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Embarrassing Phone Calls in Public PRANK

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Jack Denmo (1 month ago)
HEY FOLKS! Follow me on Instagram & send me your phone-call lines! Instagram.....►: https://www.instagram.com/jdenmo
Jenn Beavan (5 days ago)
Jack Denmo this shit was so funny you had me dead when you were taking about cumming on the dog
sunny sim (5 days ago)
The ones about the running over the dog were not nice - thank god not true. Use different jokes ok...!!
Pauline Rosse31 (9 days ago)
Jack Denmo this made my day
Shaerif (22 days ago)
Why you don't speak to them get the options then tell them it's prank at the end, and let them speak as well.
Jeff Jeff 1234567 (29 days ago)
I subbed
eufori3006 (3 hours ago)
funny but would have been funnier without u making fun of sex change people ... hm
i can post any thing (4 hours ago)
Subscribe to piewdipie
Mackenzie Weber (6 hours ago)
Omg the girl on the bench was so beautiful!
SIRiMAC (13 hours ago)
God he was so convincing lol Edit: "It's just a little bit of my fucking sploodge"
Will Sherman (16 hours ago)
I died when he said he came on his dog
Joruts (17 hours ago)
The moment this girl tied her hair (1:37) just made me fall in love
I cut my dick off, so I feel great now
Ahmed Mehri (19 hours ago)
0:00⏩0:13 Daaamn Yo !!that girl with glasses She looks like Eminem's #Daughter 😕
Katy Carteler (19 hours ago)
Ur literally the funniest person alive
Mr Epic Gaming (20 hours ago)
1:47 IM DED
Aljaz Kotlusek (20 hours ago)
you are awesome
Gustav Christensen (20 hours ago)
Nice video
hamiltrash (23 hours ago)
and they were rooMaTEs
The SleepingMoose (23 hours ago)
2:44 get her number😂
Svp npa (1 day ago)
I would just that you show them you were actually filming and upload the uncut video, I mean their reactions included
Svp npa (1 day ago)
That was awesome bro Really cool man
Maan Gooo (1 day ago)
2:41 botiful
Alex Flynn (1 day ago)
bruh u look like roomie
Msp Life (1 day ago)
I wanna be the people hearing so bad’
Fine Girl (1 day ago)
I sub you! Your video making me laugh so hard lol 😂
Ramiro Gonzalez (1 day ago)
No entendí ni una wea pero me reí igual
Azreed Zindro (1 day ago)
Anthony Lol (1 day ago)
I subscribed and put the notifications on and liked the vedio
TheSlyGamer101 (1 day ago)
i love how it's always the girls who laugh the dudes r just like FUCK this dude high
Dark Horse (1 day ago)
I swear there are so many horny guys in this comment section
That was funny
Elise M (1 day ago)
5:54 omg she soo gorgeous
Anudeep B (1 day ago)
0:53 waitttt ... whatttt ????
seanlfc fan (1 day ago)
Best vid ever
I’ll sub to anyone who subs to me
lee boy (1 day ago)
I was backing out of the driveway and the dog jumped right in Front of my car lmao
Santa Claus (1 day ago)
2:40 OMG she looks so much like Meena Suvari from American Pie!!!
Eistibus (1 day ago)
Hisui Kairee (1 day ago)
What would you do but it's on a budget
Commander _340 (1 day ago)
Copied loveliveserve
Sam (2 days ago)
2:14 tiddies look so firm
Bob Jordan (2 days ago)
mcmaster university
Yahya Patel (2 days ago)
Do you go back and tell them its a video??
MJ Copney (2 days ago)
Gives no credit to love love serve.... Pathetic
John Broderick (2 days ago)
i cut my dick off so i feel great now LOL
MusicMusicMusic (2 days ago)
Dont tell him off! funny.
Braden Frost Hagens (2 days ago)
Hamilton yute😂😂
Wanted Marlin (2 days ago)
I just....🤦‍♀️😂
CuteOnces (2 days ago)
4:30 that girl is perfect her life looks so simple and she's beautiful too
Josue David (2 days ago)
Si solo supieran que dicen
TokyoTowerTooth (2 days ago)
“Hey dad” “Idk if dad is gonna be mad or not” ???
''you know what i will go and suck dick'' DUUUDE XDD
DON Bhai (2 days ago)
Kya bola wo🤣?
EL DRAGADOS (2 days ago)
كاين شي مغربي هنا ؟😎
Jess S (2 days ago)
Which one is correct?: A: the dog was run over and then cummed on B: the dog was cummed on and then run over
ProBin67 (2 days ago)
Why is everyone obsessing over the girl on the bench? They just *thirsty* ...
ArAsH DaYdh (3 days ago)
Love you from Pakistan ❤ ❤ ❤ 👈
Tammy Ryder (3 days ago)
I would so LAUGH OUT LOUD at some of the stuff. They dont cut the penis off, they tuck it inside. Coming on the dog was just WRONG.
Red Bear (3 days ago)
5:36 ‘I hope you On-joyed it’
ofrans styles (3 days ago)
The dog part got me
Liam Highducheck (3 days ago)
This is gold
Arpan Sadhu Gaming (3 days ago)
Must add sub titel
Arpan Sadhu Gaming (3 days ago)
Fuk man... ●●●●●●●●
Haydaa TV (3 days ago)
oh I came all over my dog ahahhaa
Jack Denmo (2 days ago)
still_dead11 (3 days ago)
him:FUCKING SPLOOGE him: WELL HE DESERVED IT ANYWAYS HE WAS A BAD BOY The the dog got ran over by a car then got cummed on the got runned over IM DYING😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂
Sumit Dutta (3 days ago)
1:36 who is she???
Neo Joto (3 days ago)
The woman on the bench is hot as fuck
Remy Calamity (3 days ago)
The sex change had me dying.. fuckkkk!! 🤣
Gabrieel (3 days ago)
lol you are funny as hell KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
Hotgreg (3 days ago)
That was FUNNY AF! 😂😂😂
Ash (3 days ago)
She just looks like an average blonde girl!! Why is everyone going so crazy over her?
Bayu Handoyo (3 days ago)
02:06 beautiful
Charlie Nordling (3 days ago)
Please do more of these, u r so funny dude
La tribu Astrale (3 days ago)
*The transexual and the cum on the dog killed me* 😂😂💀
JC Stump (4 days ago)
Juicy info exit💐💐😂💐💐 That's girlz for ya! So high school.
Z Ztun (4 days ago)
Terrible not even funny at all
Genericname (4 days ago)
Swaggersouls face reveal
Next thing you know he fucks the dog
bored kid (4 days ago)
wow no
Will Razzeca (4 days ago)
1:47 I’m dead
michael stevens (4 days ago)
Big grin!
Thomas Wilkinson (4 days ago)
Do this again please
SuperNova (4 days ago)
2:39 beautiful
william gudmann (4 days ago)
I love it dude i just sub to you👍👌
GumDropPlays (4 days ago)
subbing to evrey one that subs back
Evan Poole (4 days ago)
1:47 I am literally crying with laughter.
Al3x Sup3r (4 days ago)
3:19 that red cap guys is dying my god
Vespertilio01 (4 days ago)
"To bust in my garbage can"
rp games (4 days ago)
40 look a dim boobs
julia potato (5 days ago)
0:02 not funny😢
Boddah (5 days ago)
Go back. Comments aren't worth it. Only horny teenagers with their time stamps.
Ritu Raj (5 days ago)
Just the girl on the bench!!!!
Pierre Cardone (5 days ago)
I liked it right up until the F bomb - that ruined it.
Claire Schulte (5 days ago)
1:56 had me in TEARS
Priyanshu Priyadarshi (5 days ago)
This was sick dude!!!!!!
Clorox Bleach (5 days ago)
Good job
Coach Ali Fitness (5 days ago)
LMAO you are hilarious dude 😂😂😂
Knoblauch Productions (6 days ago)
Mosses Kim (6 days ago)
is it ok to not edit out cursing bits on youtube?
Harshwardhan singh (6 days ago)
Dark Side (6 days ago)
2:40 I will search this girl omg
OpticalGreen (6 days ago)
Clearly the girl on the bench is the main protagonist in this movie, the guy is just the script writer. I somehow hope she knows about this movie.
Riyad (6 days ago)
Anyone know the girl on the bench’s @, asking for a friend.
rome khanna (6 days ago)
The girl on the bench is so hot and beautiful even my dog got thirsty 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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