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Mozart: The Magic Flute - Queen of the Night Aria for solo violin (recital ver.)

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Queen of the Night Aria "Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen" from the opera "The Magic Flute". Sheet music: http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/20474016 Arranged for and performed on solo violin by Manaka Matsumoto. Performed on April 11th, 2015 at my senior recital in the New England Conservatory of Music's Keller Room. Video Credit: SiMon Yue (https://www.youtube.com/user/SoundProfessionalDVD) W. A. モーツァルト:オペラ「魔笛」より「夜の女王のアリア」(ヴァイオリン独奏のための編曲) 編曲と演奏:松元愛香 日付:2015年4月11日 場所:ニューイングランド音楽院
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Text Comments (38)
Varanasi V N Yaswanth (27 days ago)
Bella S (2 months ago)
zakaria alami (4 months ago)
1:55 like a chiken 😅😅😅😅😂😂🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐣
Kamil Lothar Laroui (10 months ago)
Joel Gomez (1 year ago)
Lindsey Stirling should play this
Francisco Chaeremon (1 year ago)
Bravissima! Allahu'akbar! What talent this good lady has!
memes are my life (1 year ago)
The shifting is so clean!! I envy you!!
Shinon L.G (1 year ago)
Cecilia Morales (1 year ago)
Where's the sheet music?
LittleBeetheViolinist (1 year ago)
Hi! I just uploaded the sheet music for this arrangement on SMP Press! Here's the link to purchase and download: http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/20474016 Thank you for watching! <3
Oriana F (1 year ago)
LittleBeetheViolinist (1 year ago)
Thank you!! :D
Peanut San Jose (1 year ago)
I actually cried :').
noname noname (2 years ago)
You don't need to an orchestra you are the orchestra 😊
Francisco Chaeremon (1 year ago)
Eda Derya Akkoyun TRUTH!
Josh Lintag (2 years ago)
Do you have the sheets? It's very beautiful! Hahaha I've tried playing it by ear but some parts are just really difficult
LittleBeetheViolinist (1 year ago)
Thank you for your comments! I do actually - finally! You can buy and download the sheet music here: http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/20474016
Monika Seru (2 years ago)
Amazing!!! Wonderful arrangement!!!!
Monika Seru (2 years ago)
+LittleBeetheViolinist No problem!!! ^-^
LittleBeetheViolinist (2 years ago)
+Hinata Hyūga You're welcome! Thank you again for watching ;)
Monika Seru (2 years ago)
+LittleBeetheViolinist Thank you!!!! ^-^
LittleBeetheViolinist (2 years ago)
+Hinata Hyūga I think it depends on the arranger but for me I always notate everything down first, so that I know exactly what I want to do with the music.
Monika Seru (2 years ago)
+LittleBeetheViolinist You're welcome! I have a question. When a piece of music is arranged by a certain person does that mean you are able to write music notes? Or do you just add sounds as you go? ^-^
Emerson Henrique (2 years ago)
perfeito demais, parece até que a obra foi escrita pra violino
Andréa Alark (2 years ago)
Josh Lintag (2 years ago)
This is really amazing! It's the only violin version that I love!
LittleBeetheViolinist (2 years ago)
+Josh Lintag Thank you!! I'm happy you like it :D
Charlie XOXO (2 years ago)
I am trying to play this for my school audition for High school. I cant seem to find the sheet music :( where can i try to go to find this? Thanks for this video it was amazing!! :D
Aviary (1 year ago)
Musescore is pretty good even though its free! :) If you're too busy to arrange it on musescore I could help! :)
LittleBeetheViolinist (2 years ago)
+Charlie XOXO Hey, thank you so much for watching! Actually, I currently have no online sheet music available for any of my arrangements at the moment, since I always work by hand first. I am working on finding a good notation software so that I can be able to share my music in the future, but for now I don't have anything to share publicly. I'm sorry!
Nate Robinson (2 years ago)
Very nice arrangement and playing. Bravo!
LittleBeetheViolinist (2 years ago)
Thank you very much!! :D
CornerCrewProduction (2 years ago)
LittleBeetheViolinist (2 years ago)
Thank you!! :)
Anna (3 years ago)
This is a beautiful transcription! This is one of my favorite songs and you definitely did it justice :)
doc teur (2 years ago)
+LittleBeetheViolinist she is play it very good i for she 10 ms
LittleBeetheViolinist (3 years ago)
Thank you very much!! I really love this aria too :)

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