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Spidey & Cap Take on a Toy Thief! | Marvel Super Hero Adventures - The Toys Are Back In Town | SHORT

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Marvel Super Hero Adventures - The Toys Are Back In Town - Episode 6 WATCH More Marvel Super Hero Adventures Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-LwOnvjXX0&list=PLNw_hEO5pK1pzbx5q5mcdpSKzHzgDSPjR --- Spidey teams up with the famous Captain America to track down a toy thief known as the Tinkerer! As our heroes rescue the stolen toys, Captain America reminds Spider-Man that being a hero means doing the right thing, no matter what. Cast: Spider-Man - Cole Howard Captain America / Tinkerer- Michael Daingerfield Directed by Svend Gregori Written by Eugene Son --- Spider-Man, our favorite crime-fighting teenager, reveals some of the most important things he’s ever learned while on action-packed adventures with other Marvel super heroes. #SpiderMan #CaptainAmerica #SuperHeroAdventures #MSHA #Tinkerer #Toys #Spidey #Marvel #Avengers #MarvelHQ
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Text Comments (129)
Jane Johnsen (9 hours ago)
It's albert Einstein with no mustach AAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!
Jane Johnsen (9 hours ago)
Spidey got them gucci handbags
Nadir Holloman Jr (4 days ago)
Jason Tachin (17 days ago)
RW:why does captain America reminds me of fix it Felix jr. in these shorts?
Thomas Murphy (17 days ago)
The Fidget Spinner Part Killed me LOL XD
Spider Kid (19 days ago)
1:31 a dead trend is very evil!
Chowder fan 2.0 (27 days ago)
Fidget spinner are evil now 1:31
NixNix Ryder (3 months ago)
Tinkerer: EVIL THINGS! *yeets fidget spinners* Captain America: if you yeet another fidget spinner, I'm gonna lose it.
Isaiah Nelson (5 months ago)
the fidget spinner easter egg
Corvus Glaive (5 months ago)
>:O face means we’re me cookie!!!!!!!
Suicidal Prick (5 months ago)
Bloxer YT (6 months ago)
Fidget spinner 2017 december to 2018 lol
Rosalie Galendez (6 months ago)
Fidget spinners are in this video
Mr.Gamer Man (6 months ago)
Jessica Bradley (7 months ago)
Can't he just build a robot out of normal things?
Joseph Greene (7 months ago)
When marvel realizes fidget spinners are evil ^ω^
Dazzling Dracuu (7 months ago)
Spidey why fight your friend cap in civil war.
Diamond Ninja (7 months ago)
Fidet spinner
Kim Niks (7 months ago)
F-f-f-fidget spinners!?!?!?!?!???!!!
Let's Play with Sevy (8 months ago)
The fourth wall people
MrCreeper06005 (8 months ago)
INK WISAT (8 months ago)
DC written on toybot's face
INK WISAT (8 months ago)
Toy bot from dc
Enrique The Musician (8 months ago)
1:50 :D
Md Nor Fadzly (8 months ago)
Xanderman you are right hhaahahhah
Mauricio Hess (8 months ago)
fidget spinners 😂
Brian Rumbaoa (9 months ago)
Cast: Cole Howard as Peter Parker/Spider-Man Michael Daingerfield as Steve Rogers/Captain America
Daniel Boateng (9 months ago)
Tropical Shores (9 months ago)
Spidey (9 months ago)
"I build things! Eeeeevil things!" *Fidget Spinners are thrown* ....Fidget Spinners really are evil.
Jason Tachin (17 days ago)
RW:sadly it's true on so many levels😟
Izuki 101 (4 months ago)
I don't disagree
SpideyIsCoolLikeSkinseed (5 months ago)
I’m gonna get my fidget spinner and throw it out of the window.
Aidan Burkett (5 months ago)
The conspiracies were right!
Zippr (9 months ago)
The faces on the toy monster was so funny
Wan Nazreen Official (9 months ago)
Fidget spinner 😂😂
Cc Cc (9 months ago)
At 0:36, I would like to see Star-Lord (Guardians of the Galaxy) holds and plays with the rubber ducky
Cc Cc (9 months ago)
I want to see Spidey teams up with the Guardians of the Galaxy in this short show
Jason95 .T (9 months ago)
Evil fidget spinner so pro 👐🏻
Rocket & Groot (9 months ago)
Anybody else at the white haired guy was Doc from Back to the Future.
Coconut OYW (9 months ago)
Why The Big Robot cant soot a fidget spinners
Kanna Kamui420 (10 months ago)
Really fidgets spinners
♦Nepushia (10 months ago)
These Spidey Shorts are so cute!!! Are these on TV yet??!? XD
PlayStation Gamer (10 months ago)
Really spinners
Grady, moore (10 months ago)
Dan and Friends (10 months ago)
Helping people; I always help my friends if they need help, my friends always need tinsy winsy help from me always! I always say this to my friends; I will help you once and the rest you can do it by your self so you can actually learn something!
Artisan1979 (10 months ago)
1:15 The thief is DOC BROWN?!?
Kek Kek Kek Kek Kek Kek (10 months ago)
Kaitlyn P (10 months ago)
Just saying, NY has a design flaw if there is a corner grocery store next to a busy street with a parking lot on the other side
Park Sue (10 months ago)
Hey Marvel HQ,can u make all the avengers assemble cartoon available in Malaysia? Really want to watch it. Pls reply as quick as u can after u see this.
TheAwesomeCooly Noah (10 months ago)
Fidget Spinners Really!
Jon Brown (10 months ago)
fidget spinners are apparently canon somewhere in the marvel multiverse now lol they should have a radioactive fidget spinner somehow cut or hurt someone and make a fidget man/woman lol
Captain America HKDL (10 months ago)
Awesome 😎
Wow The Tinkerer sent flying fidget spinners at Cap and Spidey lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Margaret gonzalez (11 months ago)
Margaret gonzalez (11 months ago)
Arthur Denorfia (11 months ago)
Even though these shorts don't reveal who voices who, does Tinkerer's voice actor sound familiar to anyone?
jaeger phillips (11 months ago)
Cc Cc (11 months ago)
Wish they add Guardians of the Galaxy in this short
Space - Roblox Hero (11 months ago)
1:31 *Oh nO ThE FiDgEt SpInNeRs Of DoOM! HoW wIlL ThE hErOeS SUrViVe thEM?* XDDDDDDDDD
phoenixfirex (11 months ago)
Evil Fidget Spinners?! Tinkerer, You Fiend!
Abraham Animates (11 months ago)
Is Spider-Man sonic now
Estevan Garcia (11 months ago)
Fidget spinners so evil!
a star (11 months ago)
hahaha waooo both rocks
Jin Kazama (11 months ago)
I still don't get the points of fidget spinners?
Mr. Stars (8 months ago)
Dante The Demon Slayer it relieves stress
Wh0-0 Wh3r3 (11 months ago)
Lol figet spinner
Brandon Hem (11 months ago)
alex Sanchez (11 months ago)
Eduardo Cordova (1 year ago)
But Roger Craig Smith is Actual Voice of Captain America.
Reina Santos (1 year ago)
TF fan Plays (1 year ago)
Fidget spinners 😂😂😂
Lady Cruz (1 year ago)
Fidget spinners!
Stitch The Alien (1 year ago)
toy spinners what the ? lol 😂 1:30
AngbrineBR 9081 (1 year ago)
Doc Brown?
Michael Nelson (1 year ago)
1:31 fidget spinners. 😂
Tayyab Iftikhar (1 year ago)
These episodes also teach a lesson.....right?🙃😁
LUIGI MAN (1 year ago)
Oh no I knew fidget spinners would destroy the world
xanderman1201 (1 year ago)
Tinkerer: Welcome to my labratory, where I build things...EVIL things! *Sends Fidget Spinners at them.* Me: Yeah, that seems right.
Jeremy Riley (5 months ago)
awesome King-Abe  Either that or shuriken-like weapons.
FireComet 4082 (9 months ago)
Admiral Novel (10 months ago)
Maybe they were Bombs
DankMemes Turtle (10 months ago)
xanderman1201 did not suspect that
DankMemes Turtle (10 months ago)
xanderman1201 1:99 so evil
Muhammad Siddiqui (1 year ago)
gaming withtey (1 year ago)
XD FIGET spinners
Okay, this is very childish, but it's still pretty good.
william Ramos (3 months ago)
True and this should be a Disney Jr show simaler to Sofia the first and Elena of avalor but it does seem super educational as well.
Mr. Stars (8 months ago)
Learn, learn and learn yeah this is designed for 6-8 year olds
klloyd klloyd (1 year ago)
Disney is going to have this because Marvel part of Disney
Jaheim OverStreet (1 year ago)
cool this
Carlos Carlo (1 year ago)
fig get spinners
Comic Book's Underoos (1 year ago)
I really hope Nickelodeon or Disney green lights and picks it up
RAZVIEL RAMOS (1 year ago)
Derpycat Gamer. Most likely it will be on Disney Junior
that is not the tinkerer is the dock of returning to the future.
Julian Valencia (8 months ago)
Jacob González García for all I know BTTF and Marvel do not exist in the same universe.
Lambert Lum (8 months ago)
Doctor Emmett Brown from the movie, "Back to the Future".
Jacob González García (11 months ago)
if I'm sorry, since I'm Mexican, I had to use the google translator, but if I knew that's what it was called
Zane 126 (11 months ago)
you mean back to the further
min 1.31 now if marvel fell on bass, but only for that little mistake that marvel committed is understood as those shorts are for children and it is stupid that an adult fan of comics criticize those shorts by the mere appearance of spinners, is like criticizing the little bears, and because I love marvel a lot.
Juliana Mathias (11 months ago)
Jacob González García u
Jack Glenn (1 year ago)
Fidget spinners
Aukie Johnson (1 year ago)
Awesome Person (1 year ago)
Didn't the Tinkerer appear in Homecoming? With Captain America
Angelina Krasteva (9 months ago)
Awesome Person hhgggbhhbjmnnhhkjhggfggdtrikolwseaqpThe
mathias jonsson (9 months ago)
Awesome Person vfvhvvgghb
Nada Henry (10 months ago)
Awesome Perso
Edgar Rodriguez (10 months ago)
Awesome Person CBC fav okkkkkllp Ok
solbjartur gold (10 months ago)
Awesome Person dude spoilers
Firewolf1823 (1 year ago)
Fidget spinners are dead marvel learn trends
the humanspider 4 (1 year ago)
Fidget spiner as a weapon
Kirmi A (1 year ago)
Came from gram.
Ezza Texeris (1 year ago)
Oh no another reboot
surfitlive (1 year ago)
WHAT Cap's shield can't break a 1980's Arcade screen? IF the next evil toy he builds uses only TONKA Trucks, Lego and Fisher Price Plastic toys it would be *like ULTRON unbeatable!*
Pranet Kodumuri (11 months ago)
coolK04 (1 year ago)
Fidget spinners really!?!?!?
CrewplayZ (1 year ago)
Aren’t they at war?
Spider Man (1 year ago)
not any more
j k (1 year ago)
KlyntarKam 17 (1 year ago)
That was adorable 😊😊😊
KaushiK Vaghadia (1 year ago)
Captain America and SpiderMan are my favorite superheroes

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