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Epic Cartoon Banner Template [FREE PSD DOWNLOAD in desc. ]

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DOWNLOAD PSD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/arrsiln0tmez1p8/BANNER+TEMPLATE.psd DOWNLOAD TEXT FONTS: Lobster - http://www.dafont.com/pt/lobster.font Gotham Ultra - https://flexibble.com/free-gotham-font/ TEMPLATE PREVIEW HD: https://gyazo.com/6f768b7364e3861a9da33c93e63b34e0 Contact me / Request designs: skype: diemofoii twitter: @CatarinaS16 My Portfolio: https://cathgraphics.carbonmade.com/ cath graphics.
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Text Comments (17)
ONKELZOCKER (1 year ago)
Hi my Name of youtube id onkelzocker. I have question and i need New youtube banner for my channel . Can you say me please, How much the price ?
NabsWorld Games (1 year ago)
Hello ! I contact you to tell you I love your art. What can you do for me? Please
AnimaToon ™ (1 year ago)
Ótimo Video! Gostei Muito,Parabéns Pelo Belo Trabalho!
El3ctroTM (1 year ago)
Thanks (Obrigado) Foi mal não sei falar em ingles .-.
DieBomboms (1 year ago)
Which pack did you use?
Daniel Solda (1 year ago)
qual ea musica usada
CathGraphics (1 year ago)
Shawn Mendes - Mercy (Loote Remix) :)
Fultra (1 year ago)
CathGraphics (1 year ago)
Fultra (1 year ago)
that looks sooooooooooooooo AWESOME
BrokeBoiNick (1 year ago)
can i re upload this?
CathGraphics (1 year ago)
No , Im sorry
BrokeBoiNick (1 year ago)
and just saying shawn mendes is sister is my friend
Callum Yates (1 year ago)
CathGraphics (1 year ago)
thanks man
CathGraphics (1 year ago)
Free psd download and text fonts in the description! Make sure to leave a like if you found this useful :)
Reality Tech (4 months ago)
do you have a email? and how much? are you charging?

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