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Russia: Man beats the girls at international female modelling career

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Stas Fedyanin, a 17-year-old man from Moscow, is building a successful career in fashion business as an international female body model due to an androgynous tall, slim figure that makes him perfect for the job. But besides his obvious feminine traits he is also praised for his talent in front of the camera. Fedyanin said, "Model agencies like my face, they like my cool runway walk, they like strong character because I'm living in Russia". He commented on how Russians see him, "People in Russia don't understand my look, [or] my feelings, and that's really bad because people hate me in Russia" Fedyanin started his model career when he was 15. According to his official web site Fedyanin has never had a plastic surgery and never followed any diet. Although Fedyanin has fans in Russia, some ill-wishers started disturbing him and even threatening the life of the rising star. He says that going out for him is becoming a bigger problem because of the Russian government's policy on homosexuality (although Stas is heterosexual). This is also, according to Fedyanin, because of negative public attitude to extraordinary looking people who are frequently called 'freaks'. But in Europe, America and Japan, Stas Fedyanin is appreciated by model agencies and has a lot of business offers there. He's now getting ready for more than a month-long trip to Germany to take part in a series of photo sessions.
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V B (7 months ago)
And to all the Putinists who wish he died in his home country... screw all of you. He should have the right to be transgender. I hope that one day gays in Russia can live freely in their home country. Greetings from USA. 🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸🇷🇺
Rena Edwards (1 year ago)
You are very pretty. Good luck!
Lori (1 year ago)
I could have been one of these models when I was younger. But when I was younger there was no such thing. I used to have flawless skin. People would ask me if I was wearing makeup even when I wasn't. I'm too old now and I don't have the skin I once had although people don't believe me when I tell them how old I am. Now I am a m-f pre-op transsexual living full time as a female.
c. lince (1 year ago)
jannet kundag (1 year ago)
she is beautiful model ! .
Rupert Roch (2 years ago)
dump dick
Rupert Roch (2 years ago)
NJ J (2 years ago)
Gorgeous, more attractive than most females.
bebehas bebehas (5 days ago)
skin and bones, yet, you're right - much better than those specimen with four stomachs. Though, I'm not sure which side is better. Perhaps, too fat is too ugly, and even uglier than too thin. Though, if she's not too fat, she is much better than the walking dead in the fashion industry. PS i meant crossing a 90 kg line.
peung noi (1 year ago)
Mike M Let's come to Thailand if you like ladyboy. It would be good idea. Hahaha
Что пидерасы запамятовали в комментариях под видосами на Ютубе?)
Kolja Wolker (2 years ago)
что пидерасы запамятовали в России???
Мария Март (1 year ago)
Kolja Wolker ты представь, полавинка России ЛГБТ
olivia-J Trans (2 years ago)
She looks great, good luc.
Martha Cassanova (4 years ago)
but he looks like a girl, how people recognized him as male if look a normal woman 
Nick Pastorino (9 months ago)
You can tell he is a male when you see him up close. His bones are big like a mans.
peung noi (1 year ago)
Martha Cassanova Because he is famous. I think so.
Обожаю этого няшку!
Sinnerwarlock (5 years ago)
Lester Nesterenco (5 years ago)
Who cares anyway? Of all the things in this world to get upset about this rates like less than zero on any sane scale. Like, whatever.
Nick Pastorino (9 months ago)
Some people are idiots man.
Judah Israel (5 years ago)
Igor Vazov (5 years ago)
OMG it`s him :/
Christian Peralta (5 years ago)
bitch boy was creepy

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