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The Magic Flute (1995) Queen of the Night Aria (Animated)

325 ratings | 22273 views
From the Operavox series. Excellent stuff!
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Text Comments (10)
Tru Gara (4 months ago)
Where is the Queen's body?!!
princeoffreaks203 (1 month ago)
The Queen is basically night itself and night has no real body.
fathersenpi_anewweeaboo (6 months ago)
I like the soprano's voice, who is it
fathersenpi_anewweeaboo (5 months ago)
cdonova cool
cdonova (5 months ago)
agaysenpi trash I'm soprano
serfina callias (5 months ago)
Jennifer rhys davies singing this aria
andre Game (10 months ago)
Listomaj (1 year ago)
I'm tickled at Pamina just laying there. lol
lemon lime (1 year ago)
Der Holle Rache!
Tru Gara (4 months ago)
lemon lime Est. 2002 in English

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