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Gunnar and Cory had fun.... And so did everyone else. Links --------------------------------- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Poop-and-fry... Our website: http://www.poopandfry.com/
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Warrior Gaming (4 months ago)
These guys do not know how to play pool at all lmao
John Garand (4 months ago)
Also those adults there are fucked of the cops find out. At 3:38 you can hear the one adult male say "are you filming? Because there's certain laws..." (it's kinda hard to hear the rest because of background noise)
John Garand (4 months ago)
Yo these fucking kids are in middle school for fucks sake.
MartiniGasolini (5 months ago)
Their parents failed them.
Bearded Hermit (5 months ago)
I'd be concerned about this video if I was those 2 adults. That's video proof of providing alcohol to minors. I'm not saying they're wrong in keeping an eye on things (it's probably their house), just saying that according to the law they'd be completely screwed if the police saw this video. This is like criminals showing their friends video proof of crimes they've done on Facebook....not real bright.
Eli's Airsoft and Travel (5 months ago)
“Get those pedophile views” fucking lol
KrustyDanmakuDude (5 months ago)
14 straight minutes of fuck Not fucking *fuck*
TrollFace Nationalist (5 months ago)
What the fuck is this shit? I came here to see the rape, not ping pong FUCK ME IN THE ASS! >:O
Gaming with xmanmoneyman (10 months ago)
ThatOneBloxburgKid (1 year ago)
*aRe Ya FiLmInG iT yEt?¿?¿*

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