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The Stranglers - Midnight summer dream (with lyrics).

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Midnight Summer Dream Lyrics: Woke up on a good day And the world was wonderful A midnight summer dream had me in its spell I dreamt about an old man Sat and watched the rain all night He couldn't sleep a wink as all the drops fell He told me of the beauty Hidden in our foreheads He told me of the ugliness We show instead And when we put a foot wrong do we learn From all the pain A midnight summer dream as he watched the rain Then at midnight he poured another drink And bent my ear After midnight we sat up half the night Or maybe more And he began to tell me what it was all for I woke up in an armchair He had gone I don't know where Left me there to sit and look at the rain Don't remember much at all But his words were echoing A midnight summer dream and then wake again Maybe I'll never find him Maybe he's gone forever Maybe I'll have to sit here Watching the weather One thing's pretty certain helped me Make it in the night Showed me somewhere else between wrong and right And at midnight if you can't sleep Then I can bend your ear After midnight we'll sit up half the night Or maybe more And I'll begin to tell you what it is all for Wake up on a good day And the world feels wonderful Midnight summer dream has me in its spell
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Text Comments (12)
one of the best songs ever
fidomusic (2 years ago)
Such an underated song, one of their best. Hypnotic.
Rhizome Networks (3 years ago)
Leony Rose Francisco (3 years ago)
Vlad Kondra (4 years ago)
То,что нужно!!
George Kostidis (4 years ago)
so magical .. perfect!
Arnold Kurzynski (4 years ago)
Beautiful fucking stuff on the world !!! I love it !!! :) Czasy prawdziwej muzyki :)
Katarzyna Korzeniewska (5 years ago)
Cuuuudnyyy utwór:)
mrsabotage1997 (5 years ago)
That's one of the best tracks I've ever heard! Soooo Relaxiiingggg !
Ksenija Divjak (5 years ago)
It is specal
permaveg (5 years ago)
Fantasic track, so wise, these MIB shed light.

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