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Hayley Kiyoko - Girls Like Girls

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Music video for Girls Like Girls performed by Hayley Kiyoko. Buy This Side Of Paradise EP on iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/this-side-of-paradise-ep/id959739340?ls=1 EP CITRINE Availible Now!! iTunes: https://smarturl.it/CitrineEP Spotify: http://smarturl.it/StreamHayleyKiyoko Google Play: https://smarturl.it/CitrineEP_G Amazon: https://smarturl.it/P_A Join My Mailing List: https://atlanti.cr/join Site: http://hayleykiyokoofficial.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/hayleykiyoko Facebook: http://facebook.com/hayleykiyoko Instagram: http://instagram.com/hayleykiyoko Copyright (C) 2015 Hayley Kiyoko. --- Powered by http://www.vydia.com http://vevo.ly/XwhCOT
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Sophie King (39 minutes ago)
Zannah Ravenclaw (53 minutes ago)
I'm Real (1 hour ago)
FLOP , thank you next
Daishon Hamby (2 hours ago)
😂 I actually know how Girls have sex with another girl which is sad and weird
I'm not crying I swear
Jasmine Polamalu (3 hours ago)
Tynam Heron (3 hours ago)
Sarah (3 hours ago)
I'm gay and YouTube knows it
chrystal kirk-slazo (3 hours ago)
H e
Daishon Hamby (4 hours ago)
how can a girl have sex with a girl
Ethne (2 hours ago)
Not your business
Frau Huebner (4 hours ago)
#GLGTo100M - we can do it.
amarfil cooper (4 hours ago)
alessia cara (5 hours ago)
100Mn 💜💜💜
limboae (5 hours ago)
watched this when it came out and i was scared because i knew i wa-
Analyce Quadros (5 hours ago)
taetae (5 hours ago)
dios, esta chica necesita sacar su pelicula yaaaa !
Turtle Hugger (6 hours ago)
Biased and Stan LYS (6 hours ago)
Como me hubiera gustado que pasara pero baah
love this video
вυм. (9 hours ago)
Hurricane Tortilla (9 hours ago)
I knew what this song was and I loved it before I even knew who it was by and then someone said if I like her music I’m gay and I searched for and jsjakksksjsn
Dawn Davenport (9 hours ago)
Hayley is pretty amazing :D
Winter Sweet💙 (10 hours ago)
That one moment when you're Pansexual😂🏳‍🌈
Tris Lry (4 hours ago)
Rahh M (13 hours ago)
Pair of kings.
re vo (13 hours ago)
One of my classmates have this song, im shookt hahahhaaha i thought i am the only one who knows this song in our section hahhahabab
Emma Bower (15 hours ago)
This literally gave me chills, I love this song and the music video. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
Anonymous 0057 (15 hours ago)
Wtf why is there 67K dislikes?
ECI NUE (15 hours ago)
favourite song
Gordy M (15 hours ago)
behind the scenes of disney and disney XD
Zoe Jiang (16 hours ago)
Red Shadow (19 hours ago)
Sarah Faulkner (19 hours ago)
Not apart of the LGBT community but am a supporter! 🏳️‍🌈 punch em sis!!!!
《Crystal Edits!》 (12 hours ago)
Thank you. Im BI, so thank you. :)
Alyson (20 hours ago)
I like girls and boys. I get every fish in the sea.
b10 (20 hours ago)
I feel bad 4 her😪😪😪😪
Flexible PE (21 hours ago)
I’m gay and I’m a guy
Avery Albert (21 hours ago)
hayley kiyoko is just using her music and influence to fund lesbian short films... AND I AM 100% HERE FOR IT PLS MAKE MORE
Paola Gimenez (22 hours ago)
Bangtan Trash (23 hours ago)
This *is* it
Jocelyn Mora (23 hours ago)
today i told my best friend i liked her, after i said it, she said she knew.... she knew what i was about to say and knew that i liked her.... i asked how, she answered with something along the lines of i know the way you think and what youre going to say.... and we changed the subject. i never heard her answer about her feelings , and i’m scared to bring it up again. any advice?
《Crystal Edits!》 (12 hours ago)
Just tell her....Show your feelings! COME ON girl!
You can send her a letter if your to scared to face her
Daishon Hamby (23 hours ago)
ShitshitShe said, "Give me head" bitch, after you (bitch) Foenem go in first, I go after you (grahh) Y-Y-You get robbed for your flashy shoes Bitch, you get robbed for your rackables NigganiggaNigga wanna show his ass like a baboon (like a fucking baboon) Now he's a hashtag, now he's a tattoo (now you're a tattoo) Now his bitch's ass on my dick, bathroom (in the fucking bathroom) Wanna be a class coon? You get ate like fast food (you get ate like fast food) You won't walk, you gon' crawl away like a raccoon (like a fucking raccoon) Hands in the air like a statue, I will shoot you in a classroom (fucking classroom) See through you like a glassroom, I nothing to ask you (gang) 1, 2, 3, call Blast for you, the choppa stock detachable (nigga, whatchu wanna do?) You want beef? Just ask dude, number nine on my chest, and my ass dude (gang) I tote the gat 'cause I have to, you tote it 'cause it's fashionable (grahh, gang) Tears in the water unpassable (skirr), we pop out in the afternoon (skirr) This Gosha international, touch and bullets come after you (pew, pew) ShitshitShe said, "Give me head" bitch, after you (bitch) Foenem go in first, I go after you (grahh) Y-Y-You get robbed for your flashy shoes Bitch, you get robbed for your rackables She said, "Give me head" bitch, after you (bitch) Foenem gon' go first first, I go after you Nigga, that Glizzy don't get passed to you (bitch) Nigga, you wouldn't even shoot if you had to shoo
Ella Flynn (23 hours ago)
So close to 100mill come on lets end 20gayteen with a win!!
Daishon Hamby (23 hours ago)
Intro] Gang, gang (bitch) Five times seven bullets rip you apart Beep, beep Gang, gang You know how the fuck we rockin' man (know how the fuck we rock bitch) Free Santana, man (Hi Kevin), Free J Roc, free Sticky Free Pimpyz, man (free Pimpyz, bitch) Gang [Hook] You-you-you was on some opp shit I was cruisin' down a nigga block with the chopstick (grraa, grraa) Rockstar nigga, (gang) now I need a rock bitch (beep) We want beef, not veggies, not squash, bitch That-that-that boy like to talk (gang), we pop out with mops (graa) You gon' shoot a little, (beep, beep) we gon' shoot a lot I rock out with the chop, bitch, I rock very hard (very hard) She thought it was my cock but my Glock very hard [Verse 1] S-S-S-School was very hard (gang), bitch, I'm very hard (gang) Tay-K very hard (hard), Tay-K fairly odd Chop-chop-chopper with a blade, 'cause my bitch goth (bitch) 1911, Ma I'll leave you with a scar My mama so hard (gang), my daddy go hard (gang) Tay-K fairly odd, Tay-K very hard (bitch) This thooka is my wand, Tay-K fairly odd Chopper with a blade, it's gon' rip you apart You's a monkey nigga, so we knock your tree apart (bitch) Bullets aim far, bullets aim far [Refrain] Tay-K very hard, Tay-K very hard (yeah, yeah) Bitch, I'm very hard, (hard) Bitch, I'm very hard
Sosoh E Diversos (23 hours ago)
Daishon Hamby (23 hours ago)
Daishon Hamby (4 hours ago)
+PumpkinFace [Intro] Okay, I'm way too good at this shit I don't even really gotta try no more Oh my God, Ronny [Chorus] Bitch I am up, bitch I am up Bitch I am up, bitch I am up Bitch I am up, bitch I am up Bitch I am up, bitch I am up Bitch I am huh, bitch I am up Bitch I am up, bitch I am up Bitch I am up, bitch I am up (okay!) Bitch I am up, bitch I am up [Verse 1] Okay, Xans for her dinner, uh, bag from Margiela, uh Bad little bitch, she Spanish, speak no English, got no manners Just like a gnome, I'm at your home Right on your yard, shoes are Goyard Dick in your broad, her pussy stinky Messy like Binky, bon appetite, okay? Bitch, I don't see nobody better than me, mm All these pussy niggas is jealous of me, mm Got a pussy wetter than Swiffer, you see, mm Steal a nigga flow then murder his beat, uh Stole a nigga bitch, she murder my meat, uh Had a nigga numb from the feet to the knee up When she suck my dick, it's makin' her hiccup When I'm in that pussy, I just might do sit ups
PumpkinFace (6 hours ago)
What's tf is wrong with being gay?!
《Crystal Edits!》 (12 hours ago)
Im Bi, that's so Damn rude.
cyane (1 day ago)
this song wasn't how I discovered my identity but it was how I accepted it :-)
Shook Kae (1 day ago)
Butter (1 day ago)
Here before 100 mil
Tricky (1 day ago)
The 67k dislikes are probs homophobes
I am Cierra (1 day ago)
I'm 12 and I already kissed a girl... is that bad?
《Crystal Edits!》 (12 hours ago)
Jacks Noodles (1 day ago)
Stop calling them Gay it’s lesbian ! They are both girls liking each other, not boys liking each other!
Daishon Hamby (1 day ago)
Ran up with some hope and he ran off as a ghost Chopper with a stock and a dick, and a scope She say's she was sleep, she says Tay-K now I'm woke Come here bitch throat oh oh oh oh Try to play me like a pussy nigga and it won't work Chopper with the stock, it's gon' kick but it won't hurt Turn his bitch sideways, rip 'em like some homework Sneak up in his trap under the bed like a monster Pop up out the cut with the choppa whose the owner? Today you're not a trap star today you are a donor I don't want to cool it with the thot I'm tryna bone her She throw the pussy on me like I put it in a corner I made a movie with a opp thot, she say I cloned her She got Stussy on, that bitch basic and this won't work Every slug hot, like a rapper at a concert She says peep game, play her like some poker I said yes, dentist said are you a smoker? OG cookies and pussy niggas, 'cause I do both And I asked her what the dick did and murder she wrote And she wanna give me mo' head but my dick hurt her throat Come here bitch oh oh oh oh oh Chopper with a stock and a dick and a scope Run up on lil Tay-K, you ain't running you gon' float She don't like bloods, says she never had a Loc Coppers pull us over then we're running like a hoe And if they get to close we get to dumping like a hoe Have them doctors cutting heads up like a pumpkin in this hoe And my whole gang stacking like a bunk bed in this hoe He ran up with some hope and he ran off as a ghost Chopper with a stock and a dick and a scope She says she was sleep she says Tay-K now I'm woke Come here bitch throat oh oh oh oh Come here bitch throat oh oh oh oh Chopper with a stock and a dick and a scope Run up run up on lil Tay-K you ain't running' you got float Come here bitch oh oh oh oh For non-commercial use only. Data From: LyricFind Show related videos
*insert me jamming to this shit on the day that my crush fucking confessed with me that they liked me*
Daishon Hamby (1 day ago)
Gang You already know how the fuck we rocking, my nigga Rugrat shit, man [Verse] I was cruisin' down the street, four deep (Rug-Rat!) Three bitches, one yoppa on me (buck, buck, buck!) And the yoppa might as well be a fiend (well be a fiend) 'Cause it got two arms and some feet (two arms and some feet) 'Cause it wake up in the morning and it eat (grr) I love my choppa and I think it love me (love me) Prolly 'cause I let that bitch do what it please (skrt, skrt!) Call a hitter, 'cause he gon shoot for free (yurr heard) Let me hush, that’s between him and me R.I.P. Eazy-E (gang!) Niggas actin' like bitches, man these niggas act like fe's (lil' bitch) Choppa with extensions (gang), pussy boy get on your knees Money counter count it up, fffff, beep (gang, gang) I don’t tote no choppa, bitch the choppa tote me (with my gang) I might just pop ya, watch your talkin to me Yoppa have him Blood walkin' on the scene Yoppa have the blood poppin' out yo jeans Boy you niggas love talking, yoppa's scream (talk dead) Tote F&N Five-Seven but I'm 16 He think he hard, well, that choppa beat his meat (eugh) My momma insane and my daddy OG (bang, bang) So I’m insane, I don’t know what to think I’m EBK, I’ll put anything to sleep I love my choppa and her parents wanna mee
Rosie Georgeson (1 day ago)
I doubt anyone will read this or respond. I am pansexual. No one knows, except my dog but I don’t think he cared. I’m terrified. I wouldn’t really call my parents homophobic but they kinda are; they talk about lgbt people as if they are aliens calling them “the gays”, my mum tells me she would be fine if I was one of “the gays” but with a face that clearly tells me that she would not be fine with it and she also quickly checks that I am not gay. My dad doesn’t really talk about it much but he has told be that he is fine with “the gays” but he doesn’t agree with gay marriage. I don’t really want to come out to my parents but I am planning to come out to my sister over Christmas, she’s lives in London and works as a nurse so I don’t really see her much, she is very excepting. Today I nearly got outed. We were watching something on the television, the BBC have this series which people who spend a lot of money are made to guess if the product if expensive or cheap. I normally don’t pay attention but this time it was 2 gay men with there 4 adopted children. My parents, knowing that my friends are bi, ace and gay, didn’t say anything but somehow, I’m not really sure how, my mum asked me if I was gay, so I said I wasn’t sure, she looked a bit annoyed, probably because I didn’t give a “proper” answer, my dad didn’t say anything and moved the conversation into a different direction, he always does this. I am terrified, I don’t want to come out but I know I need to tell someone because it’s killing me keeping such a big secret (he feels like a constantly telling a lie). My friends are bisexual, asexual and gay, I know they will except me but it terrifies me (they all think I’m straight; they call me their straight friend 😂). I was wondering if any of you could help in any way?? Oh and my most of my family are Christians ( not my sister) they think I’m a Christian but I’m not really sure on that either.
Rosie Georgeson (1 day ago)
SingWithIce TM thank you. It still terrifies me, I doubt my friends will out me but I don’t know how to come out, any ideas?? I will probably move out before I come out, that sounds like a good idea but I’m 15 so when I move out it was probably being going to uni, that’s if I go (my dad has sais I’m going to uni p, he has practically planned out my life) but thank you
SingWithIce TM (1 day ago)
Maybe try coming out to your friend as long as you're sure they won't out you to your parents, it might help. Also, don't come out to your parents unless you have somewhere to go if it backfires and they turn out to not be particularly accepting. For your safety you might want to wait until you're able to move out/go somewhere else if you think they'd react badly.
Eilidh Erasmus (1 day ago)
Does anyone know guitar chords to this song lmao I wanted to learn this in lessons but that would literally be coming out to my teacher 😂
Promotion of Smoking, alcohol, homosexuality and violence.
All rise for the national anthem. Where is my teen romance movie about this?
Noor Wijker (1 day ago)
*me listening to this song* gay? GAY!
Blair owo (1 day ago)
Hfjfhdhf im so gay for both of these girls
mona lise (1 day ago)
Lily :P (1 day ago)
Bryanna Strauser (1 day ago)
Polo Bear (1 day ago)
Anyone from Serbia?
Giuliana Fonseca (1 day ago)
Eu amo essa música esse clipe socorro AAAAA A A A A
Becksnnc (1 day ago)
Because it's totally okay to beat someone to a pulp.
grff Vivi (1 day ago)
Aliva Das (1 day ago)
2017: I'm straight! I like boys 2018: I'm gay like hell!🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
greatlove forgood (1 day ago)
I'll be waiting for the series.😉😁
orion D (1 day ago)
O God I watch this every single day
I swear this song/video makes me stupid. I can’t listen to it without start shining extremely powerful queer vibes and smiling non stop
Elise Kart (1 day ago)
+Ana Carolina Antonini Yesss gaydar overloads across 4 states
Elise Kart yes!!! And the kiss!!! I’m pretty sure every time I watch this video I overwhelm anyone with a gaydar in a 10 miles radius
Elise Kart (1 day ago)
Ana Carolina Antonini Same here, I have a mini gay heart attack at 1:13 every time. Then there’s the perfection that is Kelsey... I can’t watch this video without multiplying my gayness my 10
rita barrera (1 day ago)
ramble and ramble (1 day ago)
"Girls like girls like boys do. Nothing new" yesssssssssss
Chase Brody (1 day ago)
Yes "i" Card i am listening i wasnt aware of that thanks
katie märnie (1 day ago)
2016: I'm 100% straight 2017: Maybe I like girls.. 2018: Guess who Bi ❤💛💚💙💜
Grace Calimub (1 day ago)
Why is this in my recommended?
Neptune x (1 day ago)
Cuz its awesome
Romsi 23 (1 day ago)
Come on friends, we can do it! ♥️ 1M views isn't that hard for our Hayley. 🙏 Hayley Kiyoko would be my fav producer.. Please direct a lot lot lot of movies.. I promise i'll watch them more than 999999 times over and over again, like all these f* awesome music videos!
Romsi 23 (13 hours ago)
#20gayteen ♥️
Neptune x (1 day ago)
Toph Beifong (1 day ago)
Yes! seeing all the happy lesbians in the comments makes me happy too
dog bone (1 day ago)
When you still having had your first kiss and your in middle school.😥
Elise Kart (1 day ago)
dog bone When you still haven’t had your first kiss and you’re in high school. Don’t worry, you’ll get the chance :)
alice pansexual (1 day ago)
My heart;-;;;; I love this song
alice pansexual (2 hours ago)
+UNE BISEXUELLE GOTHIQUE yes why do you ask?
Are you really pansexual ?
kittyraye (1 day ago)
We gotta get it to 100 mil before the end of 20gayteen y'all
PAULA ANDREA (1 day ago)
So close to 100.000.000
Chase Dallas (1 day ago)
this brings back so many memories, this was the first song i heard by her 😭
Kandy Summers (1 day ago)
I have a friend like this
Novadovee (1 day ago)
can we hit 100M views?
Neptune x (1 day ago)
Elise Kart (1 day ago)
Ok ok ok to any Wynonna Earp fans out there. Is it just me or is this very similar to the story of Wayhaught? Right? Seemingly straight girl in a relationship (Sonya/Waverly) begins to fall for a beautiful, confident girl who fights to defend her (Coley/Nicole). They deny their feelings, but still fall more and more in love with each other until they finally kiss, but the boyfriend (Trenton/Champ) gets mad at them for their relationship. Hm? Hmmmmmmm?? Anyone? Just me?
gerardo reyes (1 day ago)
Alycia Wifes (1 day ago)
Awesome Unicorn (1 day ago)
99M view lets get this too 100M before 20gayteen ends!
Zoe Boss (1 day ago)
I love this so much. I recently came out as bisexual to some of my friends and family and I feel so... myself this way. This video made me remember that. thanks!
Vanesa Cruz (1 day ago)
Who else thought of Panic! .... Girls love Girls and Boys
Marjorie Diez (1 day ago)
Lezzgo Fam. When this hits 100M , Hayley should make this a movie!!!! Agree?
Brenda Moreno (1 day ago)
Let's get this to 100M views before the end of 20gayteen
Only One (1 day ago)
Only One (1 day ago)
Anne (1 day ago)
can u believe that i saw this live
Zarey Katherine (1 day ago)
Anne (1 day ago)
I came back after 3 years to ask if anyone’s been here for Hailey since she was in Lemonade Mouth and Scooby-Doo?
bts lover (1 day ago)
Okay, I know I commented like 3 months ago, But I keep coming back to this video every night just to look through the comments to read some inspiration and i'm crying now, because i'm happy, and i'm not afraid to be who I am. :) but i don't know why i cry even though the tiny music parts before and after the music video either. #HayleyKiyoko #girlslikegirls #beproud #lesbian
Greace Loza (1 day ago)
Me encanta💟💜

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