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KKH Oscars: SYS Award Ceremony | Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

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You can listen to all previous soundtracks on my soundcloud.com/AmeliaKKH Maff Boothroyd - Still Believe (ft. Taylor William) https://soundcloud.com/strangefruitsmusic/sf030
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Text Comments (74)
Edem Kodjo Amemavo (12 days ago)
um how many houses you haves
Yoongi Love (19 days ago)
http://aminoapps.com/invite/IR9DDYUOAJ This is the KKH amino for anyone that wants to Express their love for the game
What cheat do you use?
Awesomebananas 101 (1 month ago)
I love this game!!
totally animated (1 month ago)
Which hack do you use Amelia?
totally animated (1 month ago)
How do you change the background on your bilboard? I'm an A list celeb and have a billboard of my own but I don't like the background on mine, pls help thx!💕
MUKTA HIRA (2 months ago)
I never enter this game without hack my passion 😉😉😉
MUKTA HIRA (2 months ago)
I have this game has ha ha I love this😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Kehkashan Khan (3 months ago)
Will you generate my K-stars and money..?please
Raghad Eldeeb (3 months ago)
How do you get your k stars?
Better then me
KKH Simran (4 months ago)
Nice video Amelia
Dayamna ortiz (5 months ago)
What’s your energy hack:)💗
Amelia KKH (5 months ago)
There isn't one anymore! :(
Vic Queen Asian (5 months ago)
Preciso de sua ajuda,estou na missão que tem o chad no aeroporto,mas n consigo encontrar o que ele quer? o que eu faço?
t red (5 months ago)
I accidentally picked Fire Jared😂😂
Games Saved File (6 months ago)
This game was superb but less money is there . And I dont like less money . Can someone give me real hack cheat.
Amie D (17 days ago)
Is there one for Android?
Milky (4 months ago)
I know a hack for iOS , Download ‘panda Helper ‘ and then search the game it will give you unlimited money and k-stars , use k-stars to buy energy, hope this helped bye! ^-^
Games Saved File (6 months ago)
Why dont they update baby growth ,and all .
Games Saved File (6 months ago)
Update is very neccessary
Games Saved File (6 months ago)
Here money and k stars were very less . So I didnt have enough dresses yaarr.
Games Saved File (6 months ago)
I think there is no award ceremony .
Pastel Avakin (6 months ago)
Where did you get that blush on your face?I cant see it anywhere(
Pastel Avakin (6 months ago)
Amelia KKH Thank you ^-^
Amelia KKH (6 months ago)
It comes with the Nars eyes!! <3
Hakheem Gaming (7 months ago)
How did I you get to a million dollars dido you do a hack
Amelia KKH (7 months ago)
No! It was before, with the energy cheat!
Shania Stone (7 months ago)
Hack is not working for my iPhone and I been following the instructions
Shania Stone (7 months ago)
Amelia KKH I wanna cry😭😥
Amelia KKH (7 months ago)
It doesn't anymore!
Vickyy._.Vic (8 months ago)
Does the game still update when you have a hack on it?? because I had the hack on for a couple of months and my game is nothing like this
Rocio Rodas (5 months ago)
Vickyy._.Vic hi, may I know what hack you used?
Vickyy._.Vic (8 months ago)
Amelia KKH Also is there a way to get our kollections working on hacked games?
Vickyy._.Vic (8 months ago)
Amelia KKH I did and now I have brand new clothes, missions etc.Thank you
Amelia KKH (8 months ago)
Yes, it does!!! I'm guessing you used an apk! You have to reinstall every update!!
Selena Holt KKH (8 months ago)
Look at willow she so ugly and hasn't changed a bit
Maria1301 Ethereal (9 months ago)
how do you get so much money and stars? please tell.
Maria1301 Ethereal (8 months ago)
Amelia KKH Can I get that cheat?
Amelia KKH (8 months ago)
There was a cheat that was fixed!
hania roman (9 months ago)
excuse me, is the energy cheat not working?
totally animated (1 month ago)
Azmiah04 has ablota apps worked for you in the past? And how do you do it lol I can get it to work
Azmiah04 (5 months ago)
hania roman oof downlaod ablota hacks....i think im spelling it right, and look for this game, do exactly as it says and u get unlimited k stars, and money, the energy cost k stars but u get unlimited of those
avakin amielllaaa (8 months ago)
hania roman i love you i dont now why
Yasemine (8 months ago)
hania roman No. not after the recent update
Lexi The Princess 1230 (9 months ago)
Is this the vip storyline?
Amelia KKH (8 months ago)
No! It was available for everyone during the weekend!
Pluto ً (9 months ago)
Did they remove the cheat hack?:((
Exo_L Forever (9 months ago)
Goth queen - Yeah...😢
Christina Phillips (9 months ago)
Hey girl does your energy heat still work cause mine does not after the update
Exo_L Forever (9 months ago)
Chrissy Phillips it doesn’t work for anybody sadly...
larry ant (9 months ago)
I love this video so much
Unique Games (9 months ago)
And i chose jared in my another account
Ana Gigauri (9 months ago)
Amelia I like your videos 💝💗💝
Unique Games (9 months ago)
Oh man i choose willow pape cauz she was desperate like a beggar!!
Amelia KKH (8 months ago)
Sannavah PlaysKKH (9 months ago)
Love you Ameila happy your back
Você é do Brasil ou dos Estados Unidos é porque tem uma vez que você respondeu meu comentário em português:)
Amelia KKH (8 months ago)
Sou brasileira!!
Kiyoko KKH (9 months ago)
Finally you uploaded doll!!
Exo_L Forever (9 months ago)
Love it 💗
tailane dias (9 months ago)
Vc é brasileira?
Amelia KKH (8 months ago)
Sim!!! <3
비스킷mᥲᥣᥣᥙ (9 months ago)
Helena Bossardi (9 months ago)
Amélia pode fazer legendas em português?
Patricia Bussell (9 months ago)
Willow tried to cheat but still ended up as a sore loser! lol
thiccy nikky (9 months ago)
Hey amelia
Saffa Sabeen (9 months ago)
I won I was so happy but I knew I would win anyway but it was good seeing willows face love you Amelia
Amelia KKH (8 months ago)
HAHAHAHA love you too, precious!!! <3
Bash Ali (9 months ago)
Ur amazing
Amelia KKH (8 months ago)
We are!!! <3
TH TC (9 months ago)
Lysm Amelia ❤️❤️
TH TC (8 months ago)
Amelia KKH Thanks so much ❤️❤️❤️ I might even think about starting my own channel
Amelia KKH (8 months ago)
Love you too, gorgeousness!! <3

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