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🛍 First 9.6 Professional Event Overview • Meh • Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

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Music: Remember Musician: @iksonofficial
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BRUTS Aksnes (1 month ago)
Tem algumas roupas e cabelos e acessórios que eu não tenho como eu posso ter?
larry ant (1 month ago)
Amelia you are amazing 😉 in every way possible
Carolyn Washington (1 month ago)
Is There A Hack Or Something You Do, Could You Do It For Me Once 😫🙏🙏💓
Vcake Xox (1 month ago)
I’m having problem on the kollections it won’t let me press on them can u help me and I have contacted glu but haven’t replied
Lps lily Productions (1 month ago)
Hi I just started watching and I love your vids you got a new sub I will for sure watch more of your vids
someone (1 month ago)
Early squaaad
Charlotte KKH (1 month ago)
Amélia why you no buy K-Stars?
Delvin Mitchell (1 month ago)
I like it love u
MRS Nickolé (1 month ago)
First!! Love It 🙂!

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