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To All The Girls.

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I found a really LONG four minute quote from an Xanga site and read it and made it a video.....
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theusedbert24 (8 years ago)
I went back to him 5 times when the guy u loved 4 5 yrs was right there with his arms open read to hold me but always turned back around :`( i was stupid for those times i still love my ex but i only love the one i thought he was </3 amazing video btw i loved!!! It
Brooke Lucy (8 years ago)
wow! i had this happen to me:'(
everlastingchill (8 years ago)
@madddyamonster quotes-u-love(dot)xanga(dot)com then scroll down a bit and you'll see it :]
cloub14 (9 years ago)
please put up the link
Caitlinsigns (9 years ago)
omg that was amazing.
Danielle Davis (9 years ago)
i needed this, thank you! you gave me strength to walk away from the pain.
Pudding Pop (9 years ago)
:hugs you: it's okay
Christina Schaefer (9 years ago)
heyy where did you get this quote from? i wanna put it on my myspace i love the video..(: it made me sad though and gave me lots of memories
Courtney Tate (9 years ago)
aweeh , thta almost made me cry .
Staci Pierce (9 years ago)
this is amazing what was teh quote called cuz i would like to put it on my myspace
Pudding Pop (9 years ago)
okay, off topic, but you sound like my friend, candice
Paichan13 (9 years ago)
This is exactly what i needed right now
Pudding Pop (10 years ago)
iv'e never had a break up, but i love your speach, i saved to faves
terry0394 (11 years ago)
Sometimes you have to date a few assholes to really know a when good guy comes along....

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