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Brand New - Welcome to Bangkok

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An interpretation of the "Brand New" song "Welcome to Bangkok". Might look different if we understood the Thai (?) at the beginning. Eine Verfilmung des "Brand New"-Songs "Welcome to Bangkok". Wenn wir das Thai (?) am Anfang verstünden sähe das wohl anders aus...
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breakingfree28 (7 years ago)
was this filmed in deutschland?
this is a great instumental from a great band
JustASceneToHate (8 years ago)
the guy is hot!!
Starlettecode (8 years ago)
@GetABeachHouse Wow filmed in Bavaria, Germany! No wonder it looks nice. Great video and I absolutely love Brand New. Was this for a project or for fun?
Starlettecode (8 years ago)
I watched it and i thought it was cute. I got sucked right in. And thanks everyone who cleared it up for me that in the beginning he is saying "Space cadet...pull out" In what state/city was this filmed? Its pretty. <3
nitenoob (8 years ago)
I would like to believe that this is song is more or less about being thrust into a world you don't understand, though I'm no philosopher, what are others thoughts?
LIFES TRASH (9 years ago)
im sort of ashamed to say, but ive never listened to welcome to bangkok the whole way thru...until right now, and it was better then i thought it would be, and went well with your video. 5*
Heywood Jablowme (9 years ago)
it's not Thai. that sounds nothing like Thai. it's English. listen to it. "Space cadet, pull out". It's from an abandoned rescue mission.
Tom Lacey (9 years ago)
grandbacon (10 years ago)
did you shoot this with a steady cam?
Everett Abbott (10 years ago)
Seriously... is every damned Brand New song about running, jogging, or something of the like? This is like the third or fourth "interpretation" video in which some "Space Cadet" spent the whole song running... I get what they were going for in the "running from the unseen evil in a dream" thing... but damn...
somerandomaccount (10 years ago)
when you cut to CU of him jumping over the fence; the color of the sky gave your authenticity away...
jay birdz (10 years ago)
this song gets my adrenalyne pumping
dude018219293 (10 years ago)
Nice, i love this song, I remember we were getting back from a school trip to Washington DC (I live in massachusetts, so its a long ride by bus)I remember listening to this song while driving through a neighborhood like the one your running through.

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