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Avengers vs Ultron Fight Scene - Avengers: Age of Ultron - Movie CLIP HD

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Avengers Age of Ultron (2015) - Avengers vs Ultron - Fight Scene - Iron Man vs Ultron - Ship Fight - Salvage Yard - African Coast - Movie CLIP HD [1080p 60 FPS HD ] Ultron and Iron Man Face Off Characters: - Robert Downey Jr. — Tony Stark (Iron Man). - Chris Evans — Steven Rogers (Captain America). - Mark Ruffalo - Bruce Banner (Hulk). - Chris Hemsworth — (Thor). - Jeremy Renner - Clinton Francis Barton (Hawkeye). - Scarlett Johansson — Natasha Romanova (Black Widow). - James Spader — (Ultron). - Aaron Taylor-Johnson - Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver). - Elizabeth Olsen — Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch). - Don Cheadle - Rhodes (War Machine). - Paul Bettany — (Vision). - Samuel L. Jackson - (Nicholas Joseph Fury). - Cobie Smulders - (Maria Hill). - Hayley Atwell — (Peggy Carter). - Stellan Skarsgard — (Erik Selvig). - Anthony Mackie — Samuel Thomas Wilson (Falcon). All material belongs to Disney and Marvel. I Do Not Own Anything.All the Rights in This Content Belong to Their Respective Owner/s. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended.
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Text Comments (686)
BAT-TALK! (1 hour ago)
Haha cap beats up a lot of young guys in these movies
A Lee (4 hours ago)
1:55 Now I know for a FACT that Ultron broke his whole neck there
Rob Gibson (6 hours ago)
Fuckin soap opera effect. This was shot at 24fps. Upping it to 60 makes it look awful.
Haxwell Eddison (14 hours ago)
Bet you this movie runs better on PC.
3:17 this is why hawkeye is my fav hero
Jan Klaassen (1 day ago)
this quality is insane
Lenon Lim (2 days ago)
So Kickass is a real superhero now.
Ariel Fun (2 days ago)
'I can't phechecly throw up in my mouth' best part yet! Sry I can't spell :p And BTW the quality is SO good
Squidward Squarepants (2 days ago)
Fortunately, I have my tea.
ScottyLagoosh (3 days ago)
Lol. Back when Scarlet witch had an accent.
Isaac Longoria (4 days ago)
Stay down Kid!
isai i (4 days ago)
At 2:54 you can tell that's a stunt double
Ayush B (4 days ago)
Avengers age of Ultron is really the worst marvel movie along with Thor 1 and 2
Blood Knight (4 days ago)
Ya know I don't think that I have a problem with this Ultron because he's funny per say. I think it's because they chose to give him facial expressions and that you could see all of his emotions. A scary Ultron is an unpredictable Ultron.
Pillzo (5 days ago)
man i wish they didn't kill off quicksilver the mcu's only speedster
Il tizio che commenta (5 days ago)
Oooooh 😍 It's fantastic see the scenes in 60 fps!!!!!!!
Mario Aja (6 days ago)
3.51 : Dieeeee mthrfcker!
ChiefGwopp100 (6 days ago)
" *Yeah, You Better Run* " 😂
Willverinerage (6 days ago)
"Yeah you better run" lol
Eli C (9 days ago)
The frames are smooth. How?
TheMisbahuddin (9 days ago)
Suprisingly Hawkeye was the only one who prevented attack from witch not even Thor or Captain America could defend themselves
Timed Revolver (4 days ago)
He probably realized what Wanda was doing after Loki controlled him, so he was ready for it. Hawkeye is the most observant of the Avengers. It's why he's so important. Well, that and he's the only one with a foot in civilian life. They need someone like him to keep them grounded.
shawn murray (7 days ago)
Hea done the mine control thing already, he wasn't a fan
Vivid Rvload (11 days ago)
Thor I am mighty *Proceeds to get mind warped*
Aaron Arshad (11 days ago)
The look on thor's face after he gets pushed by quicksilver reads " you do that again and I will kill you".
Kenneth Opiana (17 days ago)
24 film with motion blur to 60 fps look weird the motion is super smooth so good in eyes but some glitching motion interpolation artifacts is visible in fast action scene.
Antonio Brooks (18 days ago)
“Captain America: God’s righteous man, pretending to act as if you can live without a war”... film literally shows Captain design people arguing and fighting when Wanda goes inside his mind. Brilliant
R&S BMC (22 days ago)
El narco charro (23 days ago)
3:48 lol ultron doesn’t care of being destroyed since he has “infinite lives”....
Jack Kanov (24 days ago)
60fps really reveals the upper limits of the CGI's ability to blend in with the real surroundings. Cinema was made for 30fps.
Dino O (24 days ago)
Worst avenger movie
Cole Eichhorn (27 days ago)
Robert California left the office to become ultron
Jet Ryder (29 days ago)
Clint has to be the most underrated badass character of Marvel.
Simonstar (1 month ago)
I can’t physically throw up in my mouth
slim shady (1 month ago)
0:56 how can ultron push and pull the iron man like that ?
Chen Long Goh (27 days ago)
He was shown to have this ability throughout the whole movie. Probably he got it since he came from the mind stone.
Newbie Gaming522 (1 month ago)
Ultron was literally just made out of vibranium and he ran away from Mr. Titanium over here...
kihlos (1 month ago)
So what happened to scarlet witch's accent? It just disappeared?
Timed Revolver (4 days ago)
My guess is Widow helped her get rid of it. So she could blend in better. Probably Wanda also wanted to separate herself from who she was while working with Ultron.
kihlos (1 month ago)
So what happened to scarlet witch's accent? It just disappeared?
The thing i liked about this movie is that Ultron never seemed to bother equiping himself with a shit ton of weaponry cause he didn't have to. The fact that he has countless bodies to live in, let alone the internet practically made him undefeatable and the only reason the Avengers actually won the war against him was because they managed to hijack his own creation which turned against him. Without Vision the Avengers would be toast. Thats for the people bitching he should be able to take them on all at once. He doesn't need to do that.
forumsboy80 (1 month ago)
ultron is one of the strongest villians/robots
wow so sweet Video
Rayquaza Δ (1 month ago)
1:43 (slow motion) *OUCH*
ABC VERSION12 (1 month ago)
3:01 Sharingan,naruto kyuubi
Shelly's Creation (1 month ago)
This movie does have its moments, but the villain made things look really dumb! I mean, he had no rhyme or reason to hate either Stark or the rest of the Avengers. I swear the Maximoff twins had a better purpose than the pathetic excuse of a villain. 🙄 This scene, however, stands out, mostly because of Stark’s little quips, Hawkeye being a savage, and Ultron burning Cap’s ass! 😂
Timed Revolver (4 days ago)
Tony and Bruce made an AI with zero fail-safes. Ultron is what happens when an AI created to protect humanity is given ZERO safe guards. Like, you know, making sure he doesn't try to 'protect' humanity by destroying it. And of course Tony would make Ultron in his own image. He's arrogant like that. Doesn't mellow out until Infinity War, really. He hates Stark and the Avengers because of reasons he plainly stated in the movie. They want humanity safe, but won't let it grow or learn to defend itself. They're being sheltering and over-protective. Doing the exact opposite of what Tony made Ultron for.
Palazerker (1 month ago)
Scarlet Witch can be beaten by arrows...figures
RAMANDEEP KAUR (1 month ago)
Jeremy Jackson (1 month ago)
Why does tony say "you beat me by one second"?
Villamor XX (1 month ago)
Sa3d Bins (2 months ago)
2:40 did he hit Wanda ?
ItwasJOHNWICKSdog Oh (2 months ago)
2:40 “Fortunately I am mighty” Proceeds to suffer from elusions😂 I don’t know if it’s just me but I love that part
Unknown Person (2 months ago)
"I like how you confuse peace with quiet" That is what plays in my mind(in Ultron's voice) everytime a teacher would like me for being a quiet kid
Rafael (2 months ago)
Ultron is Robert California!
Zatharos (2 months ago)
The fact that Tony was able to destroy Ultron’s non vibranium body with just the MK43 shows how ridiculously underpowered Ultron was here. Hell if the Iron Legion was still around he possibly would even need the Avengers to take Ultron down
Timed Revolver (4 days ago)
Ultron took over the drones for exactly that reason. And he knew he had other bodies, so didn't care if this one got destroyed. It's also why he made one out of vibranium. He'd just been there to do a weapons deal, not fight the Avengers. That would be like criticizing Tony for not wearing his Iron Man suit on a dinner date with Pepper, then a villain attacks.
magicoA (2 months ago)
OooOo,I like at 2:20 you can hear James spader’s voice,I never noticed that
magicoA (2 months ago)
1:18 Klaue channeling his inner Gary Oldman
Big Boss (2 months ago)
Ulysses Klaue should've said to shoot the weak ones first.
Wade Wilson (2 months ago)
I can't physically throw up in my mouth
Joshua Onunkun (2 months ago)
3:41 did they forget to do the CGI for Iron Man's eyes?
Jack Skatter. (2 months ago)
This movie should have been called hawkeye age of ultron, the whole movie is just hawkeye proving that he truly is the most powerful avenger. He might not have a cool suit, and cursed hammer, or a big green transformation but despite all that his instincts, calm presence of mind, and decisive thinking saved so manny people, hes the reason the scarlet witch was created and he was the first one to take her down. Even thanos had a hard time doing that.
Daniel and Anthony (2 months ago)
Why does Wanda sound so Russian here and in later movies she sounds completely normal
Schwartzbruder1 (2 months ago)
Because she's slavic and by infinity war she had been speaking nothing but english for like 5 years
Tamer Abdeldayem (2 months ago)
Amazing resolution
Filimon Galogavros (2 months ago)
Stay down , kid . I love how Captain America directly warns someone when in danger .
Filimon Galogavros (2 months ago)
You are right , Ultron . Captain America LIVES in war .
Turtlelord 4 (2 months ago)
Quick silver is so weak compared to Xman one
Timed Revolver (4 days ago)
Not weaker, just more arrogant.
TechJunkie (2 months ago)
Black widow tries to be sneaky, but yet wears a light up blue suit... ahuh
K M (2 months ago)
Just say no to 60fps movies... No, No, NO!!
shaik saddam (2 months ago)
Who one like Iron man
TuckFrump (2 months ago)
Aaaaaaaaargh. Captain America🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nuutti Kukkonen (2 months ago)
Tamlinearthly (2 months ago)
Ultron equipped himself with entirely non-lethal lasers that don't so much as leave a sunburn on anyone the entire film.
mamta devi (2 months ago)
ironman ki hindi me video banao
Julien Pascolo (2 months ago)
1:18 poum poum poum 😂
DiamondDude05 (2 months ago)
0:26 with subtitles on "This is never my wife" Gee Tony I sure hope ur not married to a bomb
MKZTYJ BOY (2 months ago)
Can Ultron lift the hammer?
Yuxuan Chen (2 months ago)
Scarlet witch looks so hot
Rahulpatel Patel (2 months ago)
NICs videos
Sandra Sena (2 months ago)
marvel fede
Sandra Sena (2 months ago)
vilão bosta
Rawr5649 (2 months ago)
the quality of this video is amazing
Daniel (2 months ago)
Ultron got destroyed in that fight but when cap fought him ultron gave him a beating. This goes to show how tony was going easy on cap in civil war.
David sosa (2 months ago)
Let me get this straight: sooo the other robots are all prototype clones of ultron and when ultron dies one of the prototypes will become the new ultron with his old memories
Schwartzbruder1 (2 months ago)
All the drones are extentions of ultron. It just chooses to act with a main body. The real Ultron is in a network.
Trí Nguyen (2 months ago)
Ultron believes in God? God's real?!
Oreo Tom (3 months ago)
I think them killing off Ultron after one movie was mistake.
EmpireToys (3 months ago)
Ricky R (3 months ago)
Why is Scarlet Witch beyond powerful in this movie but she cant do anything like this to Thanos.
Schwartzbruder1 (2 months ago)
Not sure why anyone would think that anything she did here would do anything to Thanos+ 5 stones. She stood as much a chance that Dr Strange did at the most..
samar arya (3 months ago)
Why does it look like a video game ?? 👌👌👌👌
Macattack 1 (3 months ago)
samar arya I want to play the video games you’re playing...
Aim Bot (3 months ago)
Thanos made Ultron look like a Boy Scout
Dwight (3 months ago)
Ultron loses Every fight lol
Timed Revolver (4 days ago)
He has the same character flaws as Tony. He just doesn't see it. He's basically evil Tony Stark. He got played like Tony would have. Ego goes a long way in screwing over most villains (and some heroes).
EmoMexican (3 months ago)
no name (3 months ago)
Iron Man
Bakr Mohamed (3 months ago)
0:34 look dumb as hell cap
Kaleb Bryant (3 months ago)
Kang Rithypol (3 months ago)
Stark is a boss
Elliott Uberbacher (3 months ago)
You are wrong about the wage gap
GoodatnothingHD (3 months ago)
His suit in this movie had 7 arc reactors to detain thor if something went wrong and same with hulkbuster for hulk but instead of 7 there was 12
نور ديبالى (3 months ago)
Brock Kyle (3 months ago)
If Thor was as OP in this scene as he was in ragnarok and infinity war then this would be the ending scene of AOU right here lol
Schwartzbruder1 (2 months ago)
Not quite. He has no way of shutting ultron out of the cloud
127 Origami Senpai (3 months ago)
1:39 thor is above cap america but in next shot he is at the other side of the room throwing the hammer
genius kid (3 months ago)
Its like one of those "parents destroy their kids Xbox"
Dylan Stephan (3 months ago)
All my fellow marvel and iron man fans, go watch ‘I Am Iron Man’ by Top Screen and be blown away
TJ Jackson (3 months ago)
Knight_Productions (3 months ago)
I'm probably the only one who somewhat likes this quicksilver.
Aramaru Kunikida (3 months ago)
I Love him and Wanda

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