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How to Create A Custom Select Box - Styling Select Dropdown Using Html and CSS

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Text Comments (27)
Karolis Vytautas (17 days ago)
can i use this in worpress CSS?
sasi Thiago (29 days ago)
Bro just dont care about some jealous person!
Lakshmi Pathi (1 month ago)
Drop down box with images and text
Lakshmi Pathi (1 month ago)
Make a video select box with image before option 1, option 2
Raymond (1 month ago)
can you change the style on the <option> though? that's the hard part, haha.
richard richardson (1 month ago)
thank you for this tutorial, I also use Font Awesome.
Rahul KV (2 months ago)
Select form elements are rendered native to the Operating system. Not all browsers support the css styles for select dropdown. FYI
I love you
Nandansingh Solanki (2 months ago)
Which is a container tag in following? A select B value C input D body Sir, Please suggest
Nandansingh Solanki (2 months ago)
Which is a container tag in following? A select B value C input D body Sir, Please suggest
tlifo (3 months ago)
Dude help, I was doing same as you, but my icon goes out of div border, so, when I set top 50%, it goes in the middle if screen instead of moving inside the needed field. Why so?
Alt Fit (3 months ago)
that was good but unfortunately you can never change the hover color of the select list items, it's always independent to the operating system which sucks.
Люся Пауль (4 months ago)
Ahmed Mandour (4 months ago)
You are Very genious
alejandro zurita (5 months ago)
how could i make this responsive?
knowledge & happiness (6 months ago)
Very gud👍
Ahmed Mekaoucha (6 months ago)
Please! The next time share the code at codpen or something so we can learn more! Thank you very much
The Kingfisher (6 months ago)
Thanks Muhammad Irshad Vai.............You are really great. and your works is very creative.
張羿訢 (6 months ago)
Great work! I really love you, I can learn so much watching your videos <3 But wouldn't you like to use emmet? It is helpful :) and speed up time of coding ;)
Prometheus Music (6 months ago)
the same question about emmet. but, nevertheless, he produceces teaching videos, and i think, his first-priority purpose is to make everybody understand this performance
AnythingAndEverything ! (6 months ago)
How come .box:before worked only for the right portion of the select? Box class is given to entire div right?
Ibrahim (6 months ago)
box is the container, and before gives us the ability to add content inside the container / box
Technical Family (6 months ago)
Bhai ek baat batao itne acche ache ideas laate kaha se ho ....ONLINE TUTORIALS ROCKS....thanx
Technical Tips (6 months ago)
Korti Mohamed (6 months ago)
im here
Pablo Fac (6 months ago)
JUST IN TIME! TY OnlineTutorials

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