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Every Marvel Cartoon Intro 1966-Present

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Here is every Marvel Cartoon intro since 1966. From Marvel Superheroes , X-Men The Animated Series, Avengers Assemble to Ultimate Spider-Man. Also includes foreign intros and Marvel Imprints such as Men In Black.
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Alexandros Papafotiou (16 minutes ago)
.....Wow. The intros got really lazy in the end, didn't they. As in, there is no opening. Talking about the western cartoons, not the Marvel anime. Like....really? From the 90's X-Men intro and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes intro to....just throw the title, who cares about a badass song or actual openings? Ugh.
Benny Moonwalker (9 hours ago)
RIP stan Lee
Aughie baloch (11 hours ago)
31:19 this is the best marvel tv show ever
Aughie baloch (11 hours ago)
20:19 this one is dont click on that
Suri TheLameGuy (1 day ago)
16:41 My 3RD favorite Spider-Man intro.
24:52 the Avengers earths mightiest heroes
21:16 wolvorine and the x-man
Jakitron (2 days ago)
I thought I made up Iron Man Armored Adventures in a atrange fever dream! I liked it when it was on, but never heard of anyone else reference it
lola asafa (2 days ago)
9:25 & 12:18, 90s kids rule
Mariano Yuba (3 days ago)
Besides 90s X-Men, which is easily the best of the bunch, i have a soft spot for X-Men Evolution and MTV Spider-Man.
Gambino Da menace (3 days ago)
I am iron Man fav intro
DARK WOLF (3 days ago)
For me the intro from Spider-Man(1994) is the best.
Sam Naik (3 days ago)
What? MIB is not from marvel
Omega Owl (4 days ago)
I didn't know Marvel had a MIB cartoon....
Mohammed Farid (4 days ago)
Noah Wattel (4 days ago)
Avengers assemble used to be pretty decent but the newest seasons are just terrible. Like when the black panthers quest season started I only watched one episode and then I was so done with that show
Noah Wattel (4 days ago)
24:53 best avengers show
Noah Wattel (4 days ago)
22:01 series is pretty shit but the intro is pretty good.
Noah Wattel (4 days ago)
Spider-Woman qz spiders can fly and shoot lasers.
Rafa Boss (4 days ago)
Black panthers intro is the best
FatFilipinoUK (5 days ago)
Holy crap! The Japanese intros are a MASSIVE step up in quality over the American ones!
jack bs (5 days ago)
Spider-man 1994 is the best
Leonardo Farias (6 days ago)
24:53 for all the Avengers lovers out there the opening of Earth's Mightiest Heroes
Sephiroth Prime (6 days ago)
wait...Men in Black was a Marvel creation?!?! #MindBlown
The Flower Blogger (6 days ago)
what's Ultraforce??? spider woman wtf Annway, I want to watch Blade!!!
Joe Man (6 days ago)
Pretty good , but missed one or two here and there... 1966 iron man .. captain America.. hulk.. had there own intros. And one other iron man intro in 90’s . Never saw some of the Japanese ones though..
DragonSpear570 (7 days ago)
18:59 Am I the only one who was here for this?!
goddamn mib was so stylish
the best cartoon intro for me ever
Sergio Ramirez (7 days ago)
de plugged (7 days ago)
9:25 need I say morr
Kj16V (8 days ago)
Whuut?! I never even knew there was a Black Panther cartoon!
Murat Temur (8 days ago)
12:17 spider-man was the best marvel cartoon
Thomas G Stephens (8 days ago)
Missed this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTzkxNbb_tc
xaenon (8 days ago)
18:59. The show itself was meh, but that theme song was awesome.
Merrsharr (9 days ago)
What is that thing at 30:12?
jafar43 (9 days ago)
They forgot these.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rSw4Xl5qfs
Emma Stalnaker (9 days ago)
They got rid of the human torch??? And replaced him with a robot??? Spider-woman had her own show??? That first one was really catchy, and there was an aquatic hero??? (I wonder which one??) Iceman and Firestar were in a tv show with spider-man??? Solar-man was a thing???? The x-men had three amazing theme songs??? Iron man had a mullet??? There was a team called ultraforce?? Marvel made a MiB tv show??? The silver surfer had his own tv show?? Hawkeye made it on the avengers intro??? (My boi!! I’m so proud!!) Spider-man, the fantastic four, and iron man all had a series with the same rubbery animation style??? (I honestly really liked the iron man show tho- he’s IRRROOONNN MMAANNN) The black panther had a freaking awesome intro??? Iron man had an anime??? Wolverine has an anime??? The x-men had an anime??? ... HIW MANY MARVEL ANIMES WERE THERE??? Marvel, I NEED ANSWERS. TO ALL OF THIS. RIGHT NOW. Ps. So happy that earths mightiest heroes made the list. LOVED that show, until they took it off Netflix
sha miah (10 days ago)
MIB is marvel?
C.I.A. Official (10 days ago)
Chio Chan Genocide (10 days ago)
So Spiderwoman is basically Captain Marvel but occasionally shoots web?? Why??
C.I.A. Official (10 days ago)
Cause she wants to c:
Daniel Rios (10 days ago)
Men In Black definitely isnt Marvel but i love that intro lol
Daniel Rios (10 days ago)
Ultraforce wasnt Marvel Comics was it??
Izuki 101 (10 days ago)
22:01 He's a man, on a mission In armor of high tech ammunition Trapped on the edge of an endless game His teenage life will never be the same In a dangerous world he does all he can He's Iron Man
Mathew34 williams (10 days ago)
I didn't know Men In Black where made by Marvel
Aivan M. Vaughn (11 days ago)
I still cant animate anything as good as that... :-(
Rah The RefleX (12 days ago)
Missed a lot. Most noted Prince Namor The Sub Mariner (1966) Ironman (1966) Thor (1966) Captain America (1966) all classics. You missed most of the original themes from the 60s
Ray Shabaz (12 days ago)
Hold up, Men In Black is Marvel?
Ray Shabaz (12 days ago)
R.I.P. Stan Lee. Thank you for all of your hard work on bringing these true superheros into our childhood lives
L Lawliet (12 days ago)
1:56 my favorite
Nom (13 days ago)
After 9:20 the nostalgia hit hard as a truck. Damn TAS X-Men, Spider-Man, Fant4, Iron-Man. 90s was such a great time to be a kid.
EJ Elec Flame Tails (14 days ago)
Why exactly is Men in Black here? It's not even Marvel
Justin DeMoss (14 days ago)
Whoa, I didn't know MIB was part of Marvel.
nicky hogan (14 days ago)
i hated solar man only cause my parents showed it to me and i'm 16
Porreta meu!!!!
Dante Crottogini (15 days ago)
I want new animated series that don't suck. I'd love it if they made more adult oriented series with well thought planned out arcs
SiegeSquirrel 42 (16 days ago)
9:25. You're welcome.
Nicole White (16 days ago)
X Men Animated Series intro slaps but wtf is that Cyclops font lmaooo
Nicole White (16 days ago)
That Solar Man intro BOPS
Nicole White (16 days ago)
Nicole White (16 days ago)
i love how Johnny Storm just turns into a piece of pork when he uses his human torch powers
Daniel Dow (17 days ago)
I loved those 1960s superhero cartoons
Stirn Lichen (18 days ago)
From 12:18 to 22:40 was my childhood
jayman x10 (19 days ago)
Feel old yet
Lazerboy 4 (19 days ago)
0:00 best intro 10/10
Never was a fan of anime but Disk Wars intro was actually cool.
Pradipsinh Rana (22 days ago)
We're all here for 1:58
Scott Andrew Hutchins (22 days ago)
I never saw Silver Surfer, but it looks really well done.
We Remotely Low (22 days ago)
As much as I hate the artstyle of Spectacular Spider-Man, that opening is rad.
We Remotely Low (23 days ago)
With the second X-Men cartoon (excluding Ultra Force, Men In Black, Spider-Man Unlimited) started a Marvel Animated Universe much like the DCAU that lasted until Avengers: United They Stand.
We Remotely Low (23 days ago)
We truly used to have no idea what we were doing.
Roberto Berríos (23 days ago)
What the hell is Solar Man???
Derik Penman (23 days ago)
The anime Avengers intro was pretty awesome. But those for Ultimate Spider-Man, Hulk and the Agents of SMASH and Guardians of the Galaxy, shown where they put in the least effort.
finisher3x (23 days ago)
Marvel makes better movies. DC makes better cartoons.
Phenomenal Club (24 days ago)
9:24 not sure how many watched this in the 90s. but it changed the superhero world history. It was the outstanding animation series at the time.
ULTIMATE GOKU (25 days ago)
Men in Black is a Marvel thing????
eshaw2115 (25 days ago)
Solar Man?
Moose 67 (27 days ago)
Spider man and his amazing friends was my SHIT when I was like 7 oh my god I still remember the entirety of this one episode that I was obsessed with
For a second I forgot that Men in Black was a Marvel property.
William Tarver yeah, I knew that. I remember seeing "Property of Marvel Comics" back when the first movie came out, just saying I forgot about that detail is all. Didn't know about the Malibu comics thing though.
Rex Wort (30 days ago)
12:15 I love this
Scott Andrew Hutchins (1 month ago)
Tony Stark sure is muscular for a guy with a heart problem.
Scott Andrew Hutchins (1 month ago)
That 1990s Fantastic Four theme has kind of a game show sound to it. That was the first one I didn't watch because it came out when I was around high school age. I had seen some 1960s episodes on VHS rental and syndication.
Scott Andrew Hutchins (1 month ago)
Where is Fred and Barney Meet the Thing and The World of Super Adventure repackage of Fantastic Four (circa 1985)?
fernandozu Zorent (1 month ago)
jeje pro q toooodos los super heroes o eran musculosos normales o musculosos tipo fisicoculturista......
dante coleccionista (1 month ago)
Victor Saldanha (1 month ago)
18:09 ❤️🇧🇷
Luca Guida (1 month ago)
13:37 superhot but disabled woman is here to save the day
liberty david (1 month ago)
Thanks for the memories Stan Lee. RIP
OwlYaRly RUS (1 month ago)
Solar man has cool theme song🎵
emimimi (1 month ago)
*wait a diddly darn second there was a marvel anime????????*
seanwuzhere12 (1 month ago)
Spectacular Spider-Man and earths mightiest heroes are my favorite.
As awesome as the Xmen intro was, Jesus fucking Christ that Fan 4 intro was fucking atrocious
SabbyDude (1 month ago)
12:13 the legend is lengend
The One (1 month ago)
15:26 is that a fuckin lightbulb!?!?!
raidenkeify (1 month ago)
Black panther had a cartoon???
Jeshuah Gerard Mercado (1 month ago)
R.I.P Stan Lee 1922-2018 :(
Valve_ Highlights (1 month ago)
The best are X-men evolution and fantastic four:the worlds greatest heroes
Sanguinius (1 month ago)
I totally forgot yellow washed marvel was a thing xD
Pwonky (1 month ago)
ok X-Men evolution was my shit
Hafsa Khanom (1 month ago)
After Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Marvel stopped doing cool intros. That’s a damn shame. Cause all u need is to buy a license for some good song and make one and a half minute intro. It even will help u save some on production cause it shortens the material of an episode itself. I might be wrong, but hell, I miss good intros...
Dynamiczne Zgniłki (1 month ago)
Why men in black ?
Dynamiczne Zgniłki (17 days ago)
+William Tarver thanks
Lorcan Atkinson (1 month ago)
Wolverine and The X-Men, The Avenger Earths Mightiest Heroes was my childhood
d4unit (1 month ago)
24:53 oh yessss

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