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How To Kill A Brand

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With more than 2.5 million combined views, the most popular Sarcastic Gamer parody song finally gets its very own officially-sanctioned video. Previous video incarnations of this song were called "The PS3 Song" Visit SarcasticGamer.com for even more of our parodies and video game entertainment. Vocals by Jeromy "Doc" Adams. Incredible video production by M-Freakin-J. We hope you enjoy this video as much as we do. Great job MJ!
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Text Comments (15005)
Deadly Fantasy (2 days ago)
Funny that ps3 sold about as much the 360 in the end Phil Harrison would later join MS Xbone uses bluray
Mike (2 days ago)
So funny 😂 thanks for this video I remember when this system first came out it was totally over priced
Now you're getting your ass kicked by the Wii
JaXX (7 days ago)
Nothing will beat the old days
Who's watching this in 2019
FΞLIPΞ PALHA (15 days ago)
Xbox live is just cancer, opened up the door to this new 'live services' trend
Andy Sullivan (19 days ago)
This didn't age well.
Rosie Deacon (21 days ago)
This is fucking _priceless_ in hindsight. Sure, the PS3 got off to a super rough start but in the end it straight up _dominated._
Metal 88 (21 days ago)
ultra gay
xPentu (23 days ago)
It mom
scrapy plush (24 days ago)
Best song ever
Khalid Ibrahim (25 days ago)
Ah miss Xbox 360 and nintendo Wii 12 year ago my kid love playing halo 3 and mario games best childhood ever excellent work.
Lewis Bailey (26 days ago)
11 years on still know all the lyrics, and sing this instead of the real lyrics to save a life
Thomas Shaw (28 days ago)
They went right with the ps4
David Thomas (1 month ago)
It's 2018 and the ps4's killing it 😆
Normal Petrolhead (1 month ago)
Don't read the comments, and enjoy the Nostalgia
Just-Fun-Stuff (1 month ago)
So this is the official Video of this song ? Man, after all this years i never saw that ...
Thomas Windram (2 months ago)
This guy seriously needed to go to an opticians back in 2007. We all knew back then ps was the better console.
Lupucillo (2 months ago)
11 Years later, still funny as heck!!
phoenixsplash135 (2 months ago)
And yet microsoft somehow ruined this lead and lost in sales by the end of the gen. Crazy.
Will Fox (2 months ago)
11 years..
Donagh C (2 months ago)
And who's brand is dead now? lol and who made these same mistakes? 🤔
PINK_SALAMANDER Gotcha (2 months ago)
I was playing my 360 until my disc broke in half and got red ring of death and then I got sick and through up on my Xbox 360
Kison Pyne (2 months ago)
Back when I was 7
Picnicl (2 months ago)
Everything in this song is since no longer true. PS3 changed things around when Uncharted 2 and the first slim version came out. PS4 continued that.
oOevilRainboWOo (2 months ago)
I sang the whole lyrics after 8 or 9 years. This was when gaming in youtube was healthy and fun. I was/am playstation fanboy and still loved this
polus134 (2 months ago)
Back to the current timezone and Xbox is the one killing itself.
xFreSh78 (2 months ago)
Yet Xbox is still better today
Forever Undying (3 months ago)
Remember Sarcastic Gamer? I still have their T-shirt and mouse pad.
Brad Sav (3 months ago)
Has anybody come from just listening to the Xbox 360 song lol?
Ronny (3 months ago)
Now you have to pay to play online on the ps4 so...
Zann (3 months ago)
Shoutouts to Simpleflips
xFreSh78 (2 months ago)
Zann boi
CapitateFrame11 (3 months ago)
its funny how things turned out
Zypher Zolei (3 months ago)
Nostalgia got me in tears
bubba ultra motive 70 (4 months ago)
So true
Perun Plague (4 months ago)
"Now you're getting your ass kicked by the Wii!" To be fair, the Wii was a monster and outsold PS3 and Xbox 360 by a landslide.
User (3 months ago)
Perun Plague so fucking what nobody respects it what are u five years old
Christopher (4 months ago)
Original Song: The Cereal guy - How to save a life Thank me later.
User (4 months ago)
Christopher everyone fucking knows that
Rayla Kame (4 months ago)
At least it has the first 4 Oddworld games on it, along with the PS1 Classics.
whokilledreno (4 months ago)
Watching in 2018
Austin Slack (4 months ago)
Good lord this video did not age well.
Adam Armstrong (4 months ago)
Its funny how everyone said the ps3 has no games. Yet if you actually checked the timeline of games released for the ps3 compared to the 360, the ps3 comes out on top.
Banana Rama (3 months ago)
It doesn't really. It took two years for the PS3 to really justify being a primary console for a gamer in any way, and the Xbox 360 actually had a lot going for it with indie games you couldn't get anywhere else like the Summer of Arcade stuff.
User (4 months ago)
Adam Armstrong do u know when the video was made ??!
azaz shah (4 months ago)
The nostalgia... good times. Though, I remember it sounding better when I was younger.
Eyes of War (5 months ago)
Wow how the tables have turned & the Xboxone is completely shit
Ben Dover (5 months ago)
This song is still W O K E today. Fuck Sony. Fucking pozzed as fuck movie “games.” And fuck their anti-consumerist methods. Fucking Japs must die.
OG homeslices of bread (5 months ago)
Yo omg my cousin showed me this when I was 3 this brings back memories
newyorkboy11001 (5 months ago)
Anyone watching this in 3018??
Cheet0's Conundrums (5 months ago)
Funny how this is still relevant
Michael Little (5 months ago)
Listened to this back in the day, now it seems pointless 😋
kai crenshaw (6 months ago)
What is this parodying
KooliSkey (6 months ago)
kai crenshaw how to save a life
iaMPeachyx (6 months ago)
Who’s still here in 2018
Dinko جزائري (6 months ago)
12 years later, it sounds funny when you know how it eventually endend for both
Tony1080p (6 months ago)
Man i love this song and i am a sony fanboy jajaja
Odysseyfan07 (6 months ago)
User (4 months ago)
Odysseyfan07 ?
OttoSavvage (7 months ago)
You know it’s nostalgic when SarcasticGamer.com is not even in service anymore
23Caleb Howard (7 months ago)
ha ha ha
Trevor Phillips (7 months ago)
Throwback I was 8/9 when this came out and was a huge ps3 hater 😂😂 damn TIME FLIES! Now I’m bout to turn 20
WarlockMasterRace (7 months ago)
Ur mom gay and ur clapped
Connor Lee (7 months ago)
Xbox One. 'Nuff said.
Near Sky (7 months ago)
The nostalgia, man.
the baby ghast (7 months ago)
whos here from rod studios?
daniel fucci (7 months ago)
Who’s still here in 2018
Skandolas (7 months ago)
Please update this and replace Sony (PS3) with Disney (Star Wars).
Captain Ghost (8 months ago)
The PS4 turned me back.
Tiztu (8 months ago)
lol at the ponies claiming the PS3 bounced back, if you consider going from the best selling console of the previous generation (by far) to narrowly getting second place (despite ending production a whole year after the 360) "bouncing back" you have some issues... Yeah, if you reach that much, then it's not a good argument.
Nati Boss (8 months ago)
PS3 is way better
User (4 months ago)
Nati Boss ????????
mickymaninthehouse (8 months ago)
Nostalgia still real
Superpowamario (8 months ago)
I know it's sarcastic but I wanna say one thing. Ps3 is better, XBOX KILLED THEIR BRAND, Ps3 doesn't need money MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH ok im done
Erika Gehr (8 months ago)
Ahh, the good old days.
A Old Crockpot (8 months ago)
Yes and yes
clamore singing&music (8 months ago)
Btw ps4 isnt much better.
Gyroo (9 months ago)
Over 10 years, what the fuck.
Forever Gaming (9 months ago)
I have cancer now
CatMan78 (9 months ago)
What is name of real music? Pls
swoze _ (9 months ago)
Gram M (9 months ago)
pwned xxxxxxD (sub4sub)
nlgPRO (9 months ago)
PS3 got way better overtime and by the end of its generation it was the best console. But man it did have a terrible launch lol
Fraser Smith (9 months ago)
Thank hell they fixed the console in 2009
Retrogamez2 (10 months ago)
0:40 What The Fuck. Reallu dude? Are ya tryin 2 make the 360 seem better than the ps3 when it has mwmory card slots huh?
User (4 months ago)
Nick Kfls wtf are u talking about
Tiztu (10 months ago)
lol at the ponies claiming the PS3 bounced back, if you consider going from the best selling console of the previous generation (by far) to narrowly getting second place (despite ending production a whole year after the 360) bouncing back you have some issues... Yeah, if you reach that much, then it's not a good argument. _inb4 triggered ponies_
Robert Kelly (3 months ago)
Now the dude who made this loves Blu ray in his Xbox One X this should be for Apple I phone X.
Rage Quit (10 months ago)
Lol this aged horribly. Not because the visuals or audio was bad but because it turned a full 180. Do have a normal question though: I got my PS3 in 2008 and it did have online and friends etc as well as free and full games of Resistance etc. I didn't think it was that bad? Was that all just an update?
User (4 months ago)
Rage Quit Xbox live is way better people actually fucking talk boring ass people on ps3
Troy flet (11 months ago)
Whos here in 2018 laughing how things have change!
Gamer Bmore (11 months ago)
Ahhh the memories.. now yeats later I'm enjoying my ps4 and Xbox one..
Phil Collins (11 months ago)
Lmao! I remember this back then. XBox 360 in 2007 absolutely destroyed PS3 with (technical) power AND games. My oh my how the tables have turned, lol. Shoutout to PuertoRock77 I forgot about this.
Why? Because. (11 months ago)
Redo this with the Xbone.
BRHAMS (11 months ago)
2018 tho
Chancefarus1 (11 months ago)
you need to re do this for the XBOX
Stray-Zer0 (1 year ago)
This was so true when ps3 launched... i was such a proud 360 fanboy... then round about 2010/2011 i saw just what ps3 had to offer and was like, “playstation is back on top now, time to get a ps3”
HQ (1 year ago)
Microsoft you went wrong with your xbox one, I'll just keep playing my ps4
dude2992 (1 year ago)
2006 - Sony releases the technically more powerful console, but nobody buys it because it has no games and it's $600 2010 - Sony has gotten their shit together and is becoming the better console meanwhile Xbox struggles with exclusives 2013 - Xbox One is too expensive and has a trainwreck of bad PR at launch despite having more exclusive support, meanwhile PS4 is selling like crack and is the more powerful console. 2017 - Xbox is doing poorly in exclusives but releases a console as powerful as a gaming PC. Sony, despite selling better and having more games is becoming increasingly anti consumer by refusing to support backwards compatibility and cross play and trying to say that graphics don't matter when you have more games even though a few years ago they had better graphics and less exclusives than the competition. These console wars are pointless. They just keep going in circles with which one's better. Just play whatever the hell you want to play.
CaptainWilde16 (11 months ago)
Because of what you said, I feel that the next Xbox console will be more successful.
PS5 Will play ps4 games :D
dude2992 (1 year ago)
This reminds me of the staying up all night watching Youtube videos in 8th grade. The incredibly dated parody just adds to it.
The Cereal Guy (1 year ago)
what is the name of the original song?
Christopher (4 months ago)
The Cereal Guy (1 year ago)
Jak Mar thank you
Jak Mar (1 year ago)
The Cereal Guy. How to Save a Life.
theminecraftace (1 year ago)
Well, this is an interesting story for me to tell you about my 7th and 8th generation consoles. I had an Xbox 360 (2nd gen model) in 2007 (Slim in 2010). Next, I got the Wii in 2008 (Family Edition in 2012). I had a DS Lite in 2011. Well, still no Sony yet. Lets go to 2016. That was the year I finally got the PS3 Slim (9 years after my second PS2 Slim). Now that is how late into the 7th gen it was. Even I got a Wii U in 2014, an Xbox One in 2014, a 3DS in 2012 and a New 3DS XL before the PS3 in March 2016. No joke, but I wasn't a part of Sony after 2007. I only then ended up with a PS3 in November 2016. So I only had it for 1 year. I play my GameCube and N64 more than the PS3. I even play my Switch more.
theminecraftace (10 months ago)
I'm not saying that. I'm just saying that I play more on my Switch than the PS3. I would choose my Switch over the PS3 due to exclusives, and I just don't find myself playing my PS3 that often.
Tiztu (10 months ago)
Are you implying the Switch _isn't_ better than the PS3?
theminecraftace (1 year ago)
Not as a joke, but it's been 7 months since I played on the PS3.
M TK (1 year ago)
Over 10 years ago... Goddamn time flies! R.I.P I'm almost 23 now... Seems like only yesterday where I spent every single day after school playing Halo 3.
Chris Woodfield (1 year ago)
Xbox 360 won last Generation, now Xbox One is out and look how that turned out, it should be the other way round.
Tiztu (10 months ago)
Not even close
Trunks Fucked Yo Bitch (11 months ago)
Chris Woodfield The 360 did not win Last Generation lol
piekid147 (1 year ago)
Remember listening to this when I was only 10 dreaming of playing Halo and getting an Xbox 360, too nostalgic
HypixelPhenom (1 year ago)
i hugged my 360 the entire song
Zack Van Delinder (1 year ago)
ah the the memories of people pissing on eachother over their preferred way of playing videogames...oh wait people still do that now,son of a bitch
No life in nodak (1 year ago)
God I'm getting old as shit... I remember watching this about a month after it came out... No idea how it came up on my main page today...
Ryan Clair (1 year ago)
PS3 post 2009 is a whole other monster
User (4 months ago)
Ryan Clair u sure about that

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