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Ayako Tanaka 「The Queen of the Night Aria(Mozart)」[Full HD]

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Ayako Tanaka:Soprano(Coloratura) Ayako Tanaka 「National anthem : Argentina Japan」[HD] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3LM1orK1S0
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Text Comments (136)
Patricia Moser (1 hour ago)
Very nice but a lot of bouncy vibrato and in her andante. Still lovely.
Steph Lobato (13 hours ago)
Mariah Carey is shooketh
Desmond Solano (5 days ago)
She should do the song from Fifth Element.
Rice Blender (8 days ago)
Lol u came from the Volvo commercial
Richard Ruiz (3 days ago)
Same lol
Rice Blender (4 days ago)
Afro Mamba I am the all seeing eye
Afro Mamba (4 days ago)
Rice Blender damm you, Pepe! how did u know??
dave jones (21 days ago)
An Angel with a voice like a finely tuned instrument! She is so beautiful and so talented it seems as if she’s from another race...one above the human race!
Jeremy Harris (24 days ago)
Thanks for bringing me here, Volvo
Pain_Is_Good (25 days ago)
She is sooooo passionate about Volvos.
AirScholar (14 hours ago)
+Rohan Mehrotra They are both singing the same aria. There lies the humor. Limited insight...
Rohan Mehrotra (8 days ago)
Pain_Is_Good not really if you were smart you would know that this is Ayoka Tanaka and the Singer in the Volvo commercial is Emily Cheung.
Johnny lor (26 days ago)
For anyone who is reading this, I've used this part 1:02 of the song to help me take a shit. It works.
L o v e (18 days ago)
cubanson83 (26 days ago)
Not for blacks !! 😂😂
L o v e *Clicks “It’s because of people like you that America and other places will lose the right for Freedom of Expression.” Aggressively*
L o v e (3 days ago)
cubanson83 and people like you are going to have a terrible death
L o v e (3 days ago)
cubanson83 yeah racism is totallyyyy a joke
zak e (10 days ago)
You must be American
Bryan Alexander (16 days ago)
cubanson83 nope.. you are wrong. You are the weird person
Alex G (26 days ago)
Volvo sent me
Kent Rhoads (27 days ago)
For all you naysayers below, she is still quite young. Most sopranos don't reach their prime until 40.
Jesse Bresett (20 days ago)
Kent Rhoads (26 days ago)
+William Allen Nonsense you negative know nothing naysayer.
William Allen (27 days ago)
Shut your face! She's old enough to get the pipe ;)
Julia Jiang (27 days ago)
C Valdez (26 days ago)
Fire Flare Boy (27 days ago)
Julia Jiang same 😂😂
D22 Williams.22 (27 days ago)
I also came for the car commercial singer (Emily Cheung). Is Volvo keeping her under wraps? Cheesy of them, if so. Cheesy as hell.
Dynasty 22 (22 days ago)
Yeah what the hell I'd pay money to see Emily Cheung sing this
DIY DUO (23 days ago)
wooooow I came here from volvo
David Jenson (29 days ago)
I came here because of the Volvo commercial. Apparently, it's not the same girl in the commercial, but this is still beautiful!
carrtex (28 days ago)
Lol me too
just a dumb faggot (29 days ago)
Her German is gibberish and the high notes is sloppy and doesn’t carry the notes when necessary. Doesn’t use her breath to support her notes. It looks as if she started practicing yesterday.
TKLevis (6 days ago)
As a native german speaker i was quite impressed by her pronunciation. Ofc it is not as good as a native speaker, but a lot better than what i heard from other renditions on youtube.
L o v e (18 days ago)
Jealous much???
hail freedom (22 days ago)
BlessedHawaii Agreed and her voice just wobbles terribly. Diana Damrau was fantastic in this aria!
Dynasty 22 (22 days ago)
I wanna see Emily Cheung from Volvo
taliah H (22 days ago)
She's a work in progress. Apparently, other people thought differently of her or she wouldn't be on the stage. Apparently, none of us making these comments are Opera aficionados! She's young, give her a break.
Top Model Intelligence (1 month ago)
Poor resonance and high note
Greg Scott (1 month ago)
She's not bad, although far from excellent. Her vibrato is way too wide.
John jacobjingle (1 month ago)
What did she say? Mozart was the best
Billy Bob (1 month ago)
who else here from the volvo commercial looking for her
BillyBob (25 days ago)
carrtex (28 days ago)
Guilty as charge
David Jenson (29 days ago)
Me. But, I'm finding out it's not the same girl. Beautiful, though. :)
AnnaMarie Francis (29 days ago)
This is not her. The singer from the Volvo commercial is Emily Cheung.
Hadi J (1 month ago)
Daniel Billingsley (1 month ago)
She’s about as committed to this performance as a football jock is to the SAT. Dreadful. And the entering melismas into the staccato sections of the aria are sloppy messes. Is she in high school?
David Jenson (29 days ago)
Wow, I got something completely different. I thought it was beautiful. Maybe not as beautiful as the girl in the Volvo commercial, which is why I came here.
Helen Hebert (1 month ago)
Helen Hebert (1 month ago)
Her German is atrocious and her high notes are flat. Nope. Diana Damrau is still the best.
Kent Rhoads (27 days ago)
Lucia Popp all the way.
Helen Hebert (30 days ago)
Daniel Billingsley I also love Christina Deutekom’s version. https://youtu.be/YQpTGKXAxqA
Daniel Billingsley (1 month ago)
Helen Hebert absolutely. This was a hot mess.
Alex Cantu (1 month ago)
I can only imagine how she sounds when she orgasms 😍
Alex Cantu (25 days ago)
Arianna B. Don’t get your parties in a bunch you probably wish someone would say that about you but you probably sound like a cat when it’s getting ready to fight and if you didn’t like my comment don’t fucking reply retard that’s what’s wrong with this world today people don’t mind their fucking business 🤫
Arianna B. (1 month ago)
Rohan Mehrotra (1 month ago)
excuse you pervert
Madeline Kunz (1 month ago)
Madeline Kunz (1 month ago)
V S (1 month ago)
I got it wrong, the singer is actually Emily M Chung . Volvo XC90 Commercial "Aria" for Volvo Car USA September 2018 – September 2018 Featured Soprano for the new Volvo SUV line campaign, singing Mozart's "Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen" from "Die Zauberflöte". Also: https://youtu.be/KCXIDFoEVLs Team members: Emily M Cheung
Phil (1 month ago)
Her name is Emily Cheung, with an e in the middle.
Cary Ainsworth (1 month ago)
She’s not the chick in the commercial. I can’t find the chick in the commercial.
River Maners (1 month ago)
On Instagram look up emilymcheung and she has a post of her doing the commercial
David (1 month ago)
the chick in that commercial was sung by Emily Cheung
David (1 month ago)
type in 2019 Volvo XC90
Frout (1 month ago)
I was looking for this from the Volvo commercials
blue a coture (1 month ago)
The CEO of Volvo has a hell of an ear for good music 🎶
Helen Hebert (30 days ago)
No he doesn’t. The singing in the Volvo commercial is a horrible abomination. No one who truly loves that piece or opera would never let that commercial to see the light of day.
Norrin Radd (1 month ago)
CEO's don't develop commercials..... It's most likely a 3rd party company they hired to assist with advertising
V S (1 month ago)
The opera singer in the Volvo commercial.
V S (1 month ago)
+amethyst 44123 Oops. Thanks for the correction.
amethyst 44123 (1 month ago)
V S emily m cheung from canada is the singer from the volvo commercial
Murugappan Thirugnana (1 month ago)
森本ボリス (1 month ago)
very good..
WILD BILL JR (1 month ago)
i love her.
V S (1 month ago)
Volvo XC90 Commercial "Aria" for Volvo Car USA September 2018 – September 2018 Featured Soprano for the new Volvo SUV line campaign, singing Mozart's "Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen" from "Die Zauberflöte". Also: https://youtu.be/KCXIDFoEVLs Team members: Emily M Cheung
David Pagillo (2 months ago)
I like it very simple put beautiful voice
Marcus C (2 months ago)
Isn't she a bit young for the role?
V S (1 month ago)
Volvo XC90 Commercial "Aria" for Volvo Car USA September 2018 – September 2018 Featured Soprano for the new Volvo SUV line campaign, singing Mozart's "Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen" from "Die Zauberflöte". Also: https://youtu.be/KCXIDFoEVLs Team members: Emily M Cheung
+aisyah azalia Actually. Even if Queen of The Night can be interpretaed by Light Soprano (and every soprano), it fits better on dramatic soprano with tendes to coloratura as Diana Damrau in the Royal Opera House.
+aisyah azalia Sorry. But this masterpiece can't be interpretaded by someone who doesn't know about dinamycs and breath control.
aisyah azalia (1 month ago)
it is amazing for someone young to sing this amazing piece!
V Velas (1 month ago)
森本ボリス Lmfaoo 😂😂
Jeanette Starykowicz (3 months ago)
Actually I think she did quite good. Some of the highs went a bit sharp, but it kind of added to the feeling of the song. I like it. Bright, clear voice.
aisyah azalia (1 month ago)
her voice not reach its peak of maturity, but she's already did very good!!
森本ボリス (1 month ago)
+Stanley Jaxen i misunderstood because u werent clear..
Stanley Jaxen (1 month ago)
+森本ボリス it was a compliment shes a great technical singer. And ultra beautiful... You misunderstood
森本ボリス (1 month ago)
+Stanley Jaxenboth since u had to be a keyboard jockey..
Stanley Jaxen (1 month ago)
+森本ボリス who's turn?
Chloe Shaw (3 months ago)
Not gonna lie. It is horrible. I am pretty sure it has 23 dislike only just because people skipped this video at 00:10.
Chloe Shaw (1 month ago)
​+Yui Akashi It is not freaking styles of singing. If a singer can't hit the right keys we say it "can't sing." If a drummer can't break beats we say it "can't play drum.' If a rapper can't Flow and rhyme we say it "can't rap." A fundamental knowledge in This Aria is necessary to do that work. If you want to call it "Different style" why don't you call a kid screaming in the super market as a Queen of night in different style lol Apologize me if she is not pro soprano tho.
Daniel Billingsley (1 month ago)
Yui Akashi Honey, if you’re going to attempt this, there is only one style of singing that is appropriate. On. Fucking. Fire. She wasn’t even a spark from a dryer sheet.
Daniel Billingsley (1 month ago)
This is just not her fach. No drama and her melismas are messy. Pamina? Probably. But not the Queen.
Yui Akashi (3 months ago)
We all have different styles of singing before you ridicule her make sure you can sing this perfectly.
毛一个 (4 months ago)
damrau was like a bad-tempered step mother. she acts like a introvert careful mother
I love her because she said "Music is about LOVE." She's very beautiful. She studies her pieces at home with her piano. She just rides the bus going to the place where she will perform. She lives alone in a modest place and does her own cooking. I pray that she meets a handsome Prince who will treat her with respect and give her true love.
V S (1 month ago)
Volvo XC90 Commercial "Aria" for Volvo Car USA September 2018 – September 2018 Featured Soprano for the new Volvo SUV line campaign, singing Mozart's "Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen" from "Die Zauberflöte". Also: https://youtu.be/KCXIDFoEVLs Team members: Emily M Cheung
r mills (1 month ago)
GOD is my Rock JESUS IS MY SAVIOR gees. could you be anymore corny? "find her prince?" what if she prefers a princess instead? would your evangelical clan still appreciate & accept her?
Maricel Arenes (4 months ago)
Diana damrau is better
Helen Hebert (30 days ago)
Hailey Mauricio I would have mentioned Lucia Popp, but it seems no one remembers her. Her voice was pure magic.
Galaxy Universe (1 month ago)
Daniel Billingsley (1 month ago)
Htet Oo Maria was a totally different fach. She could never have sung Mozart.
Daniel Billingsley (1 month ago)
No shit.
hh ter (2 months ago)
Galaxy Universe Mozart didn’t fucking sing you cunt
Ara Mae San Ramon (4 months ago)
Don't compare other singers. They have their own style and own Voice. As long as you sang it with all your heart you are the best.
Daniel Billingsley (1 month ago)
Uh. Sure. Right. Yeah. Whatever. This was horrible. Sung from the heart - hell no. She phoned it in.
Music is about what the public like, darling. Of the public doesn't like tehe singer you can't force them to don't criticzes the fails on her voice.
이호옹 (5 months ago)
She is best in the world
dave jones (2 months ago)
Ara Mae San Ramon (4 months ago)
Watch Diana Damrau Mozzart: Queen of the Night-Magic Flute.😉
Typical Name (5 months ago)
Warisha Khan (6 months ago)
I loved it .....wonderful voice
Wisnu Gunandhika (6 months ago)
Diana damrau still the best
Daniel Billingsley (1 month ago)
Lucas Lyman Sumi Jo is the Kia of the opera world. Merely a poorly executed Asian copy of a German.luxury car.
Shai Pillo (5 months ago)
Have you both tried listening to Cristina Deutekom's rendition? Vocal wise, she slays Damrau and Sumi Jo. She's probably at par with Moser.
Lucas Lyman (5 months ago)
Wisnu Gunandhika No. Sumi Jo is.
Gabo Prado (9 months ago)
Hien Tran (11 months ago)
not bad
Inara Bueno (11 months ago)
She is amazing
algine lagulao (11 months ago)

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