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Of Mice and Men - Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

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Text Comments (1443)
impersonatethememe (3 days ago)
My teacher reccomended our class this saying it had some "street language"
Tara Lucent (3 days ago)
Curly's Wife wasn't actually a whore. She was just extremely misunderstood and lonely.
Alexsketchstudios (19 days ago)
Homeboy didn't even mention the dog
Dusters s (1 month ago)
And I just thought it was a doomed loved story... Steinbeck wrote alot about our self destructive habits and with this in mind I recommend Tortilla Flat or Cannary Row. East on Eden goes the full monty
Jose Misael (1 month ago)
Yo I can tell this thug loves to read i can respek that & those drawings are gansta 😎
Chesca Sarmiento (2 months ago)
thatonebooknerd (2 months ago)
This was a fucking pointless book imo.
Blue Trefoil (2 months ago)
In the book it said Curley used a glove of vaseline for his wife
Kat slater (3 months ago)
I wanna tend to the wabbits
Rush Phantom (3 months ago)
my dawg
guess who (4 months ago)
You are the most awesome literary expert EVER. Before I teach it, I research and read it, then drop by your place. You make it all RELEVANT and that is so important today.
Drinking Sake With Neo (4 months ago)
The other point , when George iced Lenny is , George loved Lenny so much that he wanted to Kill him humanely, versus letting the mob kill him inhumanely.
Roderick Molasar (4 months ago)
I like the synthesizer music at the beginning. But your learned analyses are okay. BAD FRANK accidentally broke a bloke's neck as well. Now that's what I call a badass. Hoochie?
It Yaboi (5 months ago)
Did anyone else see any similarities between Lenny’s death and Candy’s Dog’s death?
bob bobson (6 months ago)
leaving this and looking for some gumby reruns
bob bobson (6 months ago)
Don't confuse Stalin's totalitarianism with Marxian economics . Marx was sympathetic towards the common man and woman . For one , he told us the truth about the fat cat owners and corporations always trying to get many times surplus value over what they pay the employees . We are working harder, more hours , and getting sicker and dying younger for less pay(adjusted for inflation) and cost of living become higher and higher due to the neoliberal economics era starting with reagan/thatcher and continued to this day including with those wall street democrats bill clinton and barak obama . We could use a dose of Marxian economics right now
Peewee Herman (6 months ago)
This video could use some ketchup
Jason Clark (7 months ago)
Make one for "Twelve Angry Men," playa. As requested by 6th period Cape Cod Tech.
Melissa Blake (7 months ago)
1362 Bob (7 months ago)
Tuesday anyone?
It's Storytime (8 months ago)
Bro where tf was this when I️ was in high school 😩😩🤣🤣🤣
George Glass (8 months ago)
I saw this movie. I liked the part at the end where he murders that big dummy and licks the splattered blood from his knuckles.
KatieKat (8 months ago)
"Just look at the flowers, Lenny"
thatonebooknerd (2 months ago)
Nice TWD reference
Erin W (9 months ago)
This book made me cry
Ken Cheung (9 months ago)
Had to analyse the crap out of this book for my GCSE back in the days… like sentence by sentence, even the god damn punctuations, oh memories… lol Oh, one thing though, I thought George killed Lenny because a quick death is better than what Lenny would have gotten if he was caught by Curly
luciferangelica (9 months ago)
damn, dr. sweets, would you do east of eden?
luciferangelica (9 months ago)
that is, thou mayest do east of eden
Literal_Bagel (10 months ago)
Brandenburg concerto no 1
Cian Merrigan (10 months ago)
Watched this before my jc English paper 2
werawkthishousedown (11 months ago)
lmao i have a presentation tmw on the book and i never read it, can i show this instead
jman12351 (11 months ago)
Tell me about the rabbits, George...
theWicked Nishka (11 months ago)
Dear Miss Luce: Annie Laurie says you are worried about your playing of the part of Curley’s wife although from the reviews it appears that you are playing it marvelously. I am deeply grateful to you and to the others in the cast for your feeling about the play. You have surely made it much more than it was by such a feeling. About the girl--I don’t know of course what you think about her, but perhaps if I should tell you a little about her as I know her, it might clear your feeling about her. She grew up in an atmosphere of fighting and suspicion. Quite early she learned that she must never trust any one but she was never able to carry out what she learned. A natural trustfulness broke through constantly and every time it did, she got her. her moral training was most rigid. She was told over and over that she must remain a virgin because that was the only way she could get a husband. This was harped on so often that it became a fixation. It would have been impossible to seduce her. She had only that one thing to sell and she knew it. Now, she was trained by threat not only at home but by other kids. And any show of fear or weakness brought an instant persecution. She learned to be hard to cover her fright. And automatically she became hardest when she was most frightened. She is a night, kind girl, not a floozy. No man has ever considered her as anything except a girl to try to make. She has never talked to a man except in the sexual fencing conversation. she is not highly sexed particularly but knows instinctively that if she is to be noticed at all, it will be because some one finds her sexually desirable. As to her actual sexual life--she has had none except with Curley and there has probably been no consummation there since Curley would not consider her gratification and would probably be suspicious if she had any. Consequently she is a little starved. She knows utterly nothing about sex except the mass misinformation girls tell one another. If anyone--a man or woman--ever gave her a break--treated her like a person-- she would be a slave to that person. Her craving for contact is immense but she, with her background, is incapable of conceiving any contact without some sexual context. With all this--if you knew her, if you could ever break down a thousand little defenses she has built up, you would find a nice person, an honest person, and you would end up by loving her. But such a thing could never happen. I hope you won’t think I’m preaching. I’ve known this girl and I’m just trying to tell you what she is like. She is afraid of everyone in the world. You’ve known girls like that, haven’t you? You can see them in Central Park on a hot night. They travel in groups for protection. They pretend to be wise and hard and voluptuous. I have a feeling that you know all this and that you are doing all this. Please forgive me if I seem to intrude on your job. I don’t intend to and I am only writing this because Annie Laurie said you wondered about the girl. It’s a devil of a hard part. I am very happy that you have it. Sincerely, John Steinbeck
Kers A HerpaFuqer (1 year ago)
Couldn't say it better
Nkiruka J (1 year ago)
Do East of Eden!!!!!
Tristan Lee (1 year ago)
thank you will now pass my exam XD
It's caled The American DREAM for a reason. XD
Styx (1 year ago)
Best book ever.
Trent R Wilson (1 year ago)
I was looking for the band -_-
Test tomarrow. I'm only half way through the book. I'm screwed, but now maybe less screwed
Yaboylemon (1 year ago)
This story made me cry
Fish buddy (1 year ago)
I also think a part of it was how mental illness or just mental disabilities were judged back then. George constantly covers for Lennie and tells him not to speak when they first meet the boss, because he doesn't want the boss to find out Lennie's slow, and not hire him. Also, there is a part when George is talking to Candy, and says that maybe they could convince Curly not to shoot George, and get him put in jail or an asylum. Candy mentions that they treat people horribly in asylums, and George couldn't survive there. Idk, just my opinion.
Aidan (1 year ago)
Thanks for saving my English grade again thug notes.
Alexandra Rivera (1 year ago)
This is so mf helpful for high school English
Willyhoo (1 year ago)
in ingles por favor
Superjsq (1 year ago)
can u do an inspector calls plz
Bry-Fi (1 year ago)
I thought all books you have to read Junior year are stupid, in all the books you read, the American dream could've happened if the unlikely event didn't happen
sauliha ibrahim (1 year ago)
I have no test, but I love these videos! So entertaining!
loverlei79 (1 year ago)
Best laid plans of mice and men, yo. Been my theme since 9th grade.
Youtuber #87725439 (1 year ago)
Man fuck y'all I'm watchin this shit for fun 😜🤘🖕
Maisa Young (1 year ago)
I really like your approach. I don't use your videos because of the profanity. Is it possible to change that? Keep up the good work.
Tams1978 (1 year ago)
Maisa Young He bleeps it out, what more do you want from him?
Aziz Alanazi (1 year ago)
CPP exam lmao
Xyzzy Vax (1 year ago)
Lenny would love El Topo.
This reminds me of the green mile
cyber tune (1 year ago)
how'd did u think to create this series of videos?
Robert Gomez (1 year ago)
I'm supposed to be writing an essay on "Old Man And the Sea"
MantisQueen9 (1 year ago)
Man, I remember reading Of Mice and Men back in my freshman year of high school. Such a good book! Poor Lennie though. Ain't never gonna get those rabbits ;-;
Awe poor Lenny he wants to be gentle but hes so strong that he breaks and kills everything if only we could understand him more hes not such a bad guy
PaulyDaSnipah (1 year ago)
I can't believe I haven't seen any of these videos when iI was in 10th grade back in 2013
Mary Helsing (1 year ago)
I remember reading this book in high school along with Animal Farm and a few others. Very depressing book. But great job!
Michael McKinley (1 year ago)
This may be the best explanation of the book, ever!
Gold_Love_Gaming (1 year ago)
Lennie also killed a puppy
LittyCarBoi (1 year ago)
Can you do Maus plz. It may be a graphic novel, but Iraq really good!
ste h (1 year ago)
Don't base your book report on this one kids! I think you guys are reading a bigger message into the story than actually exists there. For sure, there's some moments of social commentary in the book, maybe even critiquing JudeoChristian values...but it's not about being kept down by an exploitative society. Lenny only ruined his dream for himself, and not because of some lofty, abstract socioeconomic dynamic...HE KILLED SOMEONE...even the most just society imagineable would have to deal with Lenny somehow...even Norway would cordone Lenny off in some kind of nice facility...Lenny also wasn't especially animalistic either. Shit, he would have raped her had that been the case. He was just dumb, he didn't know his own strength. If you really want to read a message in, if Lenny represents the under-class, then it's their failure to understand their own strength that prevents them from realizing their dreams... AND THEN THE BIGGEST THEME of the book, is that of making difficult moral choices, as George has to make when killing Lenny...he knew that killing Lenny was the lesser of two evils.
Felicity Beth X (1 year ago)
Nah I'm watching because I live foreshadowing
Jay Fisher (1 year ago)
I graduated thanks to this video. Thanks a buch fam!
Beth the Dark Mage (1 year ago)
You guys left out so much in this! There's tons of symbolism concerning the other workers. And I don't think George and Lenny represent those things, because George himself went into the "lady club", should we say, and defended Lenny multiple times.
theacp127 (1 year ago)
I never read this book in school and the first place I saw a summary of it was on Family Guy.
braden7180 (1 year ago)
I find the understanding of the Cain & Abel story to be a bit . . . lacking.
Pearl Mas (1 year ago)
Wow. really, Wow!
Courtney Tunnicliffe (1 year ago)
I owe my A in English language and A* in literature to this 😄
Josiah Provan (1 year ago)
American Lit exam tomorrow! haha....*cries*
Lennon Wasser (1 year ago)
junior cert tommorow😣
naziha harb (1 year ago)
my exam is tomz
Moksh Vashisht (1 year ago)
do The Immortals of Meluha
Ruqayyah Ahmed (1 year ago)
I don't even study these books but i'm obsessed with this guy
Aidan James (1 year ago)
Aidan James (1 year ago)
Exam Monday.
Memespice Jenkins (1 year ago)
2 camera angles = professional
Ilker D. (1 year ago)
"a bit goofy in the head naaaaamean?" :D cracks me up man
Jean Supreme (1 year ago)
I teared up a bit after reading it. I wish I was given an exam on this book :(
Elgin Little (1 year ago)
hey man I know you usually do books but could you possibly do an analysis of the movie Dead Man
tronjet66 (1 year ago)
... oddly helpful. like more helpful than my teacher.
James Reveley (1 year ago)
English revision done
Zerobasssoul (1 year ago)
family guy anyone
Bandit Haze (1 year ago)
These are such god videos, I still ain't even read this book yet, but still big respect to Sparky Sweets, PHD
I Don't Know (1 year ago)
Everyone's talking about their exams on the book, like the book isn't even that long, lmao
Jacob (1 year ago)
instasubscribed. I never even came close to understanding what OMM was about until now...
FrankLightheart (1 year ago)
MAN! You're just reviewing ALL my high school English literature assignments, ain't ya! What's next? "To Kill a Mockingbird"? ...oh look, there it is.
Albert Suriñach (1 year ago)
Damn that escalated quickly
randomgirl013 (1 year ago)
Your summary is much less sad than sparknote's
Spentont H. (1 year ago)
Can you do The Pearl by John Steinbeck?
Hannah (1 year ago)
i must be the only one who watches these videos for fun and not exams....
Bioshock Menolly (1 year ago)
this is soooon much better then the book.... read it 4 times in high school.... still hate it. I get all of the messages but did it really have to be so long when half way through you could see what the ending would be?
Creative Ameena (1 year ago)
George also killed his day one brother, because Curly and his crew were gonna do it anyway. If you pay attention to an earlier chapter that guy (I forgot his name) offers to shoot candys old dog for him, candy does it instead because it's better that it comes from him than anyone else. George remembers this, and that's why he needed to be he one to put Lenny to peace.
Sonofawil (1 year ago)
I don't know....Lenny as all of our animal impulses? How does Candy's dog figure into all that? That Lenny represents an animal is obvious, but I see George as more of the caring owner than the embodiment of rationality. Lenny's more of a big dog than a tiger (he doesn't know any better) and George is the only one who cares (maybe Slim too). Unfortunately that isn't enough. In a world where no one is his brothers keeper animals like Lenny are doomed.
IngeniousIgneous (1 year ago)
Nah, the killing was an act of compassion. The big guy was dead anyway, his brother let him go with his happiest memory instead of at the hands of a mov
Casper Rust (1 year ago)
english SAC lets goooooooooooooooo
Austin Powell (1 year ago)
Who else watched this in class
Comrade Cthulhu (1 year ago)
Wisecrack should do a Thug Notes of Gravity's Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon, i could die a happy man if that happened.
Jules En Séoul (1 year ago)
I've heard many different analysis of this book. I must say this one isn't very interesting.
Geeks and such (1 year ago)
I finished this yestrday at 3 am and cried like 5 times lol.

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