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Winter Fashion: Forever 21 Coats

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Text Comments (43)
Plumayray (1 year ago)
such a memories!! how old are you here??? Where did you put your weight???/ you look so fit in here!!!!
Sperry411 (5 years ago)
I wish I'm a teenager again..lol.
Lyn Lee (6 years ago)
just wondering where you got your lighting from
MayaCherry Heartily (6 years ago)
I have that Coat! But it just Sucks that it doesn't really fit me..I Still have it in my Closet...
KleinKatja (7 years ago)
veronica V (7 years ago)
Love the black one!
Sjudit84 (7 years ago)
Hi there! I am so happys you put on these bold lip colors cause the gurus I watch on YT still mostly use subtle shades and I like my lip color brutal in winter and autumn :))) I wanted to watch your bf tag video but I cannot find it anymore, why is that? :(
mydenmel (7 years ago)
love the dress=)and all the coats=)so pretty!
ABeautyAdmirer (7 years ago)
Lipstick is just awesome :)
surfergal4u (7 years ago)
omg i love ur hair and lip color!
getinmybelly12 (7 years ago)
loved this! the white one is my favourite :)
Christian Torres (7 years ago)
camera quality looks better!
FashionDivaCC (7 years ago)
i loved the last jacket. so fun and playful with a pop of color :)
niinaa ham (7 years ago)
great video, i adore the hair and the lips. witch lipstick was that ? xoxo
sparkly38 (7 years ago)
The white one was my favorite! = )
S L (7 years ago)
i would love tho see more these! you look so pretty! esp in the dress:) my favorite look is the black terry with the hot pink scarf! :]
churroisthechunk (7 years ago)
dark lips and light eyes is a great look for you
Beauty Mark Image (7 years ago)
Nice Jackets! I LOVE them 3 =) And the make up look is the BOMB =D Specially the lipstick, LOVE IT!!! <3
Nav Scheie (7 years ago)
white one is my fav!!! i have one with black buttons and mine's length is longer!
Amanda P. (7 years ago)
You look great! I love your hair and makeup!
OMGitsBELLAx3 (7 years ago)
hahha looking cute and staying warm isnt easy i agree to the 3rd degree ;)
lunchboxxy (7 years ago)
bringin back that late 90's lip look.
ALTAF Rodan (7 years ago)
you look so beautiful and I like all the coats so keep doing fashion videos thanks ^_^
Deseo Desaka (7 years ago)
what lipstick are you wearing? it is so dark, fally and beautiful. my favorite out of the 3 would have to be the 2nd one.
Amy Alvis (7 years ago)
ur sooo pretty girlie!
LLROCKS23 (7 years ago)
u look beautiful claire=) xx
Lin Sum (7 years ago)
ur gorgeous !!! and i love the pink coat with the whiite hat !!!!:)
electricgummie (7 years ago)
whats the lipstick youre wearing?
Alexia Rae (7 years ago)
Love the black one!
hisprincesaa (7 years ago)
love it! burlington coat factory has cute pea coats fro so cheap i bought mien for $12 and they look so classy & very warm
Glitter Sparkle (7 years ago)
What is the lip stick that your wearing. Love the earings too!!
iheeartyoux3 (7 years ago)
i have the second coat and i absolutly love itt! cute outfits :)
Anne (7 years ago)
the white one is my favorite:)
Ditzy0 (7 years ago)
i like ur apartment
thatMISSYgirl7 (7 years ago)
Love this! Did you take down your Boyfriend Tag video ? :(
justmeirene88 (7 years ago)
the states has such a better selection of stuff at forever 21! lol. I was there yesterday, and didn't see any of these =( All their coats looked the exact same, in different colours...it was a sad selection.
Elle. Elizxo (7 years ago)
more of these videos! im horrible at fashion and i like how you keep it to clothing stores that are available to most of us :)
kissndMAKEUP (7 years ago)
nonz619 (7 years ago)
What lip combo are u wearing its absolutely fab!!!!!!!
Agnes Ahn (7 years ago)
What camera do you use? :) && do more of these videos!
kristin kay (7 years ago)
I LOVE all the coats!!! I'm definitely buying the white one!! Forever 21 has a really cute Grey Peacoat too! :)
Jessica G (7 years ago)
that lip colour looks amazing on you! :)
Rachael Russell (7 years ago)
your hair looks gorgeous!

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