ★ OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE AVAILABLE NOW: http://melikebigboom.fanfiber.com/ ★ ==== ★ SUBSCRIBE! ➜ http://bit.ly/1EQYSzu ★ ➜ Twitter: http://bit.ly/1M60DPj ➜ Facebook: http://bit.ly/2qxP7Z1 ➜ Twitch: http://bit.ly/14E0IJY ➜ Instagram: http://bit.ly/2nvCLhP ➜ Steam Group: http://bit.ly/1GhV5SW ➜ Like my choice of music for outros? Follow my Spotify playlist here: http://bit.ly/1M60ueP ► "BOOM HOW DO YOU RECORD VIDEOS???" https://obsproject.com/ ► PC Specs - • Intel Core i7-6950X 10-core Extreme Edition Processor, OC to 4.4 GHz • Corsair Hydro Series H110i Liquid CPU Cooler • ASUS ROG STRIX GeForce GTX 1080 • Patriot Viper Elite 32GB DDR4 3000Mhz RAM • MSI X99A Gaming Pro Carbon Motherboard • 6TB Western Digital Blue Hard Drive • Samsung 850 EVO 1TB SSD • Corsair RM1000i 1000W Power Supply • Corsair Carbide Series Clear 400C Mid tower Case ★ BUSINESS Inquiries? ➜ melikebigboombusiness(at)gmail(dot)com ►PLEASE: Respect each other in the comments, repeat offenders will be banned.◄
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Text Comments (4528)
Kawa Waya (7 minutes ago)
They should have this in a movie version
"Now ur a dead little fella
Estanislao Lopez (2 hours ago)
“Silently take this guys out” *shoots 12 shots and missed most of the shots*
Egavas Eno (3 hours ago)
2:59 had me dying for some reason
Greetedfo x (5 hours ago)
The new The Walking Dead lookin lit
Carlen Shaw (8 hours ago)
Pa n (13 hours ago)
Joshua Balsimo (13 hours ago)
is this real VR or just CGI VR make believe?
Epic Stories (16 hours ago)
There so smooth
Zusuri Yashira (17 hours ago)
Boy Yeet (21 hours ago)
Boy Yeet (21 hours ago)
RainbowSprinklez16 (1 day ago)
I am so glad this got recommended to me
Mad.SwizZz aka (1 day ago)
the vocal recordings go great with how you guys are talking lol. great vid
Mad.SwizZz aka (1 day ago)
silently take this guy out (fires 12 shots with a shotty lol)
hxdamikaelson (1 day ago)
the way he wobbled away at 0:47 lmao
Officer Smiles (1 day ago)
7:23 was like straight out of a movie
Google User (1 day ago)
Josiah was freaking hilarious! 😂😂😂
Josh Sutton (1 day ago)
I just found you guys are you are cracking me up. The commentary with the game is just to good. Stop it haha 😂😂😂
Ditto Lockwood (1 day ago)
It's like seth rogen and his friends survive the zombie apocalypse 😅
They seem calm but for us its scary too many Junpscares 😂😂😂😂😂🤣
pandaplays101 (1 day ago)
Gilbert Rodriguez (1 day ago)
8:44 “momma raised a soldier” Then the very appropriate music starts playing has me crying
Zach Gunderson (1 day ago)
Everything about these game mechanics make this game hilarious.
Beemo (1 day ago)
short people advantages
Soyboy Productions (2 days ago)
This reminds me of 7 Days to Die so much.
J Vincent (2 days ago)
What VR kit is this run on? I'm only asking because he can walk (Not teleport) which is not a feature in HTC Vive, but he can move his hands and aim which I would have thought wouldn't work on a PlayStation pad.
Antonio Gomez (2 days ago)
What game is this ?
Half Flims (2 days ago)
I like how at the starting of the video how they're just so calm during a zombie apocalypse
Daniel Beltran (3 days ago)
In 4 16 scared me
alan valenzuela (3 days ago)
Inri rios (3 days ago)
This Is gold
AbsolutePanda (3 days ago)
Your second video in. And I'm Subscribed.
Rory Higgins (3 days ago)
You can play all the inappropriate games you want in vr right in front of your parents and just tell them it’s mario cart
Point (3 days ago)
Hello by a French
Noah Mullins (3 days ago)
I've played that it's awesome when you get to the sheriff office look in file cabinets for a revolvor
Brianna Cutts (3 days ago)
Red barrel RED BARREL!!!!!!!
Adisen Pittaway (3 days ago)
Its like every single vid yall make its to funny for me and i just burst out laughing
tatetalk (4 days ago)
10:12 Proceeds to unload everything
DRXNK (4 days ago)
is his name jessiah or josiah?
Braedon Cronin (4 days ago)
Ok I watched this now get it off my recommended Jk this was awesome
SANITY FM (4 days ago)
Great video, you guys make it so much better!
Putit Inuras (4 days ago)
I have played this with my friend hahaha we laughed of ass off
Dana Cusumano (5 days ago)
This is freaking hilarious! ❤️
James Crowell (5 days ago)
7:46 lmao "uh excuse me"
Bernardo Ribeiro (5 days ago)
why they don't have arms?
Michael Chen (5 days ago)
Your processor is orgasm.
The walking dead goof edition
derGhebbet (5 days ago)
I only have one bullet now. xD
Vaughn (5 days ago)
jahseh onfroy: "moonlight, uh, spotlight, uh"
dude i fukin love this game, great job on the video boys :)
VillianGaming (5 days ago)
“Josiah get in the house!” 😭😭
Luco . biigrat (5 days ago)
4:13 I swear on the bible this happened. I was picking beef out from my teeth with a knife I have, and I jumped, got a genuine freight and cut open my top lip. Thank you
Daycow045 (5 days ago)
I guess I'm gonna have to name my son Josiah now
Octavio Araya (5 days ago)
I fkn can’t this was soooo funny
Phong Trần Thanh (5 days ago)
5:50 Logan Paul found dead
Randel Cabading (6 days ago)
Your video and music is funny
Amanda Barnhart (6 days ago)
Bubba Phillips (6 days ago)
2:57 me in a boss fight in cod
winiel juanitas (6 days ago)
F A (6 days ago)
7:28 was the rad part like in a movie.
FATHIR 117P (6 days ago)
Part 2 pls
Michael Chen (6 days ago)
Michael Chen (6 days ago)
Would a rtx 2070 be good enough for be?
Tomas Flay (6 days ago)
Laura Grahl (6 days ago)
49 sec got me
marie sol (6 days ago)
“When’s it gonna start getting difficult?” 1:40 in...
slender man (6 days ago)
7:40 was the most funny
slender man (6 days ago)
The Sun (6 days ago)
Michael Tavares (6 days ago)
Subscribing so hard right now
Ghost Fire (7 days ago)
Me suscribo
AT Swiss (7 days ago)
10:12 the emphasis on silent was really carried out.
Blake Birchfield (7 days ago)
Funniest video I’ve seen in a while
mr_ling_ling420 (7 days ago)
I live in Arizona to
lAlacath45217l (7 days ago)
You should have just shot the locked cars window lmao
BootsASF (7 days ago)
4:13 made my knee hit the table
bb ww (7 days ago)
This is a more accurate depiction of what a zombie apocalypse would be like than most zombie movies
daniels39733 (7 days ago)
" Gggg
Fello Foe (7 days ago)
OMG! :S This game is amazing! :D
Krock The Indigo (7 days ago)
5:28 😂😂😂
Vice Versa (7 days ago)
Is this psvr?
Gavin Levi (7 days ago)
You guys are so funny he ran with the keys lol
Jay Milton (7 days ago)
Luis. Silva (8 days ago)
Love theses videos
Austin Fields (8 days ago)
Man this is epic
Emarie Reis (8 days ago)
i think ill be watching this all day while i work XD and i wish if im a zombie apocalypse i will have a companion Josiah also XD
autotuned duck (8 days ago)
2:33 does he really put his left hand up to read the sign like the sun is in his eyes? LOL. that's hilarious. legend
Emarie Reis (8 days ago)
"I have to show them my revolver skills" "Mama raised a soldier" Walks funny talks funny and is truly a funny guy XD You just found the perfect companion XD
the unknown (8 days ago)
0:46 the other guy is kinda greedy
Nhat Khoi To (8 days ago)
this is so fun. but i know I never gonna be able to play this game. it's so expensive.
Soren Whipps (9 days ago)
jessiah is a fucking legend
Anthony Kinard (9 days ago)
No one is talking about how smooth 5:27 was
Tom Baumhauer (9 days ago)
Why ist this so fucking hilarious
Julian Jimenez (9 days ago)
C WU (9 days ago)
is that by xbox,htc or ps4?
Jonah Saili (9 days ago)
Did anybody else sort of jumped 5:28
Kenneth Hopkins (9 days ago)
Tell me some more of your YouTube videos
Wavemaninawe (10 days ago)
11:01 hEy look, greNeAeAedZ!
Kristian Shaffer (10 days ago)
How do you even walk in virtual reality

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