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Sunflower Sea Star

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When people think of sea stars, they don't typically think of voracious predators scouring the seabed, leaving carnage and fear in their wake, but this may simply be a matter of perspective. To the scallop or clam, this sea star is pure nightmare. This whimsical look at one of the ocean's less known predators may change your perception of sea stars forever. For more unique insights into the ocean realm, watch America's Underwater Treasures, a two-hour episode of the PBS series Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures.
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Text Comments (56)
faselblaDer3te (2 months ago)
Imagine the first humans to ever dive to these places, witnessing scenes like these...
Harry HDC (1 year ago)
Nelayo Dragon (1 year ago)
*Dramatic music* Scallops: *Swim* ._. *Scallops swim away*
Offended (1 year ago)
you dont need a brain to be smart
QᴜɪɴᴛɪʟL (10 months ago)
Then that just means youre dead
Fox Mulder (2 years ago)
They can move 3.3 feet a minute.
Isaiah (2 years ago)
I have nightmares about sun star fish but not the sunflower sea stars
2ndJ3ss3 Fl0ur1t3 (2 days ago)
+Isaiah Ok.
Isaiah (2 days ago)
Yes around when I was 9-10 years I use to have nightmares about starfish but, I grew out of that.
2ndJ3ss3 Fl0ur1t3 (8 days ago)
+Isaiah Do you really have nightmares about starfish????
Isaiah (2 years ago)
Sorry I just had to :3
Gidget the Corgi (2 years ago)
Be cool if someone puts in the Mission Impossible theme in
Eric You (3 years ago)
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh huh?
DeSTRoYeR992 (4 years ago)
Teh Mastar Toastar (4 years ago)
Even clams are in full nope mode.
EternaMidnight (5 years ago)
Wow those shellfish are surprisingly fast, they look like they are flapping and flying away, lol :)
Bob Sponge (5 years ago)
Hey look its Patrick's Big Brother,Rick
christian gledhill (3 years ago)
Luxy Wuxy (5 years ago)
Clams: Packman mode!
Teewan100 (5 years ago)
I find it funny how almost everyone here is above 18 and still notes Spongebob was right
SaGalv (5 years ago)
:33 I'm a clam I'm a clam I'm a clam :41 We're clams We're Clams We're clams!!!
AJ SM. A. (5 years ago)
i never knew clams can move! indeed spongebob was right!
Eireann Benson (6 years ago)
Looks like that sea star will have to look elsewhere for food.
reifsneider (6 years ago)
I Ate the bones!
What happen to you Patrick D: ?
jayjayluiz (6 years ago)
would faint once I see it coming towards me. I'll wake up with it on my head or something and die of horror.
Jacob Wagner (6 years ago)
opps, I mean, all species of clams can move, but scallops can swim.
Jacob Wagner (6 years ago)
those are scallops, some of them can see as well.
NomorelGN (6 years ago)
haha at 0:48~0:50, the clam jump up but hit the camera
Tat1101 (6 years ago)
0:52 - FAIL
medallo143 (6 years ago)
They turn their stomach inside out and digest the food outside of their mouths and then suck it back in. Crazy :P
Whatever209804 (6 years ago)
How does it eat if it cant catch anything ? O.o
SamVision (6 years ago)
These things are 1 meter in diameter.
Nina Bobby (6 years ago)
loved it so cool
Magicmicr0 (6 years ago)
Cool music, srsly
Johann Jimenez (6 years ago)
john bobby (7 years ago)
This is interesting, i was unaware that scallops could swim wtf CRAZY
eenayeah (7 years ago)
That was so scary.
addino (7 years ago)
lolololol geoducks
MusicQ (7 years ago)
If I saw this starfish I would shit myself and sponebob was right!! Clams can fly!!!
Lysergic Casserole (7 years ago)
the video is boring but the music makes it interesting
Gabriel Glasper (7 years ago)
patrick stars girlfreind
ECTOQUAKE (7 years ago)
What the fudge?! I didn't know that clams move! :O
Andy Mees (7 years ago)
I love how the clams are way more interesting than the actual sunflower starfish in the video.
Saffie Lols (7 years ago)
Wow, Spongebob wasn't lieing.. I never knew clams actually swim like this by opening and closing, it looks so weird :O P.S Good footage :)
monkeybomb414 (8 years ago)
also clams have a foot that they can put out of its shell to move if it needs to
monkeybomb414 (8 years ago)
lol those clams move by talking!
AnomalyINC (8 years ago)
Did those clams swim? And did the big one JUMP? I thought the clams were the rocks of the animal kingdom!
921milanista (8 years ago)
id like to see the big clam go one on one with the sea star!
Splakin (8 years ago)
those clams are awsome
Alexa Miles (8 years ago)
@badtzmaroo wow
lrainel (8 years ago)
that's not a startfish.. it's a Monster!
Y Song (8 years ago)
ahahahah I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one
U. Reverie (8 years ago)
It's an Angel! Deploy Unit-01!
alias3r (8 years ago)
definitely the creepiest starfish i've ever seen.
inspirz (9 years ago)
pretty cool vid and nice music

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