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The Girls Next Door Season 3 Episode 02 May The Horse Be With You

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Ashley D (6 days ago)
My room looks like Kendra’s
Michelle Rodriguez (8 days ago)
Of course kendra picked the "big black stallion" 😂
J Mac (8 days ago)
She's fucking this old millionaire and thinks 5,000 is too much money for a horse. Fucks sake were these girls being paid in change
Jenny Romano (8 days ago)
Hahaha hef said the dog is gonna be confused over kendras bedroom being clean haha
MorningStar Kematch (13 days ago)
Holly riding on the trail with her LV purse is fly as fuck.
Little Foot (14 days ago)
Bridget is so awesomely positive in every situation.
Little Foot (14 days ago)
They keep saying it’s freezing when they said it was 70 degrees in the Christmas episode lololol!
Patrick Langan (26 days ago)
11:58-Bridget’s funniest and cutest “WHAT?!”
Patrick Langan (26 days ago)
5:26-Holly’s funniest “WHAT?!”
Lisette Medina (1 month ago)
Kendra never looks clean and her room definitely reflects that.
BOMB.COM (1 month ago)
18:26 lol Kendra I saw that one coming...
Jess Wd (1 month ago)
Looks like there was 2 Bridget's at 3:30 🤔🤔
Kayla Noelani Hardy (1 month ago)
Here in 2018 lol
lizbet garcia (5 days ago)
Kayla Noelani Hardy same lol
Melissa Lynn (2 months ago)
I love Sara Underwood!! I am enjoying seeing her again after seeing what she does now. Honest, kind, and adventure loving from the start.
Kelly Blindt (2 months ago)
Kendra and I are the same age. I remember watching when this came out and I liked her the best because she was wild and free. Now that I'm older I still enjoy Kendra, but see seems so young (and she was) and not in touch with reality. You can tell in the 5 seasons how much she grows up. Just like we all do in our late teens and early 20s.
Brittany Patterson (2 months ago)
Every episode I hate Holly’s bangs more and more.
RAch711baby (2 months ago)
This makes me want to clean my room
Angie Coers (3 months ago)
Holly tries so hard to be sexy, nice try. No class.
Adilah O (3 months ago)
Is Hef like really scared of fire? I always see no smoking signs and fire extinguishers all over the mansion, even in their bedrooms.
Adilah O (14 days ago)
Not that it’s anything I’m proud to admit but I watch a lot of reality shows, many with mansions bigger than the playboy mansion and never see fire extinguishers all over the place like on this show. Even on cooking shows where they have actual fires all the time you don’t see extinguishers all over like on here:.. I think it’s actually just part of the datedness of the mansion like the spots for them were chosen when fire regulations were first getting strict and it was like a status symbol to show how modern your house is by having them all over. Same with the no smoking signs like in most of the world it’s been decades or more since smoking is banned indoors most places and those signs are still relics from when it was a cutting edge idea in the 80s. Or maybe they just had lots of crackheads there over the years lol.. anyways yeah I get what you’re saying but haven’t seen fire equipment so prominently displayed on any other reality show.
Little Foot (14 days ago)
Adilah O no, it’s because you’re supposed to in any home. As far as Hef’s home, it’s a mansion and all the rooms are gigantic. You only see their bedrooms (which are huge alone) but each girl also has a huge bathroom, walk-in closet, and another little living area attached. Their bedrooms are the size of an entire floor of most people’s homes. Then add to the fact each room has different people living in with different guests all the time. He also knows the people in that home aren’t the most responsible. Add to the fact an entire film crew with lighting equipment is in each room. In reality, every single room in every house, even the smallest of them, is supposed to have a fire/carbon monoxide alarm and every room is supposed to ideally have a fire extinguisher. If you notice how many candles and shit they burn too, it’s a good thing. If you had a mansion, i think you’d play it safe too, you should play it safe with the house you have now. Not only does this protect his property and guests and employees, but protects him and his company (that is also ran on the property) from being sued. I haven’t even noticed fire equipment on this until you said it in this episode in one room.
Eskie Max (3 months ago)
Is that Christina Aguilera at 3:27 ?????
Clara (3 months ago)
I’m gonna call bs. Holly isnt that good of an actor. She was once in love with Hef, is not anymore and is embarrassed about being in the situation she was in. Its like Hef said, shes trying to rewrite history. He was such a generous person, how could she attack him after all hes done for her
lizbet garcia (5 days ago)
amy miller, if she wasnt ok with him having other woman she could have left him ? 🤔
Sabrina Sikder (28 days ago)
Do you just copy and paste your posts?
Amy Miller (1 month ago)
Read her book . hef was an asshole. Obviously...who's ok w their man having other women
Carey Powell (4 months ago)
Kendra has ZERO class!
Jacob Cannon (4 months ago)
19:52 *hehehe*
maria singh (4 months ago)
jan wells (4 months ago)
Holly is so self centered its sickning.
madison alyse (1 month ago)
She really isn't though, she gave every minute of everyday to that man. Read her book, "Down the rabbit hole". She explains everything. Hef was extremely controlling and treated those women like slaves with a personal salon tab.
Futt Buck (4 months ago)
jan wells nowhere in the same realm as kendra
Asia’s Butterflies (4 months ago)
I love that holly is a Star Wars fan
Libby Mc (4 months ago)
How cold was la then ?
Amber L (4 months ago)
Thank you for posting these!! I have them on Blu-ray, but I'm too lazy to go to the trouble of digging them out lol
Annette Herrera (5 months ago)
Only in California, would they make you wear helmets to ride horses. Lol 😂.
Asia’s Butterflies (4 months ago)
It was the ranch’s policy not some California law lol
Amber L (4 months ago)
Annette Herrera we have to wear helmets in Indiana at horse shows and to practice jumping and stuff, but I get what you're saying
Francia Escobar Ramos (6 months ago)
Kendra used to be my fav, watching this I can see why she didn’t got along with all the girls, she was so messy and annoying, not profesional and a brat.
Healu1102 (10 days ago)
Francia Escobar Ramos Don’t be so hateful, Kendra was very young when this show was on. Look at her now......wonderful mom of 2, mature, smart. She had to grow up.
Futt Buck (4 months ago)
Kendra was super young when this was taped, but she is really just entitled and completely abrasive in personality. I loved her when this first aired and watching this as an adult she is really annoying. Still in teenager mode.
Legs K. (4 months ago)
She was just sooo young though! I think the group needed a Kendra because she wasn’t serious and didn’t care about a lot of stuff and she cut a lot of the tension. Plus she was just a lot of fun and get things light!
Amber L (4 months ago)
Francia Escobar Ramos yes! Dirty, disrespectful, etc. I mean here she is living in a mansion (someone else's home who invited her to move in), and she treats the house like a dust bin
jessica neilson (9 months ago)
Bridget is soooo sweet I love her.
MissTia777 (7 months ago)
jessica neilson Dummy! Bridget was phony fake using her tears as a weapon with Hugh!
Chelsey Dawn (10 months ago)
Ugh ! I'd freak out if I lived with Kendra ... Lol I couldn't live with a messy unorganized person ! I'd have a panic attack if I lived with her in that room
Amber L (4 months ago)
Chelsey Dawn yea my OCD wouldn't be able to take it
Chelsey Dawn (8 months ago)
Mother Laura I get notifications on it
Mother Coconuts (8 months ago)
That was the fastest YouTube response in the world lol
Chelsey Dawn (8 months ago)
Not what I was saying by that. I was saying in general “I couldn’t live with a messy person”
Mother Coconuts (8 months ago)
Chelsey Dawn No one shares that room with her. They have their own bedrooms.
Annastasia (11 months ago)
U can tell Hefner and Kendra had real chemistry by looking at their body language and her blushing. Kendra said how she had more of a relationship with her vibrator than with Hef and would only see him passing in the hallways but think she said how she was seeing others. These girls were the real Barbies of the mansion. lol
YaYa. (1 year ago)
Watching this series again in 2017. Still better than Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
Lisa Clifton (4 months ago)
YaYa. It is absolutely better than Kardashian!!
Peanut mac (6 months ago)
YaYa. Same 2018
MsKato333 (1 year ago)
The funniest thing is that Pickwick Ice Rink was across the street w a pro shop they could have bought warm gloves there in 5 min instead of taking the kitchen staff's pot holders 😂
Amber L (4 months ago)
MsKato333 and be grateful that they were nice enough to give you ANY, don't ask for more....ugh!!! Spoiled
Ebony JustLikeToLaugh (1 year ago)
holly fake as hell😂😂
Sweet T Walker (1 year ago)
I used to love watching this as a teenager, and I still do but I look at Hef so differently. I used to love him but now all I can see is an old controlling pervert with millions. Yes, the girls have their own minds, but I feel like he took advantage of them. I KNOW none of them really loved him. I couldn't even imagine what they had to do to get what they got from him 🤢
Kirstin Antunez (6 days ago)
I think Holly really loved him at one point
Susie Synth (1 year ago)
Has Hef commented about Holly's book? Would be interesting to know what he thinks.
Missy's Animals TV (2 months ago)
He said she tried to rewrite history
Susie Synth (1 year ago)
really? guess ill google it lol
Sarah Mitchell (1 year ago)
Sue Ellen Davis he made one statement about it and never talked about it again.
Susie Synth (1 year ago)
lol! Bridget made me want one of those rich and creamy Sprinkles cupcakes!! ha!
Purple Ash (1 year ago)
I think Hef ordered her to clean her room.
Jenny cheeks (2 months ago)
Probably lol... when have u ever seen him go in there .. he was def checking
Cleo Mullings (1 year ago)
Kendras room is so cluttered
Zoids Zu (2 years ago)
Kendra was disgusting.
steph hunter (23 days ago)
how can you say that she was being herself not a fake boob blonde bimbo , bridget needed to grow up she acted like a kid in most of the episdoes and holly such a two-faced ….
JL (1 year ago)
starlight write very interesting what does it say about the traits of a server archetype?
starlight write (1 year ago)
nah. kendra is a warrior archetype. they are blunt, earthy, competitive, good on their team (team players) and love to party. warriors are not refined, but they will go all in for work and play. (7 archetypes.... server, warrior, artisan, scholar, sage, priest and king) hef is king archetype which is not common. if you want refined.... look to the artisan types.
Tori R (2 years ago)
I know. That pain in the ass comment? lol Like wtf? Have some class.
Steven Kunzer (2 years ago)
All of those bins are a mess waiting to happen. If they were in a closet then she could maybe avoid clutter.
Sammie Sapphire (2 years ago)
hahahaha Kendra is always talking about how big her head is.. so funny!! "move bitch get out the way." hahahaha
April Townsend (2 years ago)
me and Holly got something in common we both love star wars movies her is Princess Leila and mine is Storm Troopers is favorite characters of the movie
Grace Ntihinyuka (2 years ago)
not even gonna judge Kendra's room cuz lawd knows I've been there!!!!
Count Von D (2 years ago)
Holly was my favorite before I saw the show. There is nothing remotely sexy about her - the accent is a boner killer. Kendra is just ...rough. Trailer babe. Bridget is the redeeming one - if there can be one. The novelty of them all has worn off. I work with women - every day, girl next door ladies who are infinitely more gracious, nice and sexy in their own right. They are maybe not playmate material but I respect their work ethic - zero entitlement mentality. That is incredibly attractive. Plus I like an ass on a woman. :-)
dominqueb10 (6 months ago)
Count Von D why are men idiots? yall offer your lame ass opinion on what you like in women like its relevant. who gives af what kind of women you respect brad? you sound upset that girls like this don't notice you.
Mother Coconuts (8 months ago)
You sound envious, and then entitled to think anyone cares what you have to say lol
Rowyn Savage (1 year ago)
Count Von D putting down women is a shitty way to compliment other women, yo
AnJ B (2 years ago)
you can't judge them especially since this was all scripted... it's not the real themm.. and plus unless u have met them in person you can't judge them smh
Silvia Tunnell (2 years ago)
Very well said!!
shesACE (2 years ago)
Kendra's jack russell in the ball bin was sooo cute!
Shay Posey (2 years ago)
kendra pleading the 5th on those granny panties bahaha!!!
TeacupGlamour (2 years ago)
Is it just me or does Kendra's room still look messy as heck? It looks like they just shoved everything to the side.
Little Foot (14 days ago)
TeacupGlamour yeah I don’t get why they get those storage boxes if they were just gonna leave them on the ground and opened. Those bedrooms are huge so she has no excuse for that shit.
Jenny cheeks (2 months ago)
She has way too much shit.. I couldn't live like that.... i would literally go insane

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