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TJ Rosenman - The Dating Game '81

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In the '60's Chuck Barris produced this popular game show for ABC television. Guys or gals would try their best to answer questions trying to win a date. Many stars and up and coming actors and actresses wanted to be contestants, not for the basic pay check, but for the exposure to the national audiance this highly rated game show had every week. The questions and answers given were pretty seirous as contestants hoped to pick their dream date. My brother Daniel was on the show then and was not picked. In the '80's the shows format changed. Still hosted by former radio personality Jim Lang, the show wanted more wild contestants, silly questions but the end result was still the same.. Boy meets girl, Girl meets boy, get picked and go on a free date. Sometimes you got to go to beautiful Burbank, and then others got to go to Spain. Here I am wearing my famous white dancing shoes and Angels Flight pants, acting like a goofball, trying to win a date with the charming Lori Duran.
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Maine Coon (7 months ago)
This is obiviously from 1979... the styles...and the reference to Disco Dancing ...no way they would have said that in a non disparaging way in 1981...in the USA
Dan Barker (8 months ago)
So, Jim, at this point, was doing BULLSEYE and TDG, weren't they both syndicated?
RachelDavisMatthews (9 months ago)
Well did you actually go on the date with her in Vegas? Was there a 2nd date?
pinkfreud62 (1 year ago)
First guy is like, what the fuck is up with these corny questions??
cameragirl90 (6 years ago)
bachelor 2 is a gentleman
Zach Horan (7 years ago)
THis is probably from between 1978-80. Dating Game with Jim Lange last aired in 1980 first-run. Jim's hair was permed like that then, but he unpermed it by Summer 1980 when he started taping Bullseye.

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