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How I Flew A Cessna 210 AROUND THE WORLD!

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Text Comments (798)
MrFelixify (1 day ago)
so, is the earth flat?
JP Stone (11 days ago)
One JP to another much respect. Your living the dream and watching the vlogs and Videos by Louis and Matt I was jealous but also felt like I was living vicariously through you guys. I have always dreamed of being a pilot and flying and that will probably never happen for this JP but so awesome that you did. Cheers man.
Roy Hight (12 days ago)
It was clear that taking a 210 around the world involved some good piloting, but this is superior airmanship. Thanks for putting up this program, and my compliments on some fine flying skills!
Jan Bettens (15 days ago)
Does anyone know the age of that plane. Cessna 210 (centurian)?
ed and 69 others (4 days ago)
You can look it up on flight tracker. Tail number is N210EU. Cheers!
stanley oleyte (16 days ago)
Flat earthers explain this
Stephen Prescott (1 month ago)
I've just finished watching all 73 clips. Amazing. Did you two get along the whole time? Many personality clashes?. You're an amazingly motivated person. Well done brother. Loved watching the aussie section. Pity you didn't come to Perth. All the best. Always
Ferhat Kochan (1 month ago)
You are an awesome pilot!!! Keep up the great flying.
chico cheeks (1 month ago)
Visiting countries around the world is not flying around the world..smh
jherold vivit (1 month ago)
man you got balls, ill be sweating with that single engine... nice work man..
jherold vivit (1 month ago)
bro you started fro PHNL!..
JC Baily (1 month ago)
What a wonderful experience...thanks!!!!
Jero Bona (2 months ago)
Thanks God you made that video, so people can understand how this mission would've been impossible without you! You deserve so much more credit than Louis... yes he financed the plane and more... but you made it happen ! Love you!
igoyzigong (2 months ago)
14:00 world is flat
Aaron Vannistelrooy (2 months ago)
Wish that dude would get off his fucking phone 😑
Stefahn Jackson (2 months ago)
This is amazing and I can’t fathom the amount of preparation that went into this but I can’t help but ask what do you do if you need to use the bathroom?
MrGunniHelm (2 months ago)
Great video! That´s the information I was missing from Louis' vlog. Thanks a lot JP!
Ary Costa (2 months ago)
Pilots are some of the most impressive people on this planet. These guys have sound knowledge of engineering, navigation, meteorology, mathematics, thermal dynamics and literally the balls to take a multi-ton hunk a metal 10 thousand feet into the air; all while I struggle to drive inebriated haha jk.
Pete Lenz (2 months ago)
What a fantastic achievement men!
TubeBrasil (2 months ago)
fantastic achievement
alankroit (2 months ago)
Davis Miller (2 months ago)
Great job JP, ditch the douche bag.
00UncommonSense00 (2 months ago)
Mad respect man, with the exception of Matt, you were piloto único the whole trip. And I don't believe Matt did any flying, just copilot stuff like radios and route monitoring. Mad respect.
BillyNoMates1974 (2 months ago)
good going. congrats.did you land with full tanks in the wings and an empty internal tanks ?
Organic Potato (3 months ago)
If he'd've left the dread wearing phone abusing asshole hippie behind there'd be enough room to take a pleasant mile high shit.
mancz8 (3 months ago)
I know i am late to watching these videos, but I am very impressed on how you stayed awake for that long.
Last Shadow (3 months ago)
7:28 you can see the tilting of the plane as he adds power. The CG is so far back the plane has a noticeable tilt as it rights itself up
Joe Critch (3 months ago)
I can't believe all the negative comments about Louis texting. He was letting JP do his job without interrupting him. The last thing you want when doing your pre-takeoff checklist is having someone yapping in your ear breaking your concentration. Sterile cockpit. Great flight guys and i gotta say it takes balls to fly 2000 miles over the Pacific at night in a single piston. Congrats to both of you!!
Joe Critch (3 months ago)
I bet Matt was wishing he was there when he saw you and Louis eating those subs lol
Marty B (3 months ago)
On those 14 hour flights, how did you use take a shit or piss? I watched the video where you all flew from Hawaii to California. I saw you all eating Subway and drinking juice. I was like what happens if they have to use the toilet; what do they do?
Rhé Gagné (3 months ago)
You guys are nuts but I love it. Very inspiring. Live the adventure. Congratulations guys. (You are an absolutely amazing pilot JP)
Vision Communications (3 months ago)
Just watched this today. This young man is a serious pilot! Awesome stuff!
James Cuellar (3 months ago)
Where was your starting point? Last video I saw you in Australia. Excellent job and congrats!!
Alexander Adams (3 months ago)
Good job flying the 210 around the world
sms042 (3 months ago)
Great work guys!
David Lp (3 months ago)
DO you have a chanel in German language?
John Leibensperger (3 months ago)
Do you have a video showing that HF radio setup you used in the plane?
Bernie Sanders (3 months ago)
I would’ve dropped a flashlight when it was on into the water and watch it spin
Pau Casajuana Mestre (3 months ago)
I've watched this video like 3 times and i stil enjoy it
manuel antonio Serodio (4 months ago)
I followed your adventure through the air around the world. It was an incredible adventure. I was so jealous...Thank you for this life lesson.
Nick Sarantakos (4 months ago)
You looked up to those who flew around the world before you, and now there's the people that look up to you. Love the videos JP! Smooth flying and clear skies!
Adrian Burgariu (4 months ago)
Unique SST design.No drooped nose like the Concord.
Adrian Burgariu (4 months ago)
UP I design airplanes for the military, GA ONE water land snow no changes. Ready 24/7good for Ocean crossing or over Greenland safety Turbine PT6 engine unique beautiful design.Nobody has it I will get PATENTS.Hold an oil and gas wells PATENT. ADRIAN BUGARIU my name 1174711747-W 90 th.Ave St John ,In. 46373
Uber Man Tampa (4 months ago)
You guys had balls of steel. Very dangerous but glad you made it
Joseph Sonday (4 months ago)
Nice Job Guys! Smart, do this stuff while you are young! I was a PP back when I was a kid, but never would have had the kohonees to do this!! :) Thumbs up guys!
fingerhorn4 (4 months ago)
How tedious it must be to spend nearly all your time on your phone instead of experiencing what is actually happening, the landscape, scenery, flying, etc. Maybe that is the price you pay for living your whole life vlogging, twittering, facebook etc, etc. Every waking moment is spent not seeing life directly but always through a camera lens or a smart phone, to which the "owner" of this aircraft appears to be seriously addicted.
YYC (4 months ago)
Not sure it's a great idea to eat a Subway sandwich at the beginning of a 14 hour journey....if you know what I mean.
Jason Sneed (5 months ago)
Wow, Great Video!
Blessed Murungi (5 months ago)
Nice man. Pretty great work! Did you have to pay fees for accessing different airspace? And if so how were those payments made? Could you PLLLEEEAAASEE also make a detailed back story video for each vlog that was made as a separate leg highlighting maybe different specific flight planning or operational detail that you feel stood out. Thanks again !
Texstar77 Days (5 months ago)
My hats off to you doing an epoch journey with a non-pilot partner... Dont think I would have been able to do it... ISAFE....
The Jamers (5 months ago)
how much money did it cost
Ross Sauter (5 months ago)
why is louis always on his damn phone
TheWindigomonster (5 months ago)
What was the reasoning behind only tapping into 1 filler tank for your fuel system? Wouldn't using both add more redundancy? Or is there some kind of mechanical issue that would prevent this
Ashwin (5 months ago)
JP, you rock!
Ashwin (5 months ago)
Someone needs to get off the phone
freedomisnocrime (6 months ago)
i wanted to see the world and not buncha narcissists showing themselves
binarypower (6 months ago)
I forgot about this series... finally got caught up. What an awesome adventure.
reefrøcks (6 months ago)
What a great video. Top jonge!
Nick Simmer (6 months ago)
I am a bit curious, why did you switch off the HF radio so far out?
Boss of flame (6 months ago)
John Stephenson (6 months ago)
How do you feel about Luis selling all those videos for months and not ONE has been delivered? Maybe it should be renamed "Funds For Luis!" Just askin!
letshavepeas (6 months ago)
Must have been tough to be in a small space with a hippie like that
Alec Richards (6 months ago)
just wondering, why do the rear landing gear wobble around so much while they're being retracted in?
Fanzindel (6 months ago)
Cessna 210 heavy
Max Sako (6 months ago)
How did you guys meet each other? You don't seem compatible at all
Max Sako (6 months ago)
The weird hippy on the left really ruined the pure and amazing adventure of the trip
El Eddio (7 months ago)
So...... Is it round?
BOSS FROG (7 months ago)
Where did you start at and where did you finish?
Chris Reuter (7 months ago)
So there's more people in the world saying that they've got negative fuel. And here I was, thinking we were the only ones. What a coincidence.
Alex Motahedin (7 months ago)
no comments about the hat?
orangesus (7 months ago)
Is that Louis from Food For Louis?
Capt'n Tread (7 months ago)
So amazing I wish I had the money to get my pilots license. It's so nice to know people like you are out there living the dream!
Felo1812 (7 months ago)
WOW! super jelly man! You have inspired me to add this to my to-do list, awesome video!
Mr J (7 months ago)
I figure the only reason for the useless passenger was in case they ended up in life raft and he ended up having to eat him
Michael - (3 months ago)
useless? this wouldn't have happened if he wasn't there.
George Langley (7 months ago)
what country are you guys from
Terblanche Jordaan (7 months ago)
Respect bru! As an old pilot myself flying C210s and King200s all over Africa, I lift my hat for what you've done. A life-changing adventure that your children's children will tell about their grandpa.
Colossus Bmx (7 months ago)
why is is hat so round
AEROMAGNUM TV (7 months ago)
I flew non-stop around the pattern, to a full stop...top that! Seriously, very awesome what is shared here! Happy/Safe Flying!👍🇺🇸💪
Brolitz Litz (7 months ago)
Does the plane have A/C?
Brolitz Litz (7 months ago)
How are you able to go to the bathroom?
idaho524 (7 months ago)
Sittin on ur nuts for 14 hours, damn
boris boskovski (7 months ago)
i understand coordinating a trip around the world but how do you get through all the beauracracies ? did the california coast gaurd know your plane was coming how come you didnt get 5 military jets on your ass ??? is it really that simple to fly
Jason Stock (7 months ago)
Louis seems very excited.
SamabiTV (7 months ago)
is the cessna 210 pressurized? what was your crusing altitiude too?
RagingGamingHD (7 months ago)
Cool video but what is that hat...
MR JERRY (7 months ago)
Bro thats not how u wear a hat
SeanTheSheep YT (7 months ago)
You and Matt guthmiller deserve credit. Louis need to learn to fly since he bought the plane...
Cameron Moore (7 months ago)
Martin From Strufve (7 months ago)
what an ugly piece of shit u have on ur head... I hope its wrecked and not something you find cool
Carter Ellis (7 months ago)
After seeing this i want to own a 210
wakester912 (7 months ago)
This was the coolest video I've seen on youtube all year man. Congratulations on your accomplishment and safe flight
Ivan Novak (7 months ago)
Why did you bring hippy with you...ruined the whole video
markusflorian85 (7 months ago)
shame u need one of those useless intagram bloggers and their phones to get sponsors for such adeventures! great piloting! thumbs up to u!
Peer Svensson (7 months ago)
Didn't watch the whole thing yet, but he's talking about how much fuel they need, and how they retrofitted the plane, but he doesn't bother explaining which route they're flying?
Smellycalculator (7 months ago)
Hey! A passenger and a pilot cant eat the same thing at once
benjashats (7 months ago)
Louis ate a spider once
Casey Wilson (7 months ago)
dude just cant put his phone away
Thepaintballplayer (7 months ago)
I'm 14 but I want to be a pilot when I'm older
alexi thompson (7 months ago)
How old is the pilot?
TheRussificator (7 months ago)
Dat supercool guys!
Donald Clark (7 months ago)
Bloke I know use to ferry light aircraft from the USA to Australia. He loved it but said he had his share of scary moments. He only did it for a few years before going on to business jets.

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