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Amazing baby! 4-year-old polyglot girl speaks 7 languages fluently. WOW!

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This 4-year-old genius and polyglot girl speaks seven languages. «Udivitelnye lyudi» will give participants the opportunity to show their own unique abilities, in which the ordinary person is hard to believe. 🔥🔥🔥 FREE $10 UBER RIDE CODE: khjtr5nwue On Sunday (6 November 2016), little Bella Devyatkina from Moscow showed off her linguistic abilities on the Russian TV show “Amazing People,” on which she fluently spoke English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, French, German and Arabic. I'll show you more Indigo children from all over the world. Subscribe! Kids may be genius and all of child could be a polyglot like Bella Devyatkina. This amazing Multi-Lingual Child just 4 Year Old and she is a polyglot., Bella is an amazing kid and she is so talented kid in Russia.
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Text Comments (2407)
Ruud Boltz (4 days ago)
When I was 4, I couldn't even count to 4.
Jay Bae (6 days ago)
This is the most satisfying video on YouTube ever!
MeNewBie (7 days ago)
This sounds fake af
MeNewBie (7 days ago)
In my school, It is impressive enough if 4 years old could count to 30...
LOVE ARMY (7 days ago)
Creo que esta chica puede hablar español mejor que esta señora. XDDD
Lorena Kallion (11 days ago)
well, was reading all the time and could write when i was 4, as i got older i don’t know how to read books 😂😂
Ksenia Wim (14 days ago)
Молодец девченка,умница!!!🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺👏👏👏👏
odix (17 days ago)
When I was 4 I ripped the sponge to shreds and showed them inside my my nose, ending up in a hospital.
niktoria (20 days ago)
I’ve been learning English for 13 years and I’m still far from being fluent although I started at the age of 4... what’s wrong with this life???
Xelworc (23 days ago)
Русская девченка)))
snail123O (25 days ago)
When you're studying Russian and you can understand about 30% of the Subtitles
ii’m ALISHA Chimene (25 days ago)
She deserves more than a doll 😕
Er jeg på indre i kirken Speak norsk
Elina Valenzuela (29 days ago)
this video is so amazing
Baron Kimaru (29 days ago)
she's now ready for the CIA
Talia Reinstein (1 month ago)
At 4 years old I was trying to make tissues go all the way round on a hola hop!
Frances Matthews (1 month ago)
I love her code switching! Looks like she had a really vibrant, bubbly Spanish teacher in her life, look at how her whole body changes. And she's so precise with the colours - sky blue in French, dark blue in Chinese, her accents and emotions really change with each language. Love her jiggles!
.-. me english
cool girl lenci (1 month ago)
I know to speak serbian when i was 2 i know it today
Arun kumar kumar (1 month ago)
so ctuu
Ms Jc (1 month ago)
Y’all gotta turn captions on (English)
Ms Jc (1 month ago)
This girl can read better then me and I’m freaking 4x her age
Belin Romero (1 month ago)
When I was 4 I was earing my boogers
cutedalready (1 month ago)
I was too busy trying to swim to South Korea when I was 4
Sister Mia (1 month ago)
This kid sounds like Einstein😆
Volleyball8201 (2 months ago)
Omg when this young? It took me almost 2 years to learn English
Jasmin V.M (2 months ago)
i'm 12 and i'm mexican and i still can't read spanish that well -_-
L1GHTG30 GD (2 months ago)
I think we have found Russian Matilda, and one of the funniest comment sections out there, I can’t imagine how funny her school life would be
Zonique Coetoit (2 months ago)
Can she speak afikaans or xhosa I can speak xhosa Inye= 1 Zimbine= 2 Zine= 4 Molo= hi for 1 person Moloweni= hi for more than one person
John Smith (2 months ago)
She knows the value of the doll though. When she got that doll she was checking that thing out up and down like she's been waiting on it her whole life.
Ainnur Mardiah Fuaat (2 months ago)
I dont even remember what am i doing when I was 4!!
Daryl Harrison (2 months ago)
What he saying lol
ObeseBurgerDog (2 months ago)
When I was four I ran into a glass door and chipped both my front teeth
black butterfly (2 months ago)
Me @37 i only speak 4 languages. But sadly 2 of them not fluently .sad life
Erin Laedtke (2 months ago)
I'm gonna tech my kid so many languages because I'm currently trying to learn some languages myself(specifically French and Irish and looking into Finnish) and I'm already too old to be able to learn them really really easily. Like my school cancelled my Spanish program at kindergarten and I still remember several colors, several phrases, and how to count 10-13 when I haven't said a word of it since I was 5 but I can't remember any French that I've learned a couple hours ago XD. I didn't think it was possible to teach a kid that many languages, I thought I'd teach them like maybe 3 languages in the time before they lost their super-learning powers but this makes me think otherwise.
North OfTheStar (2 months ago)
when i was 4 i tried to drink gasoline
Raymond Dowd (2 months ago)
At 4 years old i spoke hillbilly (my mother and i lived in eastern kentucky while my father was stationed in japan).
Flaky blaaaaah (2 months ago)
Hey when I was 4 I jumped on the table in pre k
Cristina F (2 months ago)
These languages are so beautiful. Especially Arabic - it’s almost like she’s singing when she speaks.
I must say that, because Mandarin Chinese is a tonal language, everyone speaking it literally sings it.
Norma Mejia (2 months ago)
That’s amazing
Jaqueline Contreras (2 months ago)
I only understand the english , spanish and french part
sukruoosten (2 months ago)
impressive LOL since i speak 3 languages en started learning hebrew as 4 but im already 30 hahahaha. but i will say this ok 7 is INCREDIBLE but i have seen many little kids speak 2 ore 3 langauges at ages 3 to 6 !!!! it can be doen since children learn more quickly !!!!!!
Yelłow (2 months ago)
I use to what he this show with my family 😂
Ginny Weasly (2 months ago)
When i was four, i would go in my room, and try to eat my fingers off
Freerun BAM (2 months ago)
How can she read those books amd she is not even looking at them and moving all the time wtf
Johanna Klitsche (2 months ago)
elev sanktansgar (2 months ago)
Kenzie Ramsey (2 months ago)
I’m seven years older than her and I only understand English
민지 (2 months ago)
I only understand is English and Español im from Philippines
Emma Gordon (3 months ago)
She can speak *AND* understand all 7 languages. *WOW*
DimaGamer (3 months ago)
I keep forgetting how to write the word watch (whatch or watch is what i write sometimes) in english which is a launguage I have been speaking for 7 years (im 13 btw).
UnTamed_SkiEs (3 months ago)
the girl has a future
Kim Perez-Camargo (3 months ago)
I only know how to speak 3 languages English, Spanish, French
LevDex -_ (3 months ago)
When I was four, I was sucking on batteries
Zuza Nowacka (3 months ago)
I'm learning German at school. I can't understand a book for children in German, but 4 years old Russian girl can speak German fluently. Idk, maybe something's wrong with me
PetLove101 (3 months ago)
i can’t even speak english fluently. xD
Captain Youtube (3 months ago)
When I was 4 I thought it would be a good idea to jump and sit on a knife (still have the scar) XD
Sophie Hanson101 (3 months ago)
She’s 4 and knows 7 languages so that would be 3.5 languages every year, (learns 3 and starts one at the end). Is she keeps up the pase she can know 105 languages by the time she’s only 30!!
Samantha JellyCat (3 months ago)
When I was four years old I watched Dora all day
Sad Husky (3 months ago)
Turn on you subtitles You’ll thank me later 😂
Muddile (3 months ago)
Sorry but I am sure that she just reads what is there and says it probably doesnt know what half of the words means but i am not saying she didnt do good she is really talented i couldnt even talk the way so u can understand me good but this kiddo is jost talking other languages and studf lmao xD
Natalie Ruiz (3 months ago)
When I was four I stole lipstick from Sally’s
FuzzyCross (3 months ago)
Holy shit. And I thought I am smart
Mandy Chan (3 months ago)
I can only understand the English and Chinese
BTS ARMY💜 (3 months ago)
I only know English. I’m trying to learn Korean but it is very hard to pronounce the words and understand them where I’m being spoken to. Reading it is the easiest part
Typical_ ØØF (3 months ago)
I can speak 3 languages fluently, umiem 3 języki, Rwyn gachi siarad 3 ieithoedd. :)
CM_ productions (3 months ago)
When I was 4 I was still learning how to put on shoes Xd
Ashley 101 (3 months ago)
When I was four I could barely even know how to use the restroom
Latvia Ball (3 months ago)
When i was 4 i was trying to crush a metal toy car
c456 Dowd (3 months ago)
When I was 4 I thought the washing machine was for washing yourself in....😂
Simran Basra (3 months ago)
And I can’t even speak my own language …
Perfectly Weird (3 months ago)
I can’t even speak one language fluently ;-;
oh no no (3 months ago)
When I was four I jumped off a roof
Hello Imfreindly (3 months ago)
Roses are red, Violets are purple, The title is english, So why isnt it english you burble ?
Iertje4897 (3 months ago)
I have one thing to say.. just one thing.. HOW THE ACTUAL FRICK DID SHE DO THIS!!!!!
pOtAtO tUbEs (3 months ago)
I didnt even know how to read in english when I was four!
Amelie Rader (3 months ago)
Mon Dieu ! C'est beaucoup des lagunes pour une Petite gille comme elle ! Très Bien!😘👏 Mein Gott! Das sind sehr viele Sprachen für ein kleines Mädchen wie sie ! Sehr gut! 😘👏
Broccoli (3 months ago)
When I was 4 I thought babies pop out of your belly button
Sweat Bb boy (3 months ago)
At the age of four I was flying from the plane to America
Soundsby Angie (3 months ago)
*Oh God Im so stupid* *I wish Im smart like that*
•MMOONXD• (3 months ago)
I was 4 and all my body dusted with BABY powder
JayZed (3 months ago)
Rebecca Deppo (3 months ago)
When I was four my mum had stopped giving me milk or a dummy so I sucked my dogs tit who had recently had babies and drank the milk😂😨
Dana's World (3 months ago)
english....hello, deutsch...Hallo, Bulgarisch... zdrasti, Russian... zdrastvujte, Spanish...hola, Slovakish... Dobri Den, Chinese... Konichila,
Dana's World (3 months ago)
I know Englisch, German, Bulgarian (motherlanguage) and next year I am going to learn Spanish and maybe Russian.
IMVU TEA (3 months ago)
English subtitles had me cracking up XD
leila hashemi (3 months ago)
She is awesome
Arine Kim (3 months ago)
Everyone’s like I speak 4 languages, climbed mt Everest, and have the most interesting asshole in the world; WEIRD FLEX BUT OKAY, MOST OF YALL DONT EVEN FUCKING SPEAK 1 LANGUAGE STOP TRYING TO SHOW UP A 4 YEAR OLD LIKE GOD DAMN
Eskami (3 months ago)
And my 4 yearld sister can't even read
Lyra's Kiwis (3 months ago)
*Well when I was 2 I knew English and gibberish so...* *Jk I ate acorns and wrapped myself in tape*
galántai mia (3 months ago)
I think they just thought her the answers🤔
Allisson Munoz (3 months ago)
She speaks spanish better than me
Beep Boop (3 months ago)
When I was 4 I was half asleep and went to the kitchen opened the fridge and almost peed in the fridge
Ithzels channel (3 months ago)
cutie cat 123 (3 months ago)
Setsuko Tsubaki (3 months ago)
When I was four I was peeling dried glue off my hands
I watched this a million times
Lavender Crystal (3 months ago)
Ciara Kearney (3 months ago)
When I was 4 I tried to walk down the stairs on my hands but failed

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