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We Bare Bears Origin Stories | Cartoon Network

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From being stuck in trees to escaping zoos to fleeing hunters... The Bears origins are far from boring 🐻🐼❄️ Which backstory do you find most interesting? Let us know in the comments! CN GAMES: http://bit.ly/CNGames SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/109Y6wq WATCH MORE: http://bit.ly/1TTwg6s About We Bare Bears: Cartoon Network’s We Bare Bears is a new animated comedy about three brothers trying to fit in and make friends...which can be kinda hard to do when you’re a bear. Grizzly is the oldest bear, and leads his brothers with bounds of optimism...that will only turn out disastrous some of the time. Panda is a classic middle child – shy, sensitive, a little finicky – and a lovable, hopeless romantic. Ice Bear is the youngest brother, an oddball personality and general wild card who enjoys flying under everyone’s radar. Connect with We Bare Bears online: Visit We Bare Bears WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/1CQkVfC Like We Bare Bears on FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/1fE6ctr About Cartoon Network: Welcome to the Cartoon Network YouTube Channel, the destination for all of your favorite cartoons and videos. Watch clips from shows like Teen Titans Go!, Steven Universe, Clarence, Adventure Time, Uncle Grandpa, The Amazing World of Gumball and more! Connect with Cartoon Network Online: Visit Cartoon Network WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/90omi9 Like Cartoon Network on FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/SULxhQ Follow Cartoon Network on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/XqeBXf Follow Cartoon network on TUMBLR: http://bit.ly/1B3nUQF http://www.youtube.com/user/CartoonNetwork
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Text Comments (7417)
Cristi K24 (1 hour ago)
Ice bear Music?
Ichika Abarai (6 hours ago)
Ohhh now I know why Ice Bear talks in 3rd person, Yuri used to!
Hyper brownie (8 hours ago)
All of their orgins are so sad
Panda is a nerd
Ra The RECKER (12 hours ago)
Gabriel Carrasco (19 hours ago)
no hablo ingles soy gabriel
Shiny Meme team (20 hours ago)
I cried when ice bear was there
timur ismailovic (21 hours ago)
Semua berawal dari air mata
Reynaldo Gutierrez (21 hours ago)
0:34 me as a baby
Gavin Graham (21 hours ago)
the backstory i find most intresting is grizz because instead of a cat up a tree its a bear up a tree
Indonesia 🐼🐻🐨
Xeomnite Gaming (1 day ago)
I want ice bear to go back and find yuri
xXShadowPhoenix79Xx (1 day ago)
1 of the times Ice Bear has been emotional
The best
Pi Sey (1 day ago)
Come here to improve my English 😍
Abizar AlGhifari (1 day ago)
ice bears cute
Nathan Tolosa (2 days ago)
Grizz:english Icebear:russia Panda:china
Nathan Tolosa (2 days ago)
Grizz's back story is sad😭😭😭😭😭
Ahmad Abul Kashem (2 days ago)
ok now i got it grizzly from usa , panda from china ,polar beer from russia ,
Darkwing Dave (2 days ago)
Ice Bear likes this episode
Gunnar Boy (2 days ago)
Poor ice bear
skythai卫国 (2 days ago)
little finger (2 days ago)
Panda is so cute
JENNIFER Aw (2 days ago)
🐼 Chinese
Michelle Lee (2 days ago)
Ice bear's story is so sad😢
Nigro Rock (2 days ago)
I like panda the most as it like to make friends
TenSkys OwO (3 days ago)
Grizz’s origin : Sad and Heartwarming Panda’s origin : Cute Ice Bear’s origin : Sad and Independence
BABY UNIVERSE TV (3 days ago)
Hey people!! I make interesting videos!! You must see!!!😜
furby connect 5382927 (3 days ago)
Ice bear is so sad:(
Manuela Resendiz (3 days ago)
Baizat Super (3 days ago)
Как приятна и обидно😍😢😿😻😍 процент печалься %90 процент милость %50
Yagang Dugan (3 days ago)
Thats why ice bear is like a ninja because of yuri!
amna Islam (3 days ago)
i cry on ice bear oreign
amna Islam (3 days ago)
i really reAlly love icebear
febrian NxS (4 days ago)
Ice bear the best life children
I love pandas one! Like u agree
Rahat Manzoor (4 days ago)
This is why ice bear is so talented
Veni Vidi Vici (4 days ago)
I want to see how all three of them met up
KING GAMER (5 days ago)
how they meet together
Mochi's CatScratch (5 days ago)
Can someone find out the song used in Icebears origins?
Belen Perez (5 days ago)
Grizz was so cute I was going to cry
Jose Elias Silva (5 days ago)
Antonina Nisperos (5 days ago)
Theres a refference of the burrito episode when grizz gets to attached to his burrito wich is giant by the way
Rui Li (6 days ago)
The chinese in panda's story is actually really good, I was surprised.
Max From campcamp (6 days ago)
That first one got me this episode is my favorite
Lotte V. (6 days ago)
I have tears in my eyes, this is actually so sad:(
greekgodlamb (6 days ago)
This makes me feel for all the abandoned baby animals out there..
Gacha _ Boy (6 days ago)
I have a ice bear head pillow a grizzly stuffy and a panda clock
IAmBunneh (6 days ago)
Ice bears was sad
Tiana Turner (7 days ago)
Ice bear is cute
Helen Tallentair (7 days ago)
I stay crying at this snnsnsn
محمد محمد (7 days ago)
روٌعٌهّ آبًدٍآعٌ جّمًيَلَ جّدٍآ 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
GamerGirlE (7 days ago)
Ice bear leaving his friend behind is so sad
Darius Adrian (7 days ago)
yeah boy
Conn Edmonds (7 days ago)
the origin stories made me cry so hard
Andres Ionuț Cocu (7 days ago)
This is why: Grizz loves Burrito Panda hates to be lonely Ice Bear talks at 3rd person And their countries: Grizz:USA Panda:China Ice:Russia
Rania Alhawli (7 days ago)
ice bear origin story it's sad😫
Lily Mackay (8 days ago)
I'm crying
Alyssa P (8 days ago)
im crying so hard. this is so emotional.
Ayu Yuda (8 days ago)
Prerna Bhat (8 days ago)
Kulafu Ishmael (9 days ago)
The dudes axe was named YURI FAH HE KNOWS DDLC
Tendo 201 (8 days ago)
I know right? 😄
Kabinan Rameshkumar (9 days ago)
Ice bear is cute
Milo Dog (10 days ago)
Juicy Llama (10 days ago)
Honestly, I don't think the origin they show for Grizz is really HIS origin. It's mainly about why he likes burritos so much.(I mean it probably is because it's the only one they have)
My Eyes Hurt (10 days ago)
When grizz grabbed on the fireman’s arm it looks like the same material as the giant burrito he got so that’s why he was obsessed with it.
Presley Petrus (10 days ago)
My favorite is Ice bear but Grizzly's episode is too short.
Gian Sacayan (10 days ago)
I want that in the last episode panda will make a comeback at the zoo and ice bear to return to Yuri
Pathfinder Main (10 days ago)
What if they all separate and go on to live their lives apart one another Ice Bear in Russia or somewhere cold idk Panda back at the zoo after they (the zookeepers) find him, I know sad 🙁 Then grizz can be all alone in his cave I think the episode wherein they're in the pet shop already foreshadowed this
Amister Gaming (10 days ago)
Now i know why is Ice Bear like a ninja in the other episode cause Yuri is the One TEACH HIM!!! Wooow
Maximo Foeh-Pierce (11 days ago)
imagine this was a movie
Ketsia Baruti (8 days ago)
It will be so cool 😎😎😎
Orzova (11 days ago)
Like for panda
Amanpreet Kaur (11 days ago)
BTS World Domination (11 days ago)
Now I know why Ice Bear talks the way he does 😂💙
BTS World Domination (11 days ago)
I know it’s a cartoon but I’m glad they have each other 😌
Ella Clarke (11 days ago)
Anyone in the comment section know what the last thing Yuri said to Ice Bear is???
Amares Espinoza (11 days ago)
What about grizzlies orgin
Leo Tube (11 days ago)
0:09 😭😭😭
사샤Sasha (12 days ago)
ice bear origin make me cry
GalaxyZombo 750 (12 days ago)
lollollololo Read more
Sushi (12 days ago)
wghhbbv c;hlghj jkvxdoo
Haiiroookami (12 days ago)
Oh man how I wish I had name like Yuri
princess purple (12 days ago)
Omo my ice bear is crying
The Weird 1 (12 days ago)
There should be an episode where they're all grown up, and they reunite with their friends; Yuri, Panda2, and the fire fighter.
O YEAH (12 days ago)
Hey make Hindi dub dbz and other anime to become big channel
Tong Nghia Chau (12 days ago)
Santa Claus is that you??
Shaira Faith Dagayloan (12 days ago)
Ice Bears story is the saddest one..
Shaira Faith Dagayloan (12 days ago)
4:31 ohhh..
Ariel Lomugdang (12 days ago)
Yuri is ice bear's friend dad like if u know and ice bears origin made me cry
Garuu (12 days ago)
That soup is dope
SUMO (13 days ago)
this is the best thing ive ever seen in my life
Dorjkhand Erdenebileg (13 days ago)
7:05 mongol
ABDI ANIMATION (13 days ago)
Русский мишка
浅橙夏天 (13 days ago)
Omg,in the panda's origin , the people there speaks Chinese! I am Chinese! I thought it may be that the zoo panda is in , is in China , I think most panda is in China
jotaro 9171 (13 days ago)
Ice bear
I love ice bear stories
That One girl (13 days ago)
Aww ice bear actually had a parent figure so he was thru more loss
That One girl (13 days ago)
Grizz mom was probably killed by animal or human and she put grizz in tree to be safe sad but can be true #stopkillingbears
Josue Jimenez (13 days ago)
But sometimes it’s funny

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