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John Mayer dreaming with a broken heart lyrics

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Welcome to a john mayer video.. not my song.. john mayers product im here to share the good music around and i dont think he would mind me sharing it with you good folks When you're dreaming with a broken heart The waking up is the hardest part You roll outta bed and down on your knees And for the moment you can hardly breathe Wondering was she really here? Is she standing in my room? No she's not, 'cause she's gone, gone, gone, gone, gone.... When you're dreaming with a broken heart The giving up is the hardest part She takes you in with your crying eyes Then all at once you have to say goodbye Wondering could you stay my love? Will you wake up by my side? No she can't, 'cause she's gone, gone, gone, gone, gone.... Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh Now do i have to fall asleep with roses in my hand Do i have to fall asleep with roses in my hand? Do i have to fall asleep with roses in my hand? Do i have to fall asleep with roses in my hand? Baby won't you get them if i did? No you won't, 'cause you're gone, gone, gone, gone, gone.... When you're dreaming with a broken heart The waking up is the hardest part
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Cess Yille (3 months ago)
Cong TV !
Jerome Perlas (3 months ago)
Nunella Pengson (3 months ago)
Paxton Boyd (4 months ago)
I love this song so much that I don’t like to sing in front of people but I love it so much that I sing it
hangman417 (8 months ago)
Today would have been my 34th wedding anniversary. I have two grandchildren now still remarried. I am lucky my wife gave me permission to move on she knew she was going to die but I still get drawn back to this song and I still cry every time. I played this to my current wife when we first meet and she said I felt like I just got punched in the stomach.
Amani Lausdenlager (9 months ago)
January Simes (9 months ago)
The game was the show.good 🎶.
rozyy21 (10 months ago)
“Do I have to fall asleep with roses in my hand?” LOVE this lyric.
Eriel Johnson (10 months ago)
I hate the pain of a break up the way im feeling at this time no words can explain for someone who slept well tonight and me with a heavy heart with no sleep at all how can someone can hurt someone so bad I found out yesterday my boyfriend was texting other women he had no remorse for what he had done he told me I should have never look in his phone....how could he do this to me
Benjamin Jones (11 months ago)
I think the last two minutes of the song are my favorite
Skyler Pollak (1 year ago)
He is gone and I miss him
hangman417 (1 year ago)
It's almost 6 years since my wife has passed away and I am still remarried I have two grandchildren but for some reason I am still drawn back to this song and still always cry. All I can say is live does go on but we never forget.
Summa B (1 year ago)
Absolutely love this song 💙
yolanda gray (1 year ago)
I love this song so much I still cry when I hear it.
Stacy Blunt (1 year ago)
My sister died yesterday n im hurt i guess ill b ok somehow hopefully r ip Juanita f.
Celeste Williams (1 year ago)
Shawn Mendes brought me here!❤️
maya walls (8 months ago)
Mona 98 (1 year ago)
Celeste Williams same
Aditi Vishwakarma (1 year ago)
Celeste Williams yess
SUCCESS PERFECT (1 year ago)
좋네요 달콤해.
Dicky Fisher (1 year ago)
P.S. That was 17yrs. Ago now. I truly hope that all is good with you. I lost 2 Sons at Birth. And after the hurt. I Adopted a boy his Name is Josh. He's now 32. filled a big hole in my Heart. My blood Sons Names Shane an Derrick.
Neli Brown (1 year ago)
Man thats suicide
debbie wilson (1 year ago)
this song helped me to cope with my loss and grief
Maliyah Buckner (2 years ago)
whos still listening in 2017?
yeuxdesoie010 (2 years ago)
I don't think I'll ever get over it.
Aera (2 years ago)
This is a good break up song after Hall & Oates' She's Gone. That is the ultimate break up song.
Samuel Silva (2 years ago)
perfeita music
Xarhi15 (2 years ago)
Is anyone here beacuse of Joseph Vincent?
Xarhi15 (2 years ago)
+BloomBunnz Cool!
Aera (2 years ago)
No, I'm here because of the Voice.
Noor Zailin (2 years ago)
KJ Piano Rock (2 years ago)
I have been looking for this song for a very long time. And I finally heard the song play at my dance. In the middle of practice, I quickly went to the person that turned the song on and asked him what it was called. I'm so glad I can listen to this song. It's nice and sometimes in tough times it's good to hear. The lyrics go perfect with the situation. Thank you for making such awesome music. You really are a gifted one!!
cguns98 (2 years ago)
Giving up is the hardest part...
helen leslie (3 years ago)
I love this brings tears to my eyes
Shaun Pasternick (3 years ago)
I'm pretty sure some of the lyrics in the description aren't right...
caitlin mary (3 years ago)
I wanted to say something Caitlin Mary wants to say something hi I just recently found out my ex boyfriend found me on Facebook and I don't understand why people take advantage of me and hurt me I don't like that it happens all the time with me I knew my heart and she wasn't the one every time I would date somebody else just use me and bring up a memory that I have never want to bring up and it hurts everytime I think about things or how bad I hurt my heart is hurting my heart isn't something anybody would do and I really wish I had my other boyfriend David because David never hurt me David was the type of voice to be is that he broke my heart so bad I can't stop crying I said thanks guys if you want to you can comment below just give me a sign I said his name is Adrian
caitlin mary (3 years ago)
You are my boyfriend me and use me for something and it brings up a really bad memory for me I just don't know what to do I give up now but I feel better maybe tomorrow but he really hurt my heart and I got my closest best friend Terry bishop I just wish my best friend Terry with you
Doyle Shaw (3 years ago)
Been going through a terrible breakup and I had so much anger inside and just heard this on the Voice I cried for ten minutes! I released it all ty John Mayer for giving me life
Aera (2 years ago)
I came here because of the Voice. Liked his version better. He sang with a greater passion.
caitlin mary (3 years ago)
So I just found out something happened and I found out my best my ex boyfriend came back and found me on Facebook and if you wanted because he hurt me
Olivia Stevenson (3 years ago)
Wish I could figure out how I know this song. Was it on 90210 when Dylans wife died? It wasn't a soap I saw it on. Oh well.
hangman417 (3 years ago)
My wife died 3 years ago and I'm remarried now but I still can't listen to this song without crying.
Paxton Boyd (4 months ago)
So sorry dude !!!!!!!
Paxton Boyd (4 months ago)
I lost my grandfather and when ever I listen to the. Song I have tears
zakkery castillo (6 months ago)
Your a strong individual, stay strong brother
Winyan (9 months ago)
hangman417 you moved on fast. Smh
It's nearly 13 years and this song came out the year John died, unexpectedly. This album kept me comfortably numb, then at times I would be screaming at the ceiling flaying at the air, soaking my neck and chest in tears. And at times, even now, it still happens. I feel your pain.
Kelly Simpson (3 years ago)
I always loved this song.its so pretty I heard it the first time also on general hospital with sam and jason.awsome
Kelly Simpson (3 years ago)
I always loved this song.its so pretty I heard it the first time also on general hospital with sam and jason.awsome
Pho Shizzle (3 years ago)
i cry every time i hear this song
Johnny Kalloniatis (4 years ago)
This song hurts to listen too. But I still do
Taurian5_1981 (4 years ago)
I miss you, C. I'm still learning that you're gone, even after all we did to each other. I wish I could say "I'm sorry" in a way that you could hear it. I have to choose faith that some where deep inside you understand and that someday soon I will move on. Take care.
Helmasaur King. 1994 (4 years ago)
yashika saluja (4 years ago)
Dear vansh, All u are doing is hurting me...ur lies..ur words. .I m broken..n still dreaming of a better place wid u! . . . . . . U knw I understood that I AM STUPID
Sebrina Grillo (4 years ago)
gone gone gone gone gone
Great Random Stuff (4 years ago)
I miss you tenzin I wish you're happy now.
Denise Farrar (4 years ago)
Melinda Tromp (4 years ago)
Perfect for how it could end at my situation.. but I give him one more chance
lucienwagner (4 years ago)
+j0ac0  _She dumped me 2days ago and do you_ _really think it would worked just by that? I hope you are right. :(_ _Anyway, thanks for sharing that program! Im about to read its guide_ _and hopefully it will worked this time. Ive read its testimonials_ _and reviews and Im excited to it..^^_
lucienwagner (4 years ago)
I still purchased that program you shared me at the site: *getyourexbackn0w.blogspot.com* Really a wonderful program!^^
Rebekah Berry (4 years ago)
He's gone <\3
Nikki Wayland (4 years ago)
heard it on The Game....And it fit that epsiode perfectly. Had me feeling bad for the Derwin...
Keiarah Farmer (3 years ago)
Wich episodes that
Jesse Robinson (4 years ago)
That's where I heard that whole scene broke me down. I felt Derwin cuz of the song.
Carla Oneill (4 years ago)
I don't deserve u
jerry barnes (5 years ago)
wow this song makes me think of my wife that pasted its hard to be in this place
cagle P. (1 year ago)
She what?
jerry barnes (4 years ago)
+Carla Oneill I hope things get better for both of us sounds like that rut runs deep but I'm climbing my way out its a long road and its not easy but you can do it ok that's why there is great music so you no you are not alone and people are going throught the same shit as us
Carla Oneill (4 years ago)
Have to take baby steps. Family taking advantage. My mom wants to call police. I said no. Being taking advantage of. Here. Stuck in a rut. Hands shaking. Trembling if I don't get out I will have a nerves break down.
Carla Oneill (4 years ago)
Yes and go to church.
jerry barnes (4 years ago)
Thank you and I lost a good girl by cheating to and it sucked but what can you do but learn from your mistakes
Tabitha Waters (5 years ago)
going through this now, just ready for the pain to go away already! Ready to say I am fine and really mean it!
Eriel Johnson (10 months ago)
Can you finally say your ok?
Keisha Tracey (4 years ago)
I hope you are feeling much better now 
wolftats9 (5 years ago)
I am doing this now !!!
Vincent Paradise (5 years ago)
wtf there's no lyrics
Lucas Cog (5 years ago)
In the descrpition...
Kj Edwards (5 years ago)
Song makes me upset jst got my heart broken into peaces jst dnt understand sometimes y bad things happen to good people
ashton Anthony (1 year ago)
shane stoddard tht how I am when i hear this song..i miss my mom.😭😭😭
Brandon Brito (2 years ago)
Kj Edwards Love exposes our hearts to ravenous wolves, I crave Love but I know its like a poison.
shane stoddard (4 years ago)
Honey try losing you mom im 21 lost her when I was 20 amd she was only 39 this song makes a huge impact on my life I wish I could wake up with her amd hear her voice you may be ypunf but you will find the roght one. Trust.
Carla Oneill (4 years ago)
I'm so so sorry
Carla Oneill (4 years ago)
True .
Jessica Hopper (5 years ago)
chabs98.. I think your right <3
Marcus Byron (5 years ago)
do you like Breaking Bad?
Durand Batten (5 years ago)
Bill, never forget how much she loved you! I don't your pain, but I guess it to be the same. Just not on that level. I hope you can find some comfort as life and time goes on. Be blessed, and know she's your angel in Heaven
Benb253 (5 years ago)
i love you bill. don't you ever forget it. completely seriouse
Andre Buxey (5 years ago)
love this song so much, at least once every 6 months i rape that repeat button :D
opheliaspins (5 years ago)
Makes me think of our baby we lost at 21 weeks, 6 days. <3 Skylar Harris <3
sahil singh (5 years ago)
you need to know that it is never too late to avoid divorce! i have also gone through hard times recently but im happy to say things are great my spouse now. this site helped me so much... bitly.com\16tLHIv
Michael Romolini (5 years ago)
Im sorry u had to endure that kind of heartache bill. U must be a strong person to bear that weight. Keep ur head up tho. And try to find the silverlining. My heart and prayers go out to u friend. Good song.
Oscar Sanchez (5 years ago)
Nobody gives a shit!
eojdlanor2 (5 years ago)
YES!!! I am dreaming with a brokenheart, but tomorrow will be not!
Lamond Lamond (5 years ago)
i love the unedited version of this song its just so beautiful that i also cry every time i hear it ;( i heard this song since i was just 4-5 years old
Mr. Miyagi (5 years ago)
This is for Samantha: 1992-2008 Will you wake up by my side? No she can't.
lisa Naranjo (5 years ago)
William Davis (5 years ago)
I cant even describe how much this song tells my story of how I feel every night and every morning when I wake up.. "do I have to fall asleep with roses in my hand!? would you get them if I could?, no you wont, cause your gone gone gone gone...." tears every time I hear this song............
75morphee (5 years ago)
Antoine tu t'es réveillé sans elle a tes côtés, dur fut ton réveil. Mais maintenant ton réveil est ensoleillé. Plus dur est le mien, car tu es parti, parti, parti...
Sunny C (5 years ago)
im so sorry for your loss...
Victoria K. (5 years ago)
Gone - The Specktators
peddards (5 years ago)
Man this song makes me cry everytime...no matter what the occasion...but man i just love this song so much
Johnny Kalloniatis (5 years ago)
Love really blows. I feel lost.
Jeanna Batten (5 years ago)
Hailey Spear (5 years ago)
God bless you! <3
Nathalie Leon (5 years ago)
Hate how long the nights feel. Seems like they are never going to end. Thats when all my thoughts take the best of me and the hurt just wont let me fall into rest and i hate it so much and when i finally get to close my eyes i wake up, the hardest feeling is having to wake up to reality. I just think to myself how long the day will feel again :/
Gina Beckwith (5 years ago)
Terri Williams (5 years ago)
I like this song
KoKo Oh'So (5 years ago)
Exactly what I thought... He does say dreaming with a broken heart... :-)
Lila Rivers (5 years ago)
I love this song:)
Marian Montelibano (5 years ago)
when the moment u wake up is th hardest Part and he's gone but i love him
wolftats9 (5 years ago)
awh thx Jesse <3
Tashaun Holloway (5 years ago)
I'm crying... . imy ♡♡...
TheCaptainSophie (5 years ago)
Stay strong.
nelly_kins (5 years ago)
that is exactly what im going through, today i finally accepted the fact that it's over. lol not trying to get sentimental or anything, you just explained it perfectly
AakwardAardvark (5 years ago)
im in the same situation, only this girl we almost made it to a relationship but just ended up hooking up. I feel like if we just talked more it might have went somewhere. we need to move on and be stronger. if all you think about is you and them you forget how wonderful the world is.
AakwardAardvark (5 years ago)
Savanna Moreau (5 years ago)
That's what I'm most afraid of.
Linzimac Cardross (5 years ago)
Know that feeling only too well:-( x
BOSSnumbr57 (5 years ago)
um this comment was 8 months ago?? and you don't know my story so you can shut the fuck up now and don't call me stupid. and update on this situation, the guy I was talking about, we are now best friends and looked past all of this that happened literally two years ago. And actually hes starting to want me but I did get over him. If I am so "immature" and need to "grow up" then please tell me how I was able to forgive and forget unlike many people that are much older than me.yeah.fuck off.
herban123 (5 years ago)
some people are shy, sounds like you just gave up and didnt even really try. growup and think for a second at how stupid you sound
LoveYouGreggy1 (6 years ago)
I am so sorry, I lost my husband of 25 years one year ago, not in my arms, but in an accident. It's awful. Music does help though, doesn't it?
Everton Martins (6 years ago)
quem vai ir ver ele no rock rio!!!
Megan T (6 years ago)
This reminds me of my ex, I miss him so much and every day I dream about him, and I dream about how happy we were together. But then I wake up and realize that we're not together anymore, and we wont ever spend those times together. This song made me cry.
escapereality84 (6 years ago)
Shae Morris (6 years ago)
Shae Morris (6 years ago)
You just literally made me cry!! I'm so sorry for your lost!!
Love this song
Juanse Banchi (6 years ago)
fck!, I feel so lonely, all my friends have girlfriends, I'm so sad... And this song, is perfect!
Will Boed (6 years ago)
a sad song

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