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Learning English - Lesson Thirty Seven ( Fashion )

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In this lesson we look at fashion and words connected with it. Fashion affects our lives much more than we realise.
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Sukhansa U-dee (5 months ago)
Thank you.
Danilo Sena Religado (9 months ago)
I want to write lyrics in english to my songs, can you help me misterduncan?
Pedro Belmont (1 year ago)
Hello Mr Duncan how are you feeling today i already watched this episode 4 times,but i have to admit i admire your creativity☺
Ariel Castilla (2 years ago)
Houtan Siasi (3 years ago)
Cool dancing :-)
Nazir Bhat (3 years ago)
thank u Mrduncon
PrinceLied (3 years ago)
You're so hip, Misterduncan! :)
Poliana Almeida (3 years ago)
I LOVE your lessons Misterduncan! #ThanksForSharing!!! #Brazil \o/
Heba Hamdy (3 years ago)
l 'm from Egypt and I like it so much Thank you 😊
khemara cheang (3 years ago)
Khemara from Cambodia. Thank you so much for your teaching English videos.
Chand Bai (3 years ago)
i am frum india . many many thanks ........
Edriff86 (4 years ago)
Its amazing! You are a great teacher and person! Im brazilian guy, and I`ve learned very much with your video classes.  I never saw nothing like that. I'm so glad for to find you here. Thanks for share your gift with us. 
Trinh Dương (4 years ago)
I really like your style.Thanks for your lesson. I am from Vietnam, I am glad to heard that you said: "Hello,my new friend in Vietnam" :)))
principessa20061 (4 years ago)
thank you, I adore your lessons, it's useful, I learn more vocabulary and I hope to make progress. I never learn English before . Thank Mister Duncan , you are the best teacher . A student from Switzerland.
Weblay GUN (4 years ago)
Nice dance 
Amir Ali Zahed (4 years ago)
what about Iran..??
tomoto tcl (5 years ago)
Thank you teacher.. U R The best..
Nataliia Moroz (5 years ago)
Thanks a lot for your work,it is great.Hello from Ukraine))and take care
Ldmciz14 (5 years ago)
Thank you, teacher.
Bach Tran (5 years ago)
JUNGNEO HOHO (5 years ago)
thank you I come from Thailand
You are best teacher!!!! HELLO from Russia! :)
RAKSMEY KAVY (5 years ago)
are you a good teacher . I like
meluli09 (5 years ago)
Nice place where starting the lesson! I loved it!
Ercan Ozturk (5 years ago)
Stylish ;)
Jimena V.L (6 years ago)
Bader Al anazi (6 years ago)
great job mr.duncan
hung nguyen (6 years ago)
I`m from Vietnam.too .I hope we can chat and speak in English
Razan Taleb (6 years ago)
Lucía (6 years ago)
You are the best!!!! Thank you for all your videos :) Carry on that way ^^ Kiss!
Zarifa Quliyeva (6 years ago)
Thanks a lot and ta-ta for nowwww :)) From Azerbaijan :)
Quan Nguyen (6 years ago)
How about have a tour in Vietnam.A lesson about country,foods,people,history,natural,everything you know!!.Exiciting&Wonderful !!!
Quan Nguyen (6 years ago)
I'm from Vietnam.Hope U had another/new lessons for everyone
Teresa Kutzmann (6 years ago)
I like your lessons, thanks from Poland.
Zuhaib Hassan (6 years ago)
you have a good style of teaching i like your way of teaching and i am from Pakistan.. see you soon.....
Hicham MOUCHIR (6 years ago)
thanks a lot Mr.DUNCUN. You're a good man.
Mạn Hữu (6 years ago)
thanks from Viet Nam
Amjed Elmahadi (7 years ago)
thanks for teaching us , Iam a big learner 43 years old. hellow from Sudan
tomsega (7 years ago)
sanjamnjam (7 years ago)
:))) great video
Giám Đốc Tuấn (7 years ago)
you are the greatest English teacher in the whole world, Misterduncan :)))
Giám Đốc Tuấn (7 years ago)
your ways of teaching's always make me so funny ^^ a BIG thanks from VIETNAM :))
Revive Hope (7 years ago)
Philipp Janevsky (7 years ago)
Thank you very very much
shine vella (8 years ago)
hi!this is siva jyothifrom INDIA... i advice for u...ur interduction is amazing but day by day watching videos it's boring... so u can change interduction style... u said every decade changing fashion ...so u also change... are u ok?i hope so...are u happy ? i hope so ...like this words...this is only my advice..okey... still many more new kind of videos will give us... bye nd tc...
Jacqui Solis (8 years ago)
Amazing! I am from Costa Rica! I just wanted to say that you are great!! I like the way you present the videos!! :)
Aragona Lino (8 years ago)
u r so DIVA
Toulouse France (8 years ago)
Hi misterduncan, i'm form Laos and i improve my english with your video
Evilsork (8 years ago)
very nice video. thanks from turkey.
hi mr duncan thanks for the lessons it's great special hello from colombia parceroo graciass todo bien se cuida
miguel alejandro (9 years ago)
from Chile
miguel alejandro (9 years ago)
You are a good teacher, thanks
tphucle (9 years ago)
I am from VietNam, Thank you so much. I hope VN will be a country without communist party. Peace and freedom for VN
steve thomas (9 years ago)
Thankyou misterDuncan. Just as I was thinking of giving up teaching EFL here in Vietnam. Wow your Lessons are the missing recipe that I've been searching for.
林晨馨 (9 years ago)
HI mister Duncan, I really like your lesson :) thanks from Taiwan.
no comments...you are the best!!!Thx from Russia)))
NestoR (9 years ago)
thanks from Spain, i really like your lessons mister Duncan.
newdigitalblasphemy (9 years ago)
cool and fashionable lesson! thanks from Italy
farakh sattar (9 years ago)
helloo mister duncan ! i like to listen to your lessons ... i am here in england to do btech in computer science .... and really improving my english my listening to ur nice and easy to understandable lessons .... thanks ... God bless you .......
shaza go (9 years ago)
thank you :) from egypt
polka-dot (9 years ago)
Misterduncan your movies are AWESOME ;)) COOL, STYLISH :P I like them very much and I found out that it is a great opportunity for learning English :) Watching your videos is not only a good way for entertainment 'cause it is such funny :) and creative :) but also helpful in improving pronounciation and vocabulary :) I am learning how to speak more fluently 'cause I have a small problem with it. For two months I will pass advanced level on my mature exam :P Greetings! Claudia from Poland :)
Andre Gurita (9 years ago)
hello and thank you, I enjoy your class it's so good and funny!!!
luis souza (10 years ago)
Hi! It´s a pleasure to me to see your videos nd learn with You. I´m from Brazil and I´ve learn a lot with You. Thanks! and continuing doing it!
lauranedfr (10 years ago)
Thank you so much for your help in my trainning. You already teach me a lot, and I hoppe you will continue for long. One more in France following you
Moussa 13 (10 years ago)
Misterduncan thanks from egypt
_3$p4R74ÇU$_ (10 years ago)
hello mr. duncan my i ask if you have some blog or internet page where the videos are organized or arrange for lesson? your videos are funny and not buried and these interesting, im from mexico and i hope to learn too much for you.god bless you because spend your time for us.
Tazeen Hasan (10 years ago)
Thanks from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and I have some Indians too who yesterday joined me along with my children while I was taking ur class.
Serg San (10 years ago)
Eduardo Cassoli (10 years ago)
Hey Mr Duncan, Very nice place you chose to start that. you are so chic in that movie Duncan, see you next movie. Bye.
AHMED YEHIA (10 years ago)
hello mister duncan how are you to day? please forgave me i was tray to thank you but rhere is a mistake in my last comment . i just intend to write (may god bless you) i'm not good in english language i really feel so sorry. ta-ta for now
Thank you all for your kind comments. This was a fun lesson to make! ...and you will be pleased to know that I'm NOT naked in any part of this lesson 8-)) ENJOY ENGLISH !! (Misterduncan)
AHMED YEHIA (10 years ago)
hi mister duncan i should say that (good job). may god bels you. my name's ahmed from egypt
WBlackKite (10 years ago)
A lot of thanks for your videos. Your English is perfect!!! Will and Yana
Thanks...The word Chic tends to be used to mean stylish and cool. You know how to dress well and look good. You look chic. I suppose we could also use sophisticated too. The word posh can be used in similar ways, to describe a persons appearance or the way they behave. 'She wears posh clothes'.. 'She drinks her tea in a posh way'. So both words can sometimes be used in a similar way.I hope this helps. (Misterduncan)
Leonardo Quinderé (10 years ago)
Hi Mr Duncan, great video, good lesson again. What about the word "posh" ? Does it have the same meaning of "chic" ? Is it more used in US or in England? Nice to see your effort to make this interesting videos. Cheers, Leonardo from Brazil.
bepo5000 (10 years ago)
Hi Misterduncan! Are you ok? I hope so!! Thank for help me! Your lessons are the best! Thank you again Misterduncan and I hope I haven't made mistakes in grammar... From Argentina, thank you again!
antichikilicuatre (10 years ago)
You are the best, Mr. Duncan. What a funny video! Thank you for help us.
Nabil Jadri (10 years ago)
Hi misterduncan It's realy a very very beautiful lesson! good luck Your faithful student Nabil from Morocco
ckwcheung (10 years ago)
Great lesson again! Many thanks from Hong Kong, Mr Duncan.
You are very much mistaken. I gave a big wave to Taiwan in lesson 35-(Making Mistakes) 8-) -----(Misterduncan)
I understand your problem. You will find that the different words are known in both the UK and USA, so using either will not cause too much trouble, although there are some exceptions where offence maybe caused. I will be making a lesson on this subject next month to make things clearer. (Misterduncan)
CarlosFreitas (10 years ago)
Thanks MisterDunkan for more one great vídeo.I have see all of them. I could make some suggestion for its next one. Why not to aproach the Emergency subject?It seens to be an excellent subject to coment. Thanks for another lesson. Charles Brasil.
Artsby's_30 (10 years ago)
Vogue comes and goes.Here in Spain,the young singers of 'Triumph Operation' won with a very old song sang by Marisol 'My heart is happy.'Old songs from France,Spain & U.K. are being sang (and see the ABBA phenomena.)70's fashion is not cool, but not so umpopular as in the past 80's. I think that 80's themselves are the most umpopular nowadays,since 60's and other decades are at least acceptable. What do you think? What experiences do you have in your own live?
Dagmara K (10 years ago)
Thank you for another lesson MisterDuncan :)
audioslave33 (10 years ago)
your lessons are getting better everyday;you would spend a lot of time doing such a complex movie.... I love when you show scenes of the countryside or little villages in UK. THanks and bye bye for now from Spain !

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