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Cisco to kill Linksys brand

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http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2007/07/cisco_to_kill_linksys_brand_to_move_agressively_into_consumer_markets_video.php In a roundtable with the European press, John Chambers confirmed the "end of life" of the Linksys brand, replaced by Cisco. This decision follows Cisco's move last April to make it easier for Linksys resellers to add Cisco products to their offerings and vice versa. Also, just a few weeks ago, Cisco created a new division solely focused on the SMB market and headed by Rick Moran, formerly marketing chief of several Cisco communications applications like the unified communications portfolio, Cisco IPICS, Cisco Small Business Systems (Linksys One), TelePresence, Business Video and Physical security. "It will all come overtime into a Cisco brand. The reason we kept Linksys' brand because it was better known in the US than even Cisco was for the consumer. As you go globally there's very little advantage in that", said Cisco's CEO. http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2007/07/cisco_to_kill_linksys_brand_to_move_agressively_into_consumer_markets_video.php
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forid200 (6 years ago)
I got wrt54gl with ddwrt on it and it runs very very well..
xXxJeffzzxXx (8 years ago)
they better not kill the linksys brand its soo good
nolobede (9 years ago)
I'm an it professional, but that gives me no advantage if the things don't work as you say... I have setup over 50 linksys devices in homes. This doesn't include other cisco products. I have yet to have ANY problem with linksys. It just works, every time. I Have had problems with other brands, inluding d-link (especially).
crazyplane1988 (9 years ago)
just to let you all know...Cisco has made a pretty big impact with Linksys in helping create new technologies. Cisco is not a bad thing for the company
Superchad245 (10 years ago)
what are you talking about, i dont download stuff illegaly, and i got the advice to get netgear from someone on age of empires III ESO. besides 3 routers dieing is annoying.
PuddyTat (10 years ago)
Sounds like your games had Linksys for years and it works fine.... Lay off the piratebay downloads there chief.
miamivice966 (10 years ago)
Funny I have had a Linksys WRT54G for years, using both VOIP and I game with no issues at all.
Superchad245 (10 years ago)
oh well, im through with linksys, ive heard there bad for gaming and i have problem playing most online multiplayer games with my router, ive gone through 3 WRT54Gs in about 5 years.
willibro151 (10 years ago)
Sheesh. Notice he says "eventually". They're not going to kill the Linksys brand tomorrow, or even in the next couple of years.

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