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KILL IT WITH FIRE. Terraria 1.3.6 Spoilers!

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Subscribe for unique daily content. Forum Post: https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/spider-furniture-giving-spider-fangs-more-of-a-purpose.50768/ Today's video covers the brand new Terraria 1.3.6 spoiler for PC Terraria. This update will launch on PC terraria in 2017 and at a later date on console and mobile! ★★ MORE TERRARIA! ★★ Expert Yoyo Challenge : http://tinyurl.com/jmoemkz Terraria Top 5s : http://tinyurl.com/j7tjw8p Terraria Top 10 Facts : http://tinyurl.com/jro29qx Terraria Life Hacks: http://tinyurl.com/hjyroyz ★★ Follow me! ★★ ● Facebook - http://facebook.com/chippygaming ● Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/jamesrobertbenn ●Instagram - http://instagram.com/jamesrobertbenn ● Purchase Terraria : http://store.steampowered.com/app/105600/ Music from Epidemic Sound: https://goo.gl/C6H2rK
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Text Comments (250)
Sandels 99 (3 months ago)
I fell sad when i stomp on bug :( they didn’t nothing :((((((((
Sandels 99 (3 months ago)
Eww spider furniture
Dragon1Master12 (9 months ago)
The "New Brick" Looks Like Colored Obsidian Brick
Do you like Lucas the spider?
Makolodon (1 year ago)
good doggo (1 year ago)
Im not letting you guys get 1.3.6 till 1.3.5 is out on mobile & console
Some cat (1 year ago)
yeee the spuder sets!!
Isabella McManus (1 year ago)
I fell like I'm the only person in the world who actually likes spiders and isn't scared of them... does that make me weird?
Edward Arthur (1 year ago)
We need Cobwebs that can't be broken normally, rather like a normal block, for decoration
Black Stone (1 year ago)
Is that boss health bar a mod or is it part of the new update?
Max Rage (1 year ago)
How about a spider boss that drops the items to craft this furniture set
Creed (1 year ago)
Gameactive (1 year ago)
Am I the only one who isn’t bothered by the spider enemies in Terraria? My only issue with them was that I kept getting wrecked by wall creepers on my first world because I wasn’t good enough to evade or kill them.
omicron theta 7 (1 year ago)
Elijah Puskar (1 year ago)
I wish they had carpet.
SN!Somos Nerds (2 years ago)
hello people i dont know if this is the right place to ask, but i saw some videos in this channel about mods, and i want to know which mods i should get to play the game again from the beginning. something with more bosses, weapons and that kind of stuff (something balanced if possible), mods that work together to make the game bigger and more expansive, i dont care too much about adveture packs mod that change the entire game, i just want more stuff to do that work with the vanilla stuff to make the game even bigger.
Budder Fx (2 years ago)
please tell me the bg music im dieing here ;-;
Zanoobis (2 years ago)
Derek Ball (2 years ago)
Chippy: "1.3.6 spoilers!!" Me: Still waiting for 1.3.5 Tmodloader...
RolliBoi (2 years ago)
When is your next Thorium Mod?
OP Malfit (2 years ago)
digging thru caves and stumbling upon wall creeper OUTSIDE of its nest just running at me scares me more that frickin Amnesia and Slendernan combined
ieatcookies (2 years ago)
do portal knights!
jr roemerman (2 years ago)
why isn't 1.3 coming to last gen consoles?
jr roemerman (2 years ago)
check the forums
Nehorai Buader (2 years ago)
It isn't? Pretty sure it is, and no later than 30th June
Jimmy Gray (2 years ago)
When fighting the Eater of Worlds, at the bottom of the screen there was a bar of EoW's HP. Is that a mod?
Stopnswop (2 years ago)
Taco Nati Yes.
Robert Jolly (2 years ago)
Those are just obsidian bricks painted orange
Noah w (2 years ago)
Lil Steve (2 years ago)
*Are they going to update Terraria on console yet? Not yet?! CenX, FIX THIS! And chippy, send this to CenX!* My answer, CenX cannot fix that. She works on the PC version of Terraria. Not the console version... Re-logic and 505 games do PC. Pipeworks is the company you need to tell. They work on Console and also mobile if I'm not mistaken.
Disastah 101 (2 years ago)
Be careful for troll comments Read More
Ronix Yorukage (2 years ago)
I can already see the table move and creep around in my house O.o these things look great!
spastic techniques (2 years ago)
you don't just kill spiders. you keep them in the corner of your room where they will catch many mosquitoes and flies when you accidentally left the window open and the light on again. 🕷
Arbikiusz Elemelek (2 years ago)
In my case they keep me in the corner of the room
Timewarp Project (2 years ago)
Just wondering. What type of world size would you pick when playing solo? Large, medium or small?
Nose Nablo (2 years ago)
A spider boss
Colleen Kay (2 years ago)
youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu cannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Colleen Kay (2 years ago)
you can kill the moon lord in Terrara PS4 and XboxOne soon do you know?
Linoose Drawing (2 years ago)
I want slingshots
King Gamereon (2 years ago)
Why is chippy so entertaining? He is one of only 3 people im subscribed to I don't know how to thank you James for how much entertainment you have provided for me you are AWESOME! Keep up the videos love and watch them all
Lil Steve (2 years ago)
You've subscribed to only 3 people? I've subscribed to a couple hundred people. Because I watch a few youtubers an they do a collab and I start watching hundreds and probably almost thousands so-on and so-fourth. And I'm an active sub on almost all of them somehow lol.
PixelatedEevee (2 years ago)
this'll help my arachnophobia it won't
OP Malfit (2 years ago)
gimme spider-less mod
Arbikiusz Elemelek (2 years ago)
Yes it will help arachnophobia as it will more easily give you a heart attack! You need to be more positive
saladass fruitsi (2 years ago)
Pc users are having fun getting these updates while us mobile users are still waiting for the 1.3 update..
Austin B (2 years ago)
darn you stole my spider biome spawn idea. that set is cool though would be great for a spooky themed map.
Caden Lyons (2 years ago)
I got a drax on Mobile from a shatow chest
Michochay (2 years ago)
those bricks are painted obsidian bricks chippy!
Sebine LifeWind (2 years ago)
Yeah they fucked up the goddamn furniture set Those fucking cunts I liked the hammock bed.
Charlie f (2 years ago)
I love it
Album Interpretations (2 years ago)
I subconsciously want a post-moon lord part of the game
wolf main (2 years ago)
Mad Box (2 years ago)
and here i sit, with arachnophobia... nope. just NOPE.
Aariz Anas (2 years ago)
Mr. Vomitous (2 years ago)
202nd Commentor
Bullz Eye (2 years ago)
it's my birthday on monday :) Maybe a like?
Aariz Anas (2 years ago)
that's all you're gonna get
Frosty Bros (2 years ago)
Hey James I have been having terraria stutter on me randomly with 2 different PCs. Any tips to help out with the issue or to make it run better?
Don Ficko (2 years ago)
lover graphics, lightning etc. check if it is using the correct graphics card(if you for example have intelHD with something else). check your pc for viruses. reinstall it. you have different options for different problems. also, chances are somebody has already encountered them so google will surely help you out.
Sparcdoctor (2 years ago)
I think something's crawling in my couch, no wait it's a cockroach.
superxmario128 (2 years ago)
As much as i hate spiders the spider house looks cool. I'll surely be making one
Kirby right back at Ya (2 years ago)
We're you in a game with someone called Riley a and Oliver
SP3NC3R (2 years ago)
they should add an option that you can dye your weapons for example when there is a blood moon the water bolt attack is like a pinkish red and I think that it looks cool and it would be awesome if my water bolt could always have a pinkish red attack.
somebody (2 years ago)
for some reason i keep reading that twitter thing at the bottom of your outro as "James Robbie Rotten" I watch too many we are number one memes..
Zanoobis (2 years ago)
somebody I read it like just then lol
MalPL (2 years ago)
it would be really cool if they add a spider biome treasure house
Laugic (2 years ago)
your mom
RasMatti (2 years ago)
brrrr i hate spoderz
ginger little T (2 years ago)
an ps4 dont evan have 1.3 WOW there game team SUCKS
Wasd (2 years ago)
Can't you even discuss an little bit? Ok then. I'll respect you. Last comment, i will not bother you anymore. Friendly advice: Stop being rude.
ginger little T (2 years ago)
omg just stop my inbox is fillin up
Wasd (2 years ago)
I'm pretty sure it's june 2017. Also stop being so rude.
ginger little T (2 years ago)
Wasd (2 years ago)
Late? Do you know what late is? June is nearby. Wow you really need an dictionary..
Casey Tooker (2 years ago)
I have an idea for 1.3.6 You can equip all npcs (except the Angler) with weapons, armor, and accessories Secondary idea: You can bring an npc anywhere with you as a companion. If they run out of health, they will teleport home if equiped with a magic mirror, ice mirror, or cell phone. If not, they are slain. If a bed is in the injured npc's house, they will recover health faster
ImperialMoon443 (4 months ago)
This comment is underrated
Ryan Wilson (2 years ago)
Ok here is my take: Normal Table and Chairs. No bonus. Beds already give you a new spawn point, obviously. Bookshelves increase mana regen as long as you are in the room. (Stacks with star in a bottle, is slightly better than star in a bottle. However the range is limited by the size of the house) Sofa and Benches are the same but for health. They are measured by campfires however. Bathtubs give the relaxation buff while you are in the room, which acts like a stronger peace candle (Basically put this in your bedroom or in a npc room you frequent) Clocks already give time. Sinks act like a minor crafting station, however they also remove all debuffs that can be removed by water. (On Fire!, Frostburn, etc). Minor but something. Now. How about a new NPC. The Decorator. He gives you quests, like an angler. The quests are "Insert NPC wants a Insert furniture from a certain set" here. These quests last 2 days instead of 1 and the effects will last for 3 days or until you remove that furniture or move the NPC. If you complete one, you will have a cooldown of 3 days before you can try another one. Also gives new text lines for npcs during the effect. Some effects: Guide can only be selected for the quest if you have a voodoo doll on your person and already beat WoF. If you do and complete the quest, for a week he will not die from using it. Merchant gives 10% more cash from selling items. Nurse on heal gives you a few free health potions (Pre hardmode), the regen potion effect for a minute (hardmode), and the life force effect for 30 seconds (Post golem) Dye Trader gives you one extra special dye from strange plants (IE you get 4 red acid dye instead of 3). Which can give you more cash if you sell it. Clother will trade a random vanity set from any point in the game for double the sell price (obviously only vanity sets. He won't sell you sunglasses nor will he sell you moonlord armor or anything). He only sells that one for a week, however. Mechanic sells items for cheaper. That's it really. Painter will sell 5 random natural paintings. Nothing much. Goblin Tinkerer will reforge for half price. Party Girl... just throws a party i guess. For a week. Woo... Hair Stylist gives you free haircuts. Arms Dealer trades a random gun from your point in the game. Pre hardmode, hardmode, post 1 mechanical boss, post 2 mechanical boss, you know what this is, plantera, golem, and finally when you beat moonlord he can sometimes trade you a moonlord gun. Note this is entirely random, he might sell you a crappy boomstick once you beat the game so it isnt as powerful as it seems. Demo trades sticky and bouncy variants of his existing trades. These cost the same as his normal trades and all trade prices are cut in half. Blow up the world! Angler gives you two quests instead of one for a week. Tavern Keep sells rods for slightly less tokens. Dryad sells the corruption/crimson radar accessory (depending on which you have in your world) and the hallow radar. These will give off a spelunker effect for blocks affected by whatever radar type you have. Can be combined into one accessory, obviously. The Witch Doctor sells a random imbue potion (including hardmode ones in pre hardmode) and the mysterious imbue. This gives random debuffs to enemies every hit (allowing you to stack them up) but it lasts only half as long and costs a pretty penny. -- Now, hardmode! Wizard now trades the personal crystal ball, which is an accessory that increases the duration of *ALL* crystal ball type furniture. Click an ammo box, get 15 minutes of 20% chance not to consume ammo instead of 10! Tax collector collects twice as fast and can hold a max of 20 gold instead of 10. Truffle does... um... i dont know actually. Maybe he wont be selected for the quest.. Pirate sells the gold cannon which does more damage and still is crap because it is a cannon. Steampunker gives an incredible one, half off on solution! 8 solution a gold instead of 4, that would be amazing. Cyborg sells the bomb type 5 and 6. Which have an even larger explosion radius (one does not destroy blocks the other does). Also sells the blast plating accessory which removes explosion self damage. Santa will give you christmas presents (the same type that give you vanity sets).
Mega Motorcyclop (2 years ago)
Casey Tooker Holy snap that sounds amazing I wish they would add everything you've said buuuuttt... things like that should be for a big update
Ryan Wilson (2 years ago)
Seems kinda extreme. Maybe just a new NPC that can be given an item through hitting a button and you can spend money to make them follow you. However making furniture give special bonuses would really flesh out building as right now the practical house is a wood table and chair. Maybe add a mode that makes it where you need different furniture in each house?
dilan hook (2 years ago)
what mods do you use?
Ian. vos! (2 years ago)
Painted obsidian bricks
ARK Aravani (2 years ago)
That spider biome hut is a really good idea chippy wow
ChronoBrother (2 years ago)
woah whats up with the health bar for the eater of worlds? Is that a mod or a new feature of the game? havent played in about a year.
VelocityMusic (2 years ago)
Syfoxs Serum (2 years ago)
I LOVE the new furniture, and I just started making a spider themed character
LuminaryEm (2 years ago)
This is my idea but, Spider NPC :/ that's just my idea
Biological (1 year ago)
I'd love a spider NPC! Imagine if it sold the workbench which allows you to make spider furniture? He can move in after you go into a spider cave.
Dwagon (2 years ago)
We already have enough npcs I think that the current npcs just need revamping.
Darius Weathers (2 years ago)
Peetaco your welcome
Ryan Wilson (2 years ago)
Non Character Player. So an etherial non physical multidimentional mind you control. Could make a nice mod.
Beebins The Beebs (2 years ago)
they won't be natural bc spider fangs are hardmode Chippy!
Lil Steve (2 years ago)
We aren't talking about Roblox. Cool down, kiddo.
Don Ficko (2 years ago)
@bonsly2001 chill out, please. there's no need for name calling...
Beebins The Beebs (2 years ago)
goldmelonmaster 1 ya but technically it means it will be hardmode, and the devs are kinda anal about continuity, which is a good thing
wolf main (2 years ago)
@terra robloxian ur gay also bc means "because" in internet slang
GoldM (2 years ago)
So? It's not like you can craft them back into fangs.
Miramar (2 years ago)
Fidget spinners are too much spinnyness. Just like my excitement for 1.4 =D
Darius Weathers (2 years ago)
Zoomspilo 1.4 and 1.3.6 are different updates. Also I'm reporting you for saying the f-word
Zoomspilo (2 years ago)
Get the FUCK out. I mean, being excited for 1.4 (or 1.3.6, whichever it goes by) is alright, but don't you fucking DARE mention *fidget spinners.*
Shiro Yatagami (2 years ago)
today I found a huge spider with wings... I left the classroom
AAAndrew (2 years ago)
Ben Covert (2 years ago)
TheBestGamer Z It probably wasn't a spider if it had wings
Abdullah Almasri (2 years ago)
I was really unsatisfied that u did not finish killing the Eater of Worlds :'( y u do dis
King Gamereon (2 years ago)
Lunda Swe you can watch his lunatic cultist play through ep 2 he finishes it there
Yato Kamii-Sama (2 years ago)
lad, dat is not new bricks, its colored(orange) obsidian bricks xd
The Alamo (2 years ago)
That's not new brick, it's obsidian brick with orange paint
Cap. Adam (2 years ago)
These new bricks are just some painted Obsidian bricks :p
Juptian Games (2 years ago)
Noti-squad, where you at?
Don Ficko (2 years ago)
chill out brah... no need for being upset...
Zoomspilo (2 years ago)
Get the fuck out.
spoono (2 years ago)
Spiders are my favourite animal :T Also great video, haven't played Terraria in a while :D
spoono (2 years ago)
Well, it doesnt matter. Spiders Are Cool
daniel kudla (2 years ago)
insects are animals... it is like saying fish arent animals or birds arent animals or mammals arent animals
Cap. Adam (2 years ago)
Ben Covert In general they are insects :p
Ben Covert (2 years ago)
Adam Shannag Arachnid not insect
Cap. Adam (2 years ago)
spoon cake Insect not animal x')))
potato man (2 years ago)
Chippy do a collab with happy days the youtuber, and do healer class
PiggyGamingTH (2 years ago)
i think that last person was like hero or python or someone, not happy
Lil Steve (2 years ago)
idk but I think they've done it before. just one episode that I've seen. Pedguin was also in it. It was like a Mario parkour map.
King Gamereon (2 years ago)
potato man yes Colab now!
daniel kudla (2 years ago)
James Burns (2 years ago)
Lil Steve (2 years ago)
Why Not (2 years ago)
burrn the house down a super Mario x refanse
Furniture... Again!? What, Re-Logic can't get some ideas for other thinks or bosses? Better be if they do faster 1.3 on console and mobile versions. Or Terraria: Otherworlds. But not furniture...
OP Malfit (2 years ago)
still waiting for a rare chest furniture that has capacity of 80
Dwagon (2 years ago)
Maybe we'll get a furniture boss!
Arbikiusz Elemelek (2 years ago)
Every major update has content for all kind of players and these are just minor hype spoilers
Kegan S (2 years ago)
Don't do drugs kids. Re-Logic doesn't work on the console versions.
Matrim (2 years ago)
I keep staring at the furniture and it gets creepier and creepier, but I can't take my eyes off them!
Luna Lawrence (2 years ago)
Is that health bar a mod or is it actually coming to Terraria?
Gjin Haxhiu (2 years ago)
THE GREAT MAXIE / Lunala mod
Dax Max (2 years ago)
Ooh.... new update....
Oscar Klein (2 years ago)
Furniture ! yay...
Samuel Sabatino (2 years ago)
Sirduck Ouf The North (2 years ago)
Starblaster11 (2 years ago)
This way we can be edgy without a sword. Also, now there IS a monster under the bed.
Starblaster11 (2 years ago)
Lol, true.
Elyrium (2 years ago)
Actually, the bed IS the monster :P
Obey_KingTrae (2 years ago)
hi chippy I'm back
*FlipFlop* (2 years ago)
the ending links didn't pop up lol 😒
Melon (2 years ago)
How can I install Terraria 1.3.4 on my PC?
Don Ficko (2 years ago)
that link doesn't work :-( now i'm sad. i wanted a free virus on my pc...
Elyrium (2 years ago)
Emilio Delarosa, if you want it for free, then go to www.freevirusonmypc.net
Cap. Adam (2 years ago)
Try 'pirate Bay' but it might be a risk for your PC (pirated game dah) or just buy it.
Noodle Pop (2 years ago)
Oh you'd probably have to get it off some dodgy website which will most likely give you a virus
Melon (2 years ago)
I mean FREE
TheGamingRage (2 years ago)
84 like
Hknkn (2 years ago)
New Dungeon? It Means NEW UNDERGROUND BIOME!!!
Hknkn (2 years ago)
+ there was new dirt...
LostInMyselff (2 years ago)
Chippy! Waiting for your streams man, dont let us fans down!
ChippyGaming (2 years ago)
I actually just got my twitch partnership today! not streaming this weekend though since it's my girlfriends birthday! :)
TheAverageOtaku (2 years ago)
hi james
Splapp (2 years ago)
We seriously need naturally generating sipder huts in terraria
BMO 5678 (10 months ago)
We will probably have spider fangs from spider huts or spider nests
BMO 5678 (10 months ago)
Splapp I thought it was spaders
Lil Steve (2 years ago)
sharperwhisper9 (2 years ago)
Pako hell no i don't want a dam spider hut underground cus I will die from a heart attack when I play the game
Stickperson (2 years ago)
um whats a sipder? i only know spooders
Master Oogway (2 years ago)
where is the sandstone furniture?
OP Malfit (2 years ago)
i found Easter egg: if you try recording music on box during sand storm and relog quickly after you obtain it, the music box plays chip tune version of darude sandstorm
fn - 2003 (2 years ago)
Qrowe it looks nice with sandstone brick
Qrowe (2 years ago)
...how does gold have ANYTHING at all to do with sandstone???
Omega_Pi_X (2 years ago)
Actually, those aren't new bricks! Those are just some Obsidian Bricks painted brown. Guys, please like this so Chippy can see this.
Alexander Vetsch (1 year ago)
me too
Lil Steve (2 years ago)
But hey, it would be cool if there was a new type of brick. :)
Raven Toxicity (2 years ago)
* Unmistakable to anyone besides Chippy.
Omega_Pi_X (2 years ago)
E-mail has been sent.
Michochay (2 years ago)
oh dam it i was gonna say that lol
Jacob Lombardo (2 years ago)
I really want Beetle Husk Blocks
Jacob Lombardo (2 years ago)
And Lihzahrd Armour (made from Solar Tablet Peices) and it gives +5 attack damage and defense during night
Griffin (2 years ago)
i saw a spider last night, got up for a tissue box to kill it and when i came back t'was gone. i may live in fear for the rest of my life
eraZure (11 months ago)
daniel kudla firstly, evil is a matter of perspective. Secondly, those are likely not corpses, rather just shed skin
MAREP 591 (11 months ago)
Spiders are mostly harmless and are more scared of you than you are of them imagine if you were minding your own buisness and then someone tried to murder you.
Sub Zero (1 year ago)
Whisperer888 Whisper Don't even say that Monstrosity's name
daniel kudla (1 year ago)
everithyng about the topic was said. we had to change it.
Griffin (1 year ago)
so this is what its like to have 18 replies on a thread. it goes off topic and starts talking about how awesome praying mantises are (which they are, if you disagree your wrong)
Spaghetti Inc. (2 years ago)
333third XdLol
Gaming Assassin175 (2 years ago)
heeeeeeeeeellllllllo terraria enthusiasts
Zephy (2 years ago)
How do you get tmodloader to work on 1.3.5, its not working for me and i want to play the Calamity mod but it just crashs everytime i load it, i can play normal terraria just fine, but i have to keep reinstalling it for it to work.
Omega_Pi_X (2 years ago)
The current version of TModLoader only works for, so you will have to wait until it's updated for the 1.3.5 patch.
C K (2 years ago)
Good video goooood
BEST PANTH PBE (2 years ago)
What about spider boss that drops spider furniture crafting station? ^^

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